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  1. beetlebum

    Cadence Fly Rods...

    I've just seen that Cadence are to release fly tackle this Summer. If they are as good as the coarse rods they'll be great, and not mega bucks... hopefully.
  2. beetlebum

    SOLD Danielsson Nymph W reel and spare spool

    Reel is as new, used once. It's a lovely reel just too light for my intended use unfortunately. Is boxed with paperwork and Allen key. £180 posted. Pictures on request.
  3. beetlebum

    The Essential Fly

    Just a quick message of recommendation for Essential Fly in Selby. I had placed an order online for an item late last week but by Monday I had changed my mind and wanted to change the item for another one. I rang up the shop and explained the situation and asked if the item might be here by...
  4. beetlebum

    Greys Gr70 Streamflex opinions

    Hi everyone, as per title I'm just trying to find out what people think of these rods? I've seen one for a good price and I've owned a Gr70 in the past but it was a #7 non Streamflex model so wondering where they sit action wise. Cheers, Si
  5. beetlebum

    8 ' 5 weight fiberglass blank *WITHDRAWN*

    I have an 8' #5 4 piece s glass blank in honey. I bought it from MB rods in Germany but after having a rethink I'm going to build a smaller rod. It's brand new in bag will sell for £70 posted. Can send photos on request.
  6. beetlebum

    Scierra Aerial WF7 line

    Scierra Aerial floating line #7, used half a dozen times maybe. On original holder, £20 posted.
  7. beetlebum

    Vision Vibe 85+ #5 Floating line *sold*

    Used twice, line is boxed in original packaging. £30 posted. Thanks.
  8. beetlebum

    Cane rod repair

    Hi everyone, I have a 9ft Sharpe's Aberdeen that was my great Uncle's and the middle section has split. I've never actually fished it as I was only gifted it earlier this year, I rigged it up and gave it a wiggle and this was enough to cause the damage😞. I'm just wondering if it can be repaired...
  9. beetlebum

    Guideline Fario LW reel 4-6 and spare spools "SOLD"

    SOLD...Guideline Fario LW reel 4-6 in bronze with two spare spools. Reel is as new with pouches and boxes with 3 guideline lines fitted (wf6 also as new, floater, sink tip and int. tip).
  10. beetlebum

    First pike on the fly...😂

    I nipped out for a couple of hours after work today to fly fish for perch (by design), and test some jig flies I'd tied up. I managed one perch (hurrah) and the smallest pike I've ever seen... I don't think it counts😂. Lovely fishing on a fibreglass 5 weight though.
  11. beetlebum

    Book recommendations

    I'm just wondering if anybody can recommend any writers in the same vein as John Gierach, Tom McGuane etc.? I really enjoy both of these writers and have mostly exhausted their books now so looking for new reads. I do like the travel aspect of their books as much as the fishing if I'm honest...
  12. beetlebum

    Budget Pike Fly rod?

    Morning everyone, as the title suggests I am after a cheapish pike rod. Due to having to buy a new car recently I need to keep it under £100, less would be preferable. Is there realistically anything nice to use in this price range or am I better off going down the used route? I have been...
  13. beetlebum

    Half weight heavy/short head line?

    I'm after a little advice as the title suggests. Yesterday I was fishing with my 5 weight in pretty stiff wind and I was actually managing to get a line out reasonably easily. The line I was using was a cobbled together one I made from an old Rio Gold 7 weight that had been chopped back...
  14. beetlebum

    Una - The One

    Just watched this documentary on YouTube and really enjoyed it, very informative and beautifully filmed. I thought that it may be of interest to people. Simon
  15. beetlebum

    Good fry patterns

    Hi, I'm going to tie up some fry patterns for the coming weeks and just wondered if there are any that can be recommended for wild trout especially? The fry I'm looking to imitate are mainly perch and trout. Cheers, Simon ×
  16. beetlebum

    which line for bloke #7?

    Hey guys, I've just managed to get hold of a new bloke xl50#7 rod and was wondering what floating lines people like to use with these rods. I have been considering the michael evans arrowhead lakeline in a 7/8 but am a little confused at the dual rating to be honest. The line will be for the...