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  1. doobrysnatcher

    Buying hooks.

    add the price of materials to that these are things overlooked by bargain hunters i went to but a 100 hooks and the guy selling wanted close to 20 euro
  2. doobrysnatcher

    Youngs claret bumble

  3. doobrysnatcher

    Devaux sedge

  4. doobrysnatcher

    Murrough claret and grey

    thank you
  5. doobrysnatcher

    Devaux sedge

    its in po reillys book Gold wire rib Grey with a little olive SF 3 mallard drake brown neck feather s tied in and varnished Red brown cock
  6. doobrysnatcher

    Devaux sedge

    devaux Welshman's button any one familiar with this style fly ?
  7. doobrysnatcher

    Murrough claret and grey

  8. doobrysnatcher

    black sedge 12

  9. doobrysnatcher

    wading boot sizes

    yeah ,i hope i win it, just ordered size 45 boots allowing for neopreme that should do 91/2 tight hopefully loose ,was going to post this lol but thought this was more fitting excuse pun
  10. doobrysnatcher

    wading boot sizes

    cant do coming from china is that 1 size eu or uk ie 44-45 or 9-10 uk
  11. doobrysnatcher

    wading boot sizes

    i just bought some waist waders xxl here now im short and stout build with average shoe size of uk 9 44 europe ordo i go i1size up or 2 sizes up for a pair of wading boots the waders are i believe according...
  12. doobrysnatcher

    Olive emerger 18

  13. doobrysnatcher

    Olive emerger 18

  14. doobrysnatcher

    Olive dun

  15. doobrysnatcher


  16. doobrysnatcher

    Dreaming of fishing

    i know of 2 guys that got kneecaps replaced ,one was slow to return to work the other was a few weeks only ,hopefully you will be up (and running) pun intended soon
  17. doobrysnatcher

    What did you tie today?

    Spent all day at the vice 10. 12 14 s
  18. doobrysnatcher

    Kate McClaren (globrite)

    beuties your on form ,keep them coming
  19. doobrysnatcher

    Golden Olive Muddler (Michigan Body)

    brilliant tying scott and photos
  20. doobrysnatcher

    black sedge 12

    into the sedge season and still struggling with the rooftop wings ,