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  1. lavo85

    Full caged reel

    Looking for a fully caged reel for nymphing, will consider most makes and reels so drop me a pm if you have something to offer. p
  2. lavo85

    Euronymph line

    Thinking of buying one simply because i dislike handling mono with my other hand, what is the best way to attach mono to the flyline so it seamlessly goes through the guides??
  3. lavo85

    Oliver Edwards essential skills.

    Just wondering is there anywhere online i can watch these videos?
  4. lavo85

    9ft6 or 10ft 3wt

    One of my nephews have just taken up the sport, has had a few days out and loves it but im reluctant to lend him my rods anylonger🤣 So he needs his own, either a 9ft6 or 10ft 3wt but i cant find anything below the £100 mark for him, could anyone point me in the right direction please or perhaps...
  5. lavo85

    Patagonia chest pack

    Was bought this as a gift but prefer my umpqua, its a cracking chest pack none the less. Used once, so mint. Can take straps off and wear as a waistpack or put straps on and hoist up as seen in pic. It cost £90 delived, yours for £50 posted.
  6. lavo85

    Ismopuppa anyone tried these, or similar?
  7. lavo85

    Sumo rod rack

    Anyone ever had issues with these? i was lead to believe they were the best, but each time using them they have came loose whilst driving, slowly to be very thankful with a few grand mounted on them. The ones i have are the suction kind.
  8. lavo85

    Hardy ca dd 4000 swap

    Looking to swap the above reel for a hardy 3000 sized reel. Mine is mint with pouch, box, booklet. pm me
  9. lavo85

    Hardy ultraclick 3000 sold

    Hardy ultraclick 3000, absolutely mint condition used twice. With box, booklet, pouch. A very, very light click and pawl reel. £140 posted, i will leave on backing and euro leader.
  10. lavo85

    Indicator for euronymphing

    Had an idea those wee rubber stops would be good as an indicator, they can slide up and down also. Sometimes i struggle seeing just different coloured mono, these might work.
  11. lavo85

    Fly reel olive colour.

    I know, i know🤷🏼‍♂️🤣 Complete tackle tart but id like an olive reel, i already own a lamson guru in olive but id like another, what reels are available in an olive colourway?
  12. lavo85

    Hardy mtx 3000 reel

    Looking for the above reel if anyone looking to sell, drop me a pm. p
  13. lavo85

    Indicator material

    Im using amnesia in red and yellow as my sighter material when nymphing, just wondering what others are using? The amnesia can be difficult to pick up in some light conditions.
  14. lavo85

    Guideline alta fleece zip up

    Bought as a gift for me last month, wore for an hour, its reddish/brick coloured. cost £99, £50 posted size medium. can forward pics.
  15. lavo85

    Simms guide vest SOLD

    Simms guide vest, excellent condition, gunmetal grey and red. Can send pics, only selling as i now prefer my sling. Cheapest i can find it online is £179.99, yours for £100 postage included, will include a pair of forceps and loon snips.
  16. lavo85

    Spiders and wets

    Looking to add some to my armoury, anyone care to recommend a site online that sells decent wets and spiders? P
  17. lavo85

    Hanak superb, loop evotec

    I can source both these reels around same price, £140ish wanted a fully caged reel with a drag for a 10ft6 3wt ill mostly use for dollaghan fishing heavy nymphs, any reviews of these reels? Or care to offer or recommend something around same price point? p
  18. lavo85

    Danielsson nymph SOLD

    Selling my danielsson nymph, used once just isnt for me. Absolutely mint will leave on backing and euro leader. Looking what i paid, £140 delivered. Can send pics but reel is mint with pouch and box.
  19. lavo85

    Danielsson nymph swap!!

    Danielsson nymph reel, absolutely mint condition, with pouch and box, comes spooled with backing and a euronymph leader. looking to swap for another reel, must have a drag system, its for a 10ft6 3wt rod, consider reels for 3,4,5 lines, drop me a pm i can send pics. p
  20. lavo85

    Cheap nymphing rod

    Looking a cheap nymphing rod to start my nephew on the rivers, something 10ft 3wt, cheaper the better as im buying🤣 Please drop me a pm.