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  1. luke troutstalker

    What's going to be the next big thing, and where will it come from?

    Just thinking that we as anglers seem to be in a hiatus at the moment, and I'm nervous that there isn't going to be anything coming up that will prompt me into a tackle buying frenzy. I just can't help thinking fly fishing has completely stalled. I have always been an 'early adopter' of new...
  2. luke troutstalker

    Norvise setup

    Norvise for sale. Mint condition, comes with standard straight jaws, fine point jaws, and autobobbin with spooling arbour. This new currently retails at FTB for £475, also included is a custom bamboo base with integral waste tray, tool holes etc. SOLD. Top two pics show it set up, bottom two...
  3. luke troutstalker

    Norm Norlander

    I just read on FB, that Norm Norlander has passed away. I can't find anything to confirm this though. A shame if so, a very innovative guy.
  4. luke troutstalker

    Bundle of materials/line/floatant

    I received a bundle of materials in error from the Emerger sale. Rather than send it back, and have him restock it, we decided it's as easy to see if anyone on here can use it at a further discount. The total order value was £48 inc postage, and this was already discounted. All beads and...
  5. luke troutstalker sale

    A closing down sale unfortunately, but some good prices on tying gear. I have just stocked up on hooks and beads.
  6. luke troutstalker

    Let's have your autumn fishing pics..

    My absolute favourite time of the year to be out on the river. Perfect temperatures, and stunning colours all around. This is one that Ant snapped of me a couple or 3 years back. Knotweed might be an invasive pest, but it looks great this time of year. Look forward to seeing others :thumbs:
  7. luke troutstalker

    If you are in the market for a new wading staff..

    These are very nice, mine just arrived today. Very well made, and mega strong. I got the 50' 6oz version.
  8. luke troutstalker

    Lead backs 2.0

    More lead antics that may be of use. I have found that trying to cut a thin strip with shears from roofing piece is nigh on impossible, it just curls up and the edges are rubbish. I like the idea of having a material you can work with to get the weight you want, as opposed to those awful...
  9. luke troutstalker

    Dubbing and shrimps.

    Had a play about today making up some shrimp dubbing in different colours. Easy enough to do, a mix of a regular coloured fur dub, natural rabbit, chopped up CDC, chopped up marabou, and some angel hair for flash. Mixed up in a round plastic bowl that chocolates came in with some compressed...
  10. luke troutstalker

    Should OOS be banished to room 101?

    Does anyone else find this prefix a bit daft, pointless, and obvious? Anyone with half a brain cell knows what time of the year it is, and by virtue of that fact you know whether a fish is in season or not. I've been trying to think of other such blatantly obvious statements you might make in...
  11. luke troutstalker

    Lead shrimp backs

    Was reading something tonight on FB by Lindsay Simpson, about soft tungsten shrimp backs from FTB, £7 for 20 ! :eek: It reminded me that I had experimented with these before and needed to refine it. I had some lead washers, and would trim the edge off, but it was a faff. I had a play about...
  12. luke troutstalker

    Pike lines

    Pike lines for sale, as a job lot. I don't have the time to split, SOLD John Norris P3 WF10F John Norris P3 WF10I SKB WF10I SA Streamer 8/9 sinker. SA sharkskin WF10F.
  13. luke troutstalker

    River lines for sale

    River lines for sale as a job lot, I don't have the time to split. SOLD All except the rio have moser minicons, and the snowbee has a furled leader on it. Top left to bottom right: Snowbee XS delicate presentation WF4 Barrio Gt90 #5 Barrio SS #5 Rio Euro Nymph. ( it's a double taper, one...
  14. luke troutstalker

    Pink shrimp SBS.

    Another favourite, and I'm stocking up, so a few pictures and description. These are always on my leader in winter, tied on a size 10 veniard grub hook, finished weight is about 0.25g, so heavy enough for most situations I encounter. If you want heavier just tie bigger with more lead. Catch...
  15. luke troutstalker

    Biot stonefly

    I've been tying these for the swap, so while I was at it took a few pics. Last year ( or it may be the year before ) I had 5 fish on or around 3lb to this fly. One was a grayling, the rest were trout, and two of those trout were rising happily when I plopped it on their nose. All from the same...
  16. luke troutstalker

    Mitutoyo digital calliper.

    This is a discontinued model, but from memory when I looked they were in the region of £250/£300 new. It's solar powered, but the internal cap/battery has gone, so it needs to be in light - it doesn't need to be glaring bright. It's been looked after, very clean condition. SOLD
  17. luke troutstalker

    Mullet in halkidiki-Greece.

    Off on my jollies soon, and have been looking on google earth the area around the resort. It's all beach, there's miles and miles of sandy coastline with no features. Is it worth bothering? I did spy a few miles down the coast what looks like a small shipping canal that has a few features...
  18. luke troutstalker

    Stem mounted waste bowl

    I made this some time back from a slab of Ali I had, and have been using it ever since - I have changed my setup so it's now surplus. It's 5 1/2" diameter, and has a base made from Bamboo, as there was a hole to fill. The other 4 darker areas have been filled with epoxy putty and machined...
  19. luke troutstalker

    Rotating oak tool caddy

    Surplus to requirements, a bit big for my bureau. Nice condition, oak, spins on bearings on the underside. SOLD
  20. luke troutstalker

    Finished raffle vice.

    The vice is done, and again, many thanks to all that participated, and also thanks for having the confidence to get involved when the prize wasn't even finished. Here's a a few pics of the bullseye speedboat ;) Vice with attachments. Base, it has 4 neodymium magnets recessed into the...