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    Where have all the birds gone.

    Up to 2019 thru to spring 2020 we had loads of Goldfinches, Great Tits, Blue Tits et al visiting our feeders. For whatever reason we just get a few Blue Tits and the sighting of a Goldfinch to the Nijer feeder a rarity. Have they been predated or just moved on to pastures new. Anybody else...
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    The future of fishing at Chew and Blagdon

    A very worrying statement issued by Bristol Water. In short, Bristol Water have decided that they no longer want to be in charge of running the fisheries. They say that they wish to continue having fishing on all of the lakes, but, as they have been making a loss, they would like to offer the...
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    Chew possibly under threat

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    Great day afloat on Farmoor, first boats out post lockdown. We had loads of fish to our dry and wet size 12 hoppers being taken down to the backing numerous times. One of the best of the bunch.
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    Farmoor today.

    Afternoon on Farmoor 2 - 9 good quality hard fighting fish to straight lined crunchers. Water quality very good and numbers of folk fishing seems to be reducing. The best of the bunch.
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    SKB Fishing

    Superb service from Rich at SKB - my pal accidentally cut his supermax fly line whilst we were at Darlow last week. Messaged Rich Thursday evening as the web page showed nil stock and he promised to have a hunt around. Brand new fly line arrived this morning so a big thank you to Rich...
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    Loop Cross S1 #5

    Almost convinced myself that I needed a new #6 rod for reservoir fishing to go alongside my Legend Elite. Just been up on the common and loaded my dry fly Loop S1 #5 rod with a weight 6 wf line and it flies out. Now what can I spend £250 on Hmmmmmmmm
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    Eureka Moment

    It might be old hat to some but a eureka moment for me. Was watching Davie McPhail on you tube via my tablet whilst the tv was on in the background. I touched the icon (4 horizontal stripes and a +)on the screen and Davie appeared in 47 inches of high definition on my smart tv. :thumbs:
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    Fly colour

    [I]On a recent trip to Farmoor I had success fishing a Blue booby fished deep (25 - 30ft). Intrigued why trout may take such a fly with gusto did some research and came up with this interesting article "I’ve gone through a number or sources for the various depths at which the various colors...
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    Under Attack

    I live in a South facing cottage and most years come Autumn we get a few ladybirds seeking sanctuary for the winter usually in the windows. This year we are inundated with literally hundreds of the little blighters arriving in droves. I guess a consequence of the long hot summer.
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    Hummingbird Hawk Moth

    We had our first, of the summer, Hummingbird Hawk Moth feeding on the lavender today. Amazing little creatures with their wings throbbing whilst they hold station .:cool: Butterfly Conservation - Humming-bird Hawk-moth
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    Fly Fishing Comps

    Is it ok for competitors to fish the venue for days in advance of the comp under the guise of practising - surely they are just finding out where the fish are and what method is proving successful. Does this not favour local anglers with time and money :confused: Hardly a level playing field.
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    Just back from a week in Padstow - along with the usual Shiite Hawks, feral pigeons and crows there were Turnstones vying for the tourists scraps. Really pretty little bird that has adapted to a new environment. Attached is an you tube clip. YouTube
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    Shakespeare Travel Rod

    5 piece Travel rod called the Excursion. Bought in New Zealand back in early naughties and used just once. As new with plastic still on handle. 8'6" rated 5/6 comes complete with sturdy Shaky tube. Looking for £25 plus postage.
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    Help with Cone Heads

    Thought I would take advantage of Harvey's sale and bought some medium Veniard coneheads for what I had hoped would fit hooks rather than tubes. As it is the holes are too small for plastic tube liners and I cant get the bloooody things around the bend of the hooks - consign to the bin or am i...
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    The Mop Fly

    Article in today's Telegraph about this. Seems to be all the rage in the States. New one on me but Google throws up all sorts of links. The Mop Fly - Fly Fisherman
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    1st on a daddy this year

    Had a day on Farmoor 2 yesterday - some daddies were being blown on the water and this beauty mistook my imitation for the real thing. Approx 31/2 - 4lb. Finished with 4 to daddies and a couple more to nymphs/pin fry.:):)
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    Modern Reels with one way clutch.

    I have always used LH wind but may have to change - the modern reels seem to have free spooling on rewind and I find that over a relatively short period of time I have rewound a few yards (at least) of line purely from the effect of the reel brushing my clothing. This is more profound when...
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    Suitable Waders

    It looks like I will have to undergo ankle fusion later this year. Has anybody had experience and if so can they still get into waders????
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    Fishing with Buzzers

    Here's a link to a video made by Wilderness tv trout fishing on Chew - well worth a view. Fly Fishing with Buzzers - YouTube