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  1. Gdog

    Hardy Marksman Drifter equivalent

    Pure Fishing dont keep spares of older rods, I recently enquired about a spare tip for a 9'6" Shadow that was discontinued in 2017 and I was told, "oh we dont have tips for that rod it's been discontinued a very long time, why dont you buy a new one, they are much better". I pointed out that...
  2. Gdog

    Bewl reservoir

    I'll always remember Bewl and Weirwood as the first big reservoirs I fished in England when I bought my first car in 1990. Up to that it was Barn Elms and Walthamstow. I caught my biggest reservoir rainbow in Weirwood in 1991 and had several enjoyable days out on both reservoirs from 1990 to...
  3. Gdog

    My take on the Towi Topper

    I'm sure it could work well in a size 12 or 14 as a wet fly when buzzers are hatching.
  4. Gdog

    Your opinions on this?

    I've never fished on a river like that, I'm used to rocks, briars and gorse. Not for me, that guy is a motormouth, I watched a few minutes, that was enough 😨
  5. Gdog

    Waldo the robin.

    This guy has spotted something and looks like he is going in for the kill.
  6. Gdog

    Waldo the robin.

    This Robin followed me around when I was cutting the Solanum at the back of our garden.
  7. Gdog

    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Orvis Battenkill are fantastic reels, I bought one in 1995, dropped it numerous times, got banged around boat fishing for years and it is still mechanically perfect, although missing paint around the perimeter. It has a drag good enough to stop any trout, unlike the drags on lots of modern trout...
  8. Gdog

    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    I cast a 9'9 #7 GL3 in a fishing tackle exhibition in Seattle in 1995, I'd never cast anything as fast as it before or for about 12 years afterwards. I was a bit nervous about buying it, oh well I'd love it now.
  9. Gdog

    Second hand book shop treasures

    Fishing and drink, two great topics to read about?
  10. Gdog

    Would you do anything about this?

    Aluminium.does not corrode it's a non ferrous metal, the surface will oxidize and more of the finish might chip off where it has alresdy chipped, but what the hell?
  11. Gdog

    Old Age.

    Fair play, you're going out and having an enjoyable day and you caught four trout, I'd be happy with that.
  12. Gdog

    Fishing tackle retail is booming!

    To get back to the original post, I ordered some fly tying materials online from Slaney Fishing in Co. Carlow on Wednesday. I'd never ordered from this company before, and only first heard of them last year. They had a few bits I couldn't get anywhere else in Ireland so I decided to try it out...
  13. Gdog

    Join me in a minutes silence at 11am

    You did well and I wouldn't complain, the last cap I had ended up in the lake one windy day.
  14. Gdog

    Kamasan B401 hooks - SOLD

    I've got 2 plastic packets of Kamasan hooks I bought from Lathkill a few years ago, that I've never used and having a clear out of unwanted tying materials. Kamasan B401 Size 18 - 50 hooks Kamasan B401 Size 20 - 25 hooks I've checked the quantities, there are actually 49 size 18 and 26 size...
  15. Gdog

    Fishing tackle retail is booming!

    I've been going to the same local garage since 2003. The owner is very good and very honest, he's never over charged me. But he must be about 60, so I've got another 5 years or so, and yes it might be scary then.
  16. Gdog

    Fishing tackle retail is booming!

    Did they see you coming?
  17. Gdog

    Help Requested Re: Obituary in T&S, circa April 2015.

    James, You're welcome. I have a pile of old T&S Magazines going back to about 2009 stacked 2 rows deep in a wardrobe in the spare bedroom. I was up there earlier today thinking about making a bit of space by removing some. I saw your post so I went up for a look, the front row started at Jan...
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    Help Requested Re: Obituary in T&S, circa April 2015.

    James, It was in March 2015. Gordon
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    I will only use it a few times a year at most on a rocky overgrown river that has trout no more than 10" long, it should do the job. My Greys GTec has the scars of war from a few falls I've had climbing over rocks. I'd rather sacrifice something that costs a bit less.
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    Do you think the clicker will wear out easily? I never thought about that.