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  1. jaybeegee

    Is anyone able to take me trotting for grayling

    Hello Toby and welcome to the forum. The coarse fishing season starts on Wednesday I think, so you can legally fish for grayling from then. They are best fished for in the autumn and winter…one of the only river fish that will feed in very cold weather and not for the faint hearted. Do you...
  2. jaybeegee

    2020 Euros

    He’s not in the squad despite his performance this season gone and Southgate was at a few games, his time will come I dare say. Kalvin played a blinder though Gary. B
  3. jaybeegee

    Correct way.?

    Gary, I bought one of these for coarse fishing with my grandsons, it’s very light but strong. They also do a 3M one. I forgot to say, we use it with a pan net as suggested. B
  4. jaybeegee

    2020 Euros

    I looked at this thread honestly expecting it to be about the exchange rate..🙄 B
  5. jaybeegee

    Your opinions on this?

    I wasn’t really thinking about water like that. B
  6. jaybeegee

    Your opinions on this?

    In yer seven league boots? 😁
  7. jaybeegee

    Your opinions on this?

    Here’s one.
  8. jaybeegee

    Your opinions on this?

    Yes we do…they’re called becks though. B
  9. jaybeegee

    Your opinions on this?

    Nice one S…I was trying to be restrained. 😁 B
  10. jaybeegee


    Try the tracking no. on the Royal Mail site, though it can be a bit hit and miss. B
  11. jaybeegee

    Your opinions on this?

    There’s no doubt it’s a lovely river. Personally I didn’t see any advantage of such a long rod in that situation, but he caught some nice fish and his careful approach was great….my old knees would suffer, but he’s nobbut a lad. 🙂 B
  12. jaybeegee

    St Croix Legend Ultra

    What length and rating Gary? B
  13. jaybeegee

    Waldo the robin.

    Not nearly so difficult to spot but he/she was watching me build a wall, must have been there ages before I saw it. B
  14. jaybeegee

    Waldo the robin.

    Good one. B
  15. jaybeegee

    Subsurface feeding trout - what fly to use

    If a steadily rising fish ignores my best guess dry fly then I switch to a spider fished upstream in the surface film. It does not always work, but often will. B
  16. jaybeegee

    Yellow may

    Lovely boisker. 😍. There is a steady trickle of yellow may duns on the Wharfe and I tie spiders and a yellow klink to imitate them, when the fish want them they really smash them. B
  17. jaybeegee

    Whats my Sage SLT Worth

    I think somebody got a bargain. B
  18. jaybeegee

    What makes us happy..

    Which reminds me of something that does make me happy….playing the Mem’ at her own game: “ Is that another new rod / reel? “ What…. this old thing? “. 😎 B
  19. jaybeegee

    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Streamfisher waders; so underrated they’re no longer made, what is wrong with these people? My daughter bought me a Hardy cap which cost the thick end of thirty quid….it’s cheaply made tat. B
  20. jaybeegee

    What makes us happy..

    Shh. Careless talk costs lives….or earache at least! 🤫 B