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  1. jaybeegee

    John Norris Sale

    Twenty per cent discount from John Norris today using code EX20 at checkout. 😈 B
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    Atlantic Salmon Study

    Came across this in the Yorkshire Post.
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    Securing Boot Studs.

    I’m losing wader boot studs faster than I’m losing my hair. Rubber soles with a dozen Snowbee tungsten studs in each boot fixed with Gorilla glue, but I’m shedding at least three or four every time I fish. May as well use cheaper steel studs, but I’d rather not be replacing them so often…if...
  4. jaybeegee

    Dyeing a Hen Cape

    I’ve been tying yellow spiders using a pale gingerish hen cape for hackle, but I would prefer a lemon yellow colour, so toying with the idea of dye. Never done it and don’t know where to start really, but would welcome some advice for dyeing the cape. B
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    Heads Up

    Twenty per cent off all fishing tackle at John Norris today. B
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    New Year Resolution

    Not being one for these resolutions really, ( although it is sixteen years today that I stopped smoking ), I am going to; man up, put my thermals on and go and fish for grayling next week, in another ten years that won’t be an option so I’m wasting time. The other one is to lose weight...
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    A Grayling Called Anthony?

    I really liked this. B
  8. jaybeegee

    Killer Bug Variant?

    Can anyone recommend variations on Sawyer’s Killer Bug pattern? I have a couple in mind, but if anyone has a favourite I’d be grateful for ideas. B
  9. jaybeegee

    Good Thigh Boots

    I’ve been fishing a small tree lined stream lately that involves a bit of scrambling through undergrowth but the wading is not much more than knee deep. Thigh boots are just right for this but my cheap and cheerful pvc jobs give no grip or ankle support and are both hot and a crap fit. I have...
  10. jaybeegee

    Reel Lube.

    Any recommendations for suitable oil and grease for fly reels please? Thus far I’ve used a general purpose engineering grease and either gun or sewing machine oil, depending on what I can scrounge. I suppose these days some of my reels are a bit more hi tech and I should maintain them...
  11. jaybeegee

    Jackie Charlton

    RIP Big Jack, a Leeds United, England and Republic of Ireland legend. One of my boyhood heroes, I learned new words from him while watching Leeds at training in the mid sixties! A keen angler and hill walker to boot, I hope he’d been watching his old club on Thursday evening. 😢
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    Discussion about floatant reminded me about coming across this while having a rummage in a box of odds and ends. I have no recollection of buying or being given it but it’s obviously knocking on a bit. Multi purpose too. 🙂 B
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    Recommend a 10’ 3wt please

    I’m looking to buy a 10’ 3# rod for spider and nymph fishing mostly with occasional dry flies. I’ve had three in this length and rating; an Agility 2 which I liked, but replaced with a Helios 2 which I couldn’t get on with, finding it’s action too stiff. I’ve since bought a Performance Nymph...
  14. jaybeegee

    Addingham Angling Association

    For the benefit of any Addingham members who are as yet unaware: I had an e mail last night from Pete Bell to say that our river is now open to members only until further notice. The Committee are having problems communicating to all at the moment. Brendan
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    Wrong Shade

    Came across these today while looking for a needle in my ( late ) mum’s sewing box. Not worth a fortune, but interesting. B
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    Norman Bites Yer Legs.

    A very sad day for Leeds and football in general, the death of Norman Hunter. In my boyhood he was a hero, one of the greats. B
  17. jaybeegee

    Memories of Last Season

    Overcome by withdrawal for the river, I was browsing through some photos from last year and came across this which made me smile. This is one of my favourite spots for a lunch break, obviously a favourite of some budding ( Buddhist ) artist too. Anyone like to share a memory? B
  18. jaybeegee

    Useful Bit of Kit

    For some time I’ve been looking for something to carry a drinks bottle on short sessions on the river. Found this on eBay for about six quid: Outdoor Water Bottle Bag Military Hiking Belt Holder Kettle Pouch Camping Tool It arrived today and looks just about spot on for the job. It will hold a...
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    Among my fly tying odds and ends is a bottle of “Permaflote”. The very faded label describes it as “ The finest fly flotant that has ever been devised”. I have no memory of buying it, but chances are it came from either John Norris or Rory’s of Dublin some time in the eighties. It has a...
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    Out of Body Experiences

    The first day of the season in these parts today. Finished work at half eleven, the start of my part timers weekend and was home ten minutes later. The Mem was busy working at her laptop, so I made tea and took mine out into the garden in lovely spring sunshine. After a while I saw a fish...