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  1. bobmiddlepoint

    River Temperature Monitors

    At the moment I have temperature loggers all over the catchment (of some obscure ditch up north) but they are only visited and downloaded twice a year. Them what is in charge would like real time data or something close to it. So, does anyone out there have any experience of temperature...
  2. bobmiddlepoint

    Drumming Snipe

    OK it's more bird listening than bird watching but I heard the first drumming snipe two nights ago. Spring is on it's way. Andy
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    Caught (not by me) on a Northern burn this week. I've never seen one before and the guy who caught it (who has seen thousands landed) has never seen one either. Makes a change from all the kelts I suppose! Andy
  4. bobmiddlepoint

    A Cracking Morning On The River

    A bit late with this as I live at the end of a very thin copper wire and it takes about an hour and a half to upload 30 seconds of YouTube video! Anyway the end of the big freeze in the Far North a couple of weeks ago. Andy
  5. bobmiddlepoint

    Understanding Hooks

    Go on you know you want to...
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    See what I did with the title there... oh it doesn't matter. A piece of grue taken off the river bed, it's surprisingly beautiful in this state. Andy
  7. bobmiddlepoint

    Same Fish, Different Day?

    Back in May I spotted this fish battling up the falls on one of the tributaries of my local river. I only kept the picture because there was a bit nibbled (or netted) out of the tail. Last week I spotted this one on the redds higher up. I'd like to think it is the same one with a few...
  8. bobmiddlepoint

    Big Red Cock

    Yes it's that time of year again. Andy
  9. bobmiddlepoint

    What Is The Best Colour For Bailers?

    Go on, you know you want to!
  10. bobmiddlepoint

    What Is The Best Colour For Oars?

    From a fishing viewpoint and also aesthetically. I have 7 pairs of somewhat scabby looking oars to titivate before next season. Should they just be varnished wood or painted and should they have red tips or does that frighten the fish? I know some unskilled boat fishers never pick up an oar...
  11. bobmiddlepoint

    Simple Shrimpy (Salmon)

    I found one of those Michigan Blue pheasants knocked down on the road the other day and thought the feathers would lend themselves to a small shrimp(ish) style salmon fly. So here it is, I'm not a big fan of the Partridge Salar doubles but I had a few lying around and they do look right for some...
  12. bobmiddlepoint

    The Anglers Are Coming - Run For The Hills

    Two weeks ago there was no rain and I had a nice collection of fish I couldn't fish for just across the road. Now there is talk of finally letting us at them soon the rain has arrived and they've all made a dash for the hills... Ah well at least the bulk of the springers have had a clear...
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  14. bobmiddlepoint

    Deer of the Day

    As I don't seem to be having much luck getting close to birds to photograph of late I thought I'd go for the deer instead. They are much easier to get close to, this one jumped into the garden this morning. Pictures taken through the double glazing at 7am so not super sharp. A couple of...
  15. bobmiddlepoint

    Who Spew?

    A bit of a mystery. Earlier this week on my walk beside the river beside the house (you have to justify being outside in these times!) I came across a scattering of semi digested salmon parr and four or five toads. The toads were in pretty good nick and hardly showed any signs of digestion and...
  16. bobmiddlepoint

    March 15th How Was It For You

    Well for a lot of us today was the first day of the trout season. I've got to say I've had better ones. The morning was calm and almost warm but the forecast promised showers and half a gale from the north and this duly arrived at mid day. So no fishing as I couldn't be bothered to go and look...
  17. bobmiddlepoint

    Drumming Snipe

    Not so much bird watching as bird listening. Just let the dogs out and the snipe are drumming over the house, spring creeps closer (y) Andy
  18. bobmiddlepoint

    Are Rainbow Trout Farms A Good Thing To Have On A River?

    Just for a bit of balance... Andy
  19. bobmiddlepoint

    Catching Arctic Charr by Design From Deep Lochs

    Has anyone done it, how do you go about it? Searching the forum just brings up references to catching them on calm evenings when they occasionally come to the surface. But what about the rest of the time. Has anyone had any success with fast sinking lines and what sort of flies might work? I...