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  1. Capeldrae

    May I ask.... you chaps look after your silk lines ? After use I empty mines into a basin and leave for 1 or 2 days to dry. I then run it through my mucilined fingers into another basin before winding it onto my reel.
  2. Capeldrae


    I’ve always fancied a cane rod so on my recent big number birthday I took the opportunity to buy a “ deceiver” 7’6’’ #4 from Mark Campe.What a great job Mark has done making this delightful rod.I would also like to thank Stevel from the forum for the advice.
  3. Capeldrae


    If you've never bought/tied a fly with beads. How do you size them?
  4. Capeldrae

    Can't quite believe it.

    Talking to a bloke at the fishing yesterday, I asked him what line he was using. Airflo 40+ floating line he said. First time in 50 years fishing I've seen an Airflo floating line lie straight as a die. Wonders will never cease me.
  5. Capeldrae

    Leader storage

    As recomended on here spools have a diameter of 4cm seems a little small to me. Does anyone use this?
  6. Capeldrae

    Sweep Lines

    On the thread 5 lines for stillwaters a few have favoured sweep lines. I've never used one. I presume it sinks in a u shape therefore it's weighted in he middle. So do you have to be able to cast the full line for it to work properly ?
  7. Capeldrae

    Slot foam fly case

    Looking to purchase these second hand or if you know anywhere I can purchase them.
  8. Capeldrae

    Dry fly rod for Small Stillwaters

    There is a thread just kicked of for rivers but what do you use for Small Stillwaters ? My prefered rod is the Loop Yellowline 8'2'' #3
  9. Capeldrae

    Cortland Sylk

    I've got a Cortland Sylk WF3 that I would like to swap for a Cortland Sylk WF7.
  10. Capeldrae

    Airflo Polyfuse v 40+ v Sixth Sense

    Looking to buy a couple of inters for the forth coming season for the #8 outfit I'm putting together. I have bought a couple of floaters one with a long head and one with a short head. I've also bought 40+ lines in di3.5 and 7. The Polyfuse 40+ in slow and fast inter are on sale for $22.50 but...
  11. Capeldrae

    Danielsson fly rods

    Recently purchased this rod on ebay anybody got any information about it?
  12. Capeldrae

    Loop AEG #5

    Anybody got a broken one looking for the middle section?
  13. Capeldrae

    Snowbee Thistledown

    I have a Snowbee thistledown #2-5, which I like very much but the running line has a little memory and has to be stretched before every use. Does anyone know if they brought out a mark 2 and if so did they address this fault?
  14. Capeldrae

    Hardy floating lines.

    Anyone got any experience fishing with these interested to know if they lie straight and float high ? I'm interested in the compact rocket taper.
  15. Capeldrae

    Merry Christmas thread

    Merry Christmas everybody.
  16. Capeldrae

    Airflo 40+

    Anybody got a link to line profile that includes the head weight ?
  17. Capeldrae

    Loop AEG 590 spare part

    Oooops broke mid section of my Loop AEG590-3 anyone done the same and got this section they would sell me?
  18. Capeldrae

    Wanted Loop opti-creek

    Any body got a Loop opti-creek 8'8'' #3 they fancy moving on PM me.
  19. Capeldrae

    Wanted Patagonia Sling

    Wanted Patagonia Vest Front Sling. If you have bought one but don't like it give me a shout. If you know where I can buy one cheaper than £70 [G.A.C.] give me a shout.
  20. Capeldrae

    nylon diameter

    Has anyone got a link to a chart for nylon diameter in milliemeters to hook size?