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    St Croix Legend Ultra

    I have a 9ft Wt 6 legend elite and like it a lot. Use it with a barrio #6 slx and it flies. Fairly fast action.
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    Fishing from a high bank.

    What about a float tube?
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    Furled leaders

    Having fished with JCP I too use furlies on my floaters when reservoir fishing and find that they do help when using long leaders. I have also used them (cut back and perfection loop to give greater bs) for low water salmon fishing and smaller flies.
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    permit costs (vfm)

    £150 per year for a 26 acre stocked water near Oxford called Darlow water.
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    When the fly lands.

    I mostly fish dries from a drifting boat and fan the water leaving the flies for a relatively short time before recasting. Should a fish come to the fly but not take then a slight twitch sometimes induces the take. A tip I read about was to apply Gink to the fly using your little finger thereby...
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    Rod length on stillwaters.

    I would have thought a light trout rated switch rod would help - being double handed there would not be too much of a need to wave your arms about casting. I sometimes use a Daiwa 11.3" LochmoreZ with an extension handle and can roll cast or overhead cast easy peasy without and strain on...
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    Rod length on stillwaters.

    Have just bought a Scott Flex 9!6" wt 5 for boat fishing mainly Chew and Farmoor. Gave it a good workout on Chew last Thursday and really pleased how it performed. It handled this grown on rainbow very well.
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    Swifts have arrived.

    Loads of Swifts hawking the water on Chew Valley last Thursday. Lifts my spirits and usually augurs well for a good days fishing.
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    Anyone fished Farmoor 1 or 2 recently ?

    It really does beggar belief the lack of information regarding catches and conditions by TW management. We get the occasional twitter update but that really isn't good enough. I think the local rangers would like to make posts but are restricted by HO. They need to look to Bristol Water...
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    Fished the Wye at Symonds Yat back in the 80's and they were regularly caught expecially when using a small Mepps.
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    Daiwa Lochmor Z 10' 7#

    Do they roll their own or buy in blanks?
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    Daiwa Lochmor Z 10' 7#

    I have an 11'3" which I use with a 6 " extensin handle as a quasi switch rod (mated to a Barrio 7/8 SLX line) and Loch salmon rod. Wouldnt part with it for the world. Really not sure why Daiwa are the poor relation as they have made some good kit over the years.
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    10ft or 9'6 ft 5wt recommendations

    Airflo Airlite V2 do a 9'6" #5 and Gary Evans are throwing in a Superdri line as well. No idea if the rod is any good but heard on "trout fishing large reservoirs" FB page that some of the higher line sizes are very good...
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    Bristol Waters

    I might take some wind surfing lessons John.!!!!
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    Loch more Caithness

    If it's trout your after have a look here :
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    The problem with knots!

    Davy knot or double Davy knot. Easy to tie and very secure.
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    Polarised sunnies on a tight budget..

    I have a pair of Snowbee's in my fishing bag. Light as a feather and are not tiring on the eyes. Not much need for high end glasses for fishing the majority of Stillwater against fishing some of the countries chalk streams.
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    Where have all the birds gone.

    Yes we have changed the Nijer seeds but still no Goldfinches. Sunflower hearts get changed as well as the feeder being cleaned and disinfected but very few birds being attracted. A theory put to me was that the early spring in 2020 saw bugs and caterpillars in abundance before eggs hatched thus...
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    Tapered Leader Formulae

    When I started fly fishing at Grafham back in the early 70's the "go to" leader material was Tynex purchased from Saville's in 40inch lengths. Advertising splurge was "Tynex is stiff so droppers stand out" which they did as the dia/bs was 50% greater than that of Maxima. We made leaders up in...
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    Barrio switch rod line

    He seems to have "sold out" across most of his range. Is this because his supplier now manufactures solely in Canada rather than in both UK and Canada?