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  1. lenok

    Barrio small stream 3WT WF

    Hi all, I was after a 3wt barrio small stream of anyone had one they would be prepared to sell? Cheers G
  2. lenok

    Best CDC?

    Hi All, I usually use Swiss Super Select CDC but recent packs have been below the very high standard I’m used to. As anyone got suggestions for other cdc suppliers ?Need to be top quality as for delicate river patterns etc Cheers L Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. lenok

    Wanted - Hardy Angel Reel 2/3 MK1

    Hi all, I am looking for a MK1 Hardy Angel 2/3 featherweight reel. I would be interested to hear if anyone has one and would be willing to sell etc Many thanks L
  4. lenok

    Waders made in the EU or USA?

    Hi All, I am in need of some new waders and wonder if anyone knows of a make who manufacture in the EU or USA? Is it just Simms? Cheers L Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. lenok

    Hackles for Kilnkhammer

    Hi all, I’m looking for some advice about which cape to buy. I want to start trying klinkhammer and other small emerger flies and want to find a cape which has nice small hackles. In black or Black and Tan grizzled. Sadly I’m not close to any fly tying shops so I don’t have anyone to ask...
  6. lenok

    Missing ferrule plug on rod

    Hi All, Just unpacked all my kit ready for the start of the season. I noticed that the rod plug on the male rod ferrule has disappeared. Do I need to replace this or will the rod be ok without it? Advice much appreciated Best G Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. lenok

    Line choice for loop cross s1 switch

    Evening Gents, I'm after some line advice. Just bought a 11ft loop cross s1 switch rod weighted #7 weight as a present for my nephew. I want to line it with a floating WF line for over head casting on the loch and also a shooting head floating line for the river . I have running line so it's...
  8. lenok

    Tipping Ghillies

    Evening gents, Just wanted to gauge opinion here. If I am fishing a salmon beat which has a head Ghillie but I am being looked after by the under ghillie do I tip both? or just the ghillie looking after me? Last year I only tipped the under Ghillie and felt afterwards that might have been a...
  9. lenok

    River Teifi - Salmon

    Morning All, I am in the Cardigan area in the last week of August and wondered if it was worth having a crack at the Teifi for a salmon or daytime Sewin? having never fished the river before any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance L
  10. lenok

    Bagnor - lambourn

    Morning all, Do any forum members belong to the syndicate at bangnor? I would been keen to hear about the fishery as I about to join this year. Thanks in advance L
  11. lenok

    Milne graden - tweed

    Evening all, Has anyone fished Milne graden on the lower tweed? Any feedback would be appreciated as I am looking for a few days summer salmon fishing and they have some availability . Thanks in advance L
  12. lenok

    Chesters - North tyne

    Evening all, Planning a stop off in Hexham on my way north in July. Is chesters worth a cast ? Fished the main Tyne quite extensively but never ventured up the North Tyne. Many thanks in advance L
  13. lenok

    River Lochy

    Morning all, I am looking for some advice on the river Lochy. Is it worth a trip up to fish? What is the best time to go? I have heard it is a beautiful river and that stocks are recovering - they seem to be running a unique smolt releasing programme!? Also has this river now been...
  14. lenok

    The Dee in May

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice on visiting the Dee in early May. My first trip to this river! Any pointers on the best beats for a late springer? Have been told lower crathes and west durris might be the place to go? Any information greatly appreciated Best George
  15. lenok

    El Encuentro lodge - patagonia

    Morning all, Just about to book a weeks fishing with the above named lodge for next year. Has anyone used them before / got any feedback? Thanks in advance L
  16. lenok

    Tube fly and hook size

    Afternoon everyone, The question that has been bothering me is this. I have tied up some tube flies on 1/4'' 1/2'' and 1'' bodies. Do I need a different size double hook to match each fly or is there one hook size that matches all three sizes of fly? Also, is there any opinion upon where the...
  17. lenok

    Rio Grande or Rio Menendez

    Does anyone know of a guide or agency that can organise days on any of the above mentioned rivers? I have 2 spare days in TdF next March and am keen to get some fishing in before heading north. All the lodges only seem to offer weekly resident rates. Any help appreciated, George Sent from my...
  18. lenok

    River Esk, Eskdale

    Evening All, I'm in Eskdale in the middle of September and wondered if the River Esk was worth a visit for a late season Salmon? Any info would be great. Many thanks, G Sent from my BlackBerry 9800 using Tapatalk
  19. lenok

    Wanted - Wm. Salter "Ogden Dry" reel

    Evening All, I am after a WM. Salter "odgen dry" reel to match a bamboo rod. If anyone has one and is minded to sell then please let me know. Many thanks, George Sent from my BlackBerry 9800 using Tapatalk
  20. lenok

    River Derwent - Consett Co Durham

    Hi all, I am in Durham visiting relations, it was suggested I have a day on the Derwent via DAA. Are there any members on here who could advise were is best to fish the river mid June? Any info appreciated. Best, George Sent from my BlackBerry 9800 using Tapatalk