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  1. Capeldrae

    Correct way.?

    Is it possible to wade ?
  2. Capeldrae

    May I ask.... you chaps look after your silk lines ? After use I empty mines into a basin and leave for 1 or 2 days to dry. I then run it through my mucilined fingers into another basin before winding it onto my reel.
  3. Capeldrae

    Snowbee Thistle Down WF2-5

    I had the original and thought it was poor. I think the thistledown2 is supposed to be better.
  4. Capeldrae

    Trotting bamboo rod

    Very nice indeed Steve.
  5. Capeldrae

    Rod length on stillwaters.

    I use a 8'2'' #3 for fishing single dry fly, just go a 7'6'' #4 cane for the same and it's coping great.
  6. Capeldrae

    Cortland Sylk 444 lines;

    Like Loxie I've a couple of them and I think there great lines.
  7. Capeldrae

    A change.

    Gary if it works for you. I muclin my leader but degrease tippet.
  8. Capeldrae


    Was out for a few hours today to try it out and after a few casts I was getting in the swing of it covering my first rise I’m pleased to say I caught my first fish to black hopper.
  9. Capeldrae


    I’ve always fancied a cane rod so on my recent big number birthday I took the opportunity to buy a “ deceiver” 7’6’’ #4 from Mark Campe.What a great job Mark has done making this delightful rod.I would also like to thank Stevel from the forum for the advice.
  10. Capeldrae

    Tapered leaders

    May I ask the recipe for this leader ?
  11. Capeldrae

    Fly Fishing Survey For Uni Degree - help please!

    Done' good luck with the survey.
  12. Capeldrae

    Vision Hero nymph

    fly fishing tackle co uk are advertising the full range.
  13. Capeldrae


    Thanks wobbly face.
  14. Capeldrae


    If you've never bought/tied a fly with beads. How do you size them?
  15. Capeldrae

    Can't quite believe it.

    Probably more tongue in cheek, maybe Scottish sarcasm.
  16. Capeldrae

    Can't quite believe it.

    To be quit honest with you Bob I never thought I would write Airflo floaters and straight in the same sentence, so therefore it could be considered a complimentry post. Not that they deserve it.
  17. Capeldrae

    Can't quite believe it.

    Airflo gave Airflo a bad name.
  18. Capeldrae

    Can't quite believe it.

    Talking to a bloke at the fishing yesterday, I asked him what line he was using. Airflo 40+ floating line he said. First time in 50 years fishing I've seen an Airflo floating line lie straight as a die. Wonders will never cease me.
  19. Capeldrae

    Leader storage

    Arrived today, time to get some casts tied. Your stories of past times were very interesting. M any thanks to all who took the time to reply and to captain fishy for the link.
  20. Capeldrae

    Understanding Carbon Trout Rods

    I manage just fine thanks but not with the ratings on todays rods and lines.