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  1. James9118

    Rod 'load' (bend) and Distance Cast

    I thought I'd show the results from another casting test I conducted here, again this data has been posted elsewhere. In this test the same line, a SA MED #5, has been cast on 3 different rods - a Sage TCX#5, a TCX#7 and a TCX#10. With each rod 10 casts were made and the distance achieved...
  2. James9118

    How far does a good caster shoot

    Given some of the bollox on other parts of this forum about casting I thought I'd start a sensible thread, perhaps to dispel some misconceptions about casting. This has been shown elsewhere on the internet but I thought I'd put it here also. Rather than than take statements like 'you can only...
  3. James9118

    Photo Gallery

    I thought I'd ask this here being as I didn't get a response in the main section. Does anyone know what happened to the personal gallery photos that were stored under your profile on here? The same to have been removed at one of the Forum upgrades - I was wondering if they're gone for good or...
  4. James9118

    Photos stored on Fly Forum

    I used to have some photos stored on my Fly Forums profile - has this facility now been removed as I can no longer find them? (Being an infrequent visitor lately no doubt I've missed something :-) ). Thanks, James
  5. James9118


    Two of the lemon sharks I caught on my recent trip
  6. James9118

    How far people THINK they can cast

    ...and how far they can actually cast. The "What's the perfect weight trout rod for a one rod angler" seems to have gone off on an interesting tangent regarding out and out distance - I thought I'd put a post here rather than add to the deflection of the original topic. A 45 yard cast with a...
  7. James9118

    Spey Lines Floating

    I'm after some heavy, floating salmon lines - 10/11/12 weights. Must be floating but condition is irrelevant as I want to cut them dowm to create a shooting head. Does anyone have such lines tucked away at the bottom of a drawer somewhere? Thanks, James
  8. James9118

    Eye Protection - UV use

    This may well be a daft question but having been tying flies with UV cured resin all day I thought I'd ask about whether others use any eye protection (sun glasses?) when using the curing light pen? I was tying up some clousers and it was obvious to me that a fair amount of the light would be...
  9. James9118

    10 foot #3 weight

    I'm thinking about getting a 10ft 3wt rod - this seems a very popular choice as lots of sites list their offerings as 'sold out' (or were they just short on supply?). Anyway what options are currently available to buy? Thanks, James
  10. James9118

    Avoid if you don't like physics

    Some questions have been asked in the 'casting - who needs physics?' thread that perhaps are better discussed in a new post, rather than the original. The question revolves around Lasse's video where he casts two rods, one stiff, one soft, in the same hand with the same line...
  11. James9118


    What do you make of this? : The Clout Fly Rod by Diamondback - A trout angler's dream | Diamondback Fly Rods Looks like a recipe for twisted fingers and rubs in odd places to me.
  12. James9118

    Tension in a D-Loop

    I thought I'd start a new thread to discuss the specifics of the line tension in the D-loop of a roll cast, given the debate that's ongoing in the 'roll casting upstream' thread. Going back to Aitor's roll cast video using a MPR on a tiled (low friction surface), can someone explain to me why...
  13. James9118

    Bahamas Gov Bonefishing Proposals

    Anyone else concerned about the draft plans the Bahamian government has for Bonefishing? :mad::thumbsdown::omg:
  14. James9118

    Lens Damage

    I've noticed a tiny bit of a mark smack in the middle of the lens (like it has pressed up against something hard) on my compact camera - this is producing a slight 'haze' in the middle of the photo's I take. Is it possible to polish this out or is it time for a new camera? Thanks, James
  15. James9118

    40 yards????

    35 yards is like so 1986, surely 40 yards is where it's at?
  16. James9118

    Posh Reels

    Is this for real? Nautilus NV, Fly Fishing Reels - Taimen
  17. James9118

    Dog biscuit flies

    Unfortunately I lost a fly tonight when a carp ran my line through an overhanging bush (it was a big fish!). Up until this point I had been getting lots of takes matching the fall of dog biscuits that was happening at the time :D. The last time I went into my local retailer to buy carp flies...
  18. James9118

    Acklins Bahamas DIY

    I thought I'd post some pictures from our (Tracy and I) recent trip to Acklins Island in the Bahamas. This was a new venue for us, although we've visited various other Bahamian Islands previously. Acklins is pretty remote and sparsely populated with no real shops or restaurants to speak of...
  19. James9118

    Rod for sinking lines vs floating lines

    So where does the perception that you need a stiffer rod to cast a sinking line come from? This seems to be stated on this forum quite often :whistle:.
  20. James9118

    Mexico pics, Casa Blanca + DiY

    I thought I'd post some photos from our (Tracy and I) recent trip to Mexico's Ascension Bay. We were a bit worried about the weather prospects for late October before setting off, it being hurricane season, but we had to use a voucher for a free BA flight before November 1st, so October it was...