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  1. wobbly face

    Any Ideas???? Possibly 2!!

    I don't live near a river (closest is 1 mile away), no little streams or such. Only know of one garden pond which might now be disused and filled in. :unsure: Fly was on the window so only could get underside looking into the sky. Not a good camera as no manual focus and macro is auto only...
  2. wobbly face

    Kingfisher doing better than angler.

    Even in winter, birds have to feed. I would have loved to be the one that captured this:
  3. wobbly face

    Dry River Beds. An interesting talk/webinar. FBA.

    I found this quite interesting, sound quality could do with being better and quite a bit over my head trying to follow research and data etc. I've put in "entomology" as it concerns some insect life. Done through FBA (Freshwater Biological Association).
  4. wobbly face

    Fly Culture Magazine Winter 2020

    Just arrived (well two copies 😲). I hope my thermals hold up looking at the front cover shot. ❄️☃️ Looking forward to a good read now. ;)👓
  5. wobbly face

    Caterpillar wearing penguin jumper!

    :ROFLMAO: I hate early Christmas stuff but couldn't resist posting this.
  6. wobbly face

    Allen Fly Fishing.

    What a great company. (y) I've bought hooks, a couple of reels and other essentials from Allen with good service from USA and after reading the thread: I decided to buy some LS T shirts, shorts and a jacket. Got an email yesterday to...
  7. wobbly face

    MURDER: Orb Web Garden Spiders, Battle Of The Sexes.

    I've just witnessed a murder. Victim: Male spider, dead. Cause of death: Deadly bite. Murder: Female spider. Location of body: Wrapped in silk and left in web to mature. Witnesses: Me and Mrs face. Statement: Mr OW tentatively approached Mrs OW taping threads of web. Mrs OW tapped back then...
  8. wobbly face

    New Boots.

    Okay so not exactly fishing tackle, or wading boots for that matter. But canyoneering boots! After reading a few threads regarding wading boots, price and quality and having used steel toe cap work boots with studs which did very well, I thought I would invest in some canyoneering boots as not...
  9. wobbly face

    Winged spinner or not!

    Sorry about the blurred photo of the winged spinner, camera doesn't have manual focus and couldn't bothered taking another. :rolleyes: Hook: 16 dry. Thread: Rust (Hends Synton). Egg mass: Pale yellow Antron dubbing. Tails: Pale watery cock fibres. Body: Bleached and dyed brown peacock herl...
  10. wobbly face

    Some For The River (whenever that might be).

    Got a bit busy, a few spiders, parachute dries, my special dry, klink type and sedge (some tiny dries not in bottom photo), grey nymphs, pt body nymph, sedge pupa, my grayling special nymph and a few pink grubs.
  11. wobbly face


    Lately I've been trying Xink to help sink my tippet. Normally I would use a mud mix, Fullers Earth etc. Because I use a high maintenance dry fly solely of CDC, using silica powder gets onto the tippet making it float. I used Xink last week, only a slight smear on the tippet without much success...
  12. wobbly face

    Spurs only gone and done it ......... again.

    First Liverpool with a dramatic comeback, now Spurs on "away goals rule" .......... again! :rolleyes: First against Man City and now against Ajax. An all English final .............................. in Madrid. Shame about allocation of tickets.
  13. wobbly face

    Bird numbers in decline and no wonder with this happening.

    Why are nets appearing over trees and hedges? - BBC News I've known mature trees taken down by developers without consent or planning permission, slap on wrist and a fine which is peanuts to them. Now this!!!!!!!! No legislation in place either. :mad:
  14. wobbly face

    Grayling Box

    Latest project finished, bit late I know as season nearly over.:omg: This one's been best so far size 18 with 2mm bead: Curved hook. Pink thread. Tail speckled grey partridge fibres. Body stripped peacock herl dyed claret. Speckled grey partridge hackle. Pink anodised bead. This one I just...
  15. wobbly face

    New Fishing Buddy.

    Out in the river today and met a new fishing buddy. I've met him a few times before but only at a distance, today he decided to join me. He's a quiet type and didn't say much, but the fishing was also a bit quiet. He was happy for me to take a few pics (until battery went flat :omg:).
  16. wobbly face

    Pink Grub.

    Pink grub, simple and the smaller the better. Size 18 with 2mm bead has worked best for me on a dropper. YouTube
  17. wobbly face

    Grey Nymph

    Works all year round for both trout and grayling. Tie in different sizes from 14s to 22s with beads to match. I use beads in black nickle or painted black. I also tie unweighted ones. YouTube This will be boring, no back ground. :doh:
  18. wobbly face

    Parachute Dun dry fly

    A good early river dry fly on size 14 hook with purple thread for when large dark olives are out. Tied on size 16 and smaller with yellow thread for small olives. YouTube
  19. wobbly face

    CDC Dun dry fly

    For those that like soft hackled dries, nothing softer than CDC: YouTube
  20. wobbly face

    CDC Balloon or Bubble dry fly. Great on the rivers.

    This has taken some 12 hours to do. :omg: I'm now also bald. :ohno: YouTube