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  1. ROVER

    March Brown or Large Brook Dun?

    I already know what I think it is from John Goddard's Waterside guide but would be interested in confirmation or not. A = MB B = LBD C = Don't Know D = Don't Care G
  2. ROVER

    Classic meets modern......

    Morning fellow tackle tarts! a few photos of the latest reel of the bench. This one has been made for a George who originally came across me when he won the bidding for one of my wooden scoop nets on the WTT auction a few years back. Unfortunately a couple of years later it floated off down the...
  3. ROVER

    Aerial Style

    Not my usual style of reel, but I was asked if I could build a 'prototype' along the lines of an Aerial reel to go on a bamboo rod for small streams. Apart from the colour it was left pretty much up to me to come up with the looks, A few teething issues but the finished article looks quite...
  4. ROVER

    Hubless Reel Design

    Hi folks Ive been planning on designing a hubless reel for a few months now and finally got around to a design I was happy with and set about the build. I can honestly say that I'm over the moon with the finished article in the flesh. Built entirely by hand on my mini lathe/mill, engraved...
  5. ROVER

    Reel servicing

    Just done a service on an ari 2 this week, frame set up for right hand wind, but drag set for left when i received it?!? The tension on the spool was also acting in the free running direction as Well. I reversed the drag bearing, gave it a new drag disc and reset the ratchet clicker. After s...
  6. ROVER

    New Christmas Reel of the Bench!

    Another 'Trinity' model off the bench just in time for christmas. Interesting colour combo for a fly reel, but I have to admit it is striking.
  7. ROVER

    Maxcatch - does it need its own forum?!

    Just saying like Once fladen vantage rods were the bestest cheapest rods money could buy (I bought one to see what all the fuss was about - it went directly into the bin) Then it was shakey agility, is there a finer rod on earth? (Learnt my lesson with the fladen so didnt indulge) But...
  8. ROVER

    Another Trinity part complete

    For a member of the Forum, just need the handle, counterbalance. and foot making before polishing and anodising (y)(y)
  9. ROVER

    Ari I Rendition in Blue and Silver

    Hi all just finished another project for a forum member, he wanted a rendition of an Ari I in blue and silver, 61mm spool, Fully anodised T6082 Aluminium, Stainless accessories, and delrin clicker. Next one is going to be another of my Trinity design in an 'unusual' colour scheme.
  10. ROVER

    Another reel ready for Anodising

    All aluminium parts polished up and ready for anodising
  11. ROVER

    Reel Progress

    Spent a couple of hours yesterday making myself a better wire bender out of a few scrap bits laying about the 'shop' - who'd have known that the kids getting bored of fidget spinners would have provided me with so many free bearings!! It works too - finished line guard in stainless steel👍
  12. ROVER

    A view of my latest Reel

    Hi all I was asked to make a 'GSR' rendition of the famous Ari Remco by a forum member recently, so here it is. Fully anodised T6082 aluminium, stainless steel fittings, adjustable on/off clicker and fully adjustable roller clutch drag system. All adjustment knobs are fully captive so no fear...
  13. ROVER

    Graeme Robertson (GSR) custom fly reels

    If your I interested in owning a unique heirloom quality flyreel, feel free to contact me. Tight lines Graeme
  14. ROVER

    GSR custom fly fishing reels

    Hi all As a few of you already know, as Well as having a passion for Flyfishing one of my other 'releases' is designing and building custom fishing tackle including bespoke steam bent laminated scoop nets and more recently hand built fly reels. Since interest in my creations has gained a...
  15. ROVER

    Latest Reel off the Bench

    Hi all I've been busying myself making another bespoke reel the last few weeks when time permits. This one is actually based on the first one i ever built and is still my go to reel on most occasions on the river, but with a number of subtle improvements and finished to display case standards...
  16. ROVER

    New 3/4 wt Custom Reel

    Hi all Another one completed this week, unashamedly based very much on an ARI I, this one which is a variation on a larger model I made for a few months back in silver and gold and with different porting on the spool flanges. As usual, made from T6082 grade aluminium, fully anodised deep red...
  17. ROVER

    Latest version of my 'Baby Stream Reel'

    Hi all I've just completed this one which is a copy of an earlier model I made for myself but with a few tweaks and improvements that I've picked up along the way during my continuous learning and tinkering in my reel making pursuits. Aircraft grade aluminium fully anodised deep red and...
  18. ROVER

    Covid 19 exist strategy steps and fishing

    So if the government were to adopt the traffic light system ive seen for existing the lockdown, what is the concensus of where fishing by yourself on a river would fit in?? G
  19. ROVER

    Another Reel !

    Been busy again taking 'advantage' of the unfortunate fact that we cant get on the rivers at the moment. I've done another Y shaped reel based on the one I did a couple of months ago but made a few tweaks since this is the second time I've made a disc drag, and also managed to shave about...
  20. ROVER

    Another Custom Reel

    Hi all I've been at it again and another new reel has just left my 3 x 10foot 'shed'. This one is my fifth, and is based on an Ari II at the request of our own Mr Trout, and I think by far the nicest looking so far. Made entirely from scratch again using raw T6061 ally and stainless steel rod...