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    Will it fit?

    My son has a Greys GTS 900 reel loaded with a 7 wt floating line and He's been hunting a spare spool to load with an intermediate line for it since Christmas last year. They are scarcer than unicorn poo. The question he asked me is what other spool will fit if he can't get a 900. Anybody have...
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    Good to know...

    From the email I received from Farlows: SUSTAINABILITY - AT THE VERY HEART OF OUR BUSINESS As a company we believe we are responsible for achieving the highest standards of environmental practice and for operating in a sustainable manner, we support all appropriate initiatives to further...
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    I think I need to take up golf...

    Or, at least start watching women's golf. I had no idea of the calibre of women pro-golfers until I saw this picture of Paige Spiranac ---
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    Well, since you asked...

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    In the News...

    This is from my son's new feed:
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    Kudos to

    My son who lives in California just texted me to say he is well pleased with the service he's had from Farlow's. He ordered a Wychwood reel case from them last Friday (3/7) and it arrived today via UPS. He's 'as happy as a pig in poo' with the case and the service from Farlow's.
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    Arrowhead fly lines

    Is anyone using Michael Evans' Arrowhead lines? Opinions? Reviews?
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    In anticipation of the spring season...

    I just purchased a Sharpes 7 Wt. for my DIY Christmas present. Anyone want to offer recommendations for a suitable reel?
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    This starts the day I leave to come back 'up north'. HSBC Sydney 7s | Sydney, Australia - Official Travel & Accommodation Website I'm all of 20 kms from the Olympic park as I type this.
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    John Norris ????

    Have they stopped making/carrying their own brand of rods?
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    The grandsons and Easter holiday trout fishing

    We are visiting our youngest son and his family in California (USA) for Easter. I bought his two boys, now aged 14 and 7 spinning rods and reels and taught them the bare bones basics of fishing two years ago, so fishing was/is on their list of things to do while we are here. The weather...
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    Fly Fishing Diary

    Allan Sefton, amongst others, recommends keeping a diary of one's fishing efforts to track what has or hasn't worked at various locations and dates, but I couldn't find anything that was really 'spot on' for fly fishers in any of the shops. So, I Googled 'fly fishing diary' and found this...
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    Rugby League World Cup

    Anyone watching it besides me?
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    Orvis series ...

    I stumbled upon this on Facebook and thought there may be some interest. Link: The Art of Fly Fishing