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  1. Vermontdrifter

    Which weight rod should I use?

    Hi Gents; I’ve got a dilemma and hopefully some of you wise folks can help me. Turns out the river I was hoping to euronymph with a Tenkara rod has a substantial population of large Barbel, five pounds and upwards. I was lucky enough to only have the tippet snapped after one lead me up and...
  2. Vermontdrifter

    Some recent tyings

    Tyings for this year’s early season. I keep it simple. Gold is brass and black is tungsten
  3. Vermontdrifter

    A couple from yesterday

    Two from yesterday Variant on the 3 dollar dip. I add a bit of foam to help it float. Demmon 300BL in 16, black tying thread, silver wire, deer hair, 2mm foam. Then an old favorite, GRHE with an Orange hot spot and tungsten bead
  4. Vermontdrifter

    Charlie Craven’s Poison Tung

    Semperfli medium purple wire Rioja gold wire Troutline 2mm tungsten bead Peacock crystal dub Daihatsu D900 hook in 18
  5. Vermontdrifter

    One of those days

    Sat down to the vice at 14:30 to tie a few nymphs. At 17:30 I gave up having tied four that I will doubtlessly strip tomorrow. Nothing went right. Got proportions wrong, feathers snapped, thread broke, my dubbing loops didn’t, cut myself twice and ended up with a knot in my back. Will now...
  6. Vermontdrifter

    Euro nymphing with Tenkara?

    Hi Folks; was just wondering if anyone was doing this and, if yes, then how was the rod casting a heavy tungsten nymph as I’ll be fishing swims down to 1.5 meter with fast currents. I know I could go with a dedicated nymphing rod but it’s more a case of trying something different! Thanks Terry
  7. Vermontdrifter

    Back on the water!!!

    Last Tuesday was a holiday in Luxembourg and the French finally opened the boarders on the 15th so off I went to my favorite small water of Sommedieue near Verdun. Hot sunny day but managed 14 to the net on the dry, 3 browns and 11 rainbows with the smallest about 45cm and the biggest around...
  8. Vermontdrifter

    Need scientific sources and studies in the effects of salmon farming in Scotland

    Hi Folks; My daughter is at McGill University in Montreal and is writing a paper on the negative impacts of Salmon farms in Scotland. I know that a lot of you are very up to date on the subject and participate actively in the fight against this practice so I’m hoping you can point me in the...
  9. Vermontdrifter

    What patterns for the Test in the first half of April

    Hi Folks; A friend of mine has been invited to fish a trout beat on the Teat in the first half of April. As she normally fishes salmon she has no trout flies and I’ve volunteered to tie some for her but have no clue what will be needed on the Test at that period. Any and all suggestions would...
  10. Vermontdrifter

    Midge question

    I’ll be up on Islay the last week of September and was wondering if I was going to have to deal with the infernal plague of midges or if they will be gone by that point? Thanks Terry
  11. Vermontdrifter

    Before you hook it make sure you have a way to get it out!

    Pulled a classic today. Spotted a nice rainbow on the other side of a chest high mass of wild roses so I cast to it and found myself attached to 60cm of unhappy fish. It was at that point I realised that the only access to the water was through the wild roses!!! Warm day so was wearing hiking...
  12. Vermontdrifter

    Any Hawk feather patterns

    Hi Folks; Startled a Hawk while hiking and it dropped a beautiful primary feather which is now in the freezer after being zapped in the microwave. Aside from using fibers for bodies has anyone ever heard of any patterns using hawk? Thanks Terry
  13. Vermontdrifter

    The myth of lengthy maintenance on natural silk lines

    Just a bit of a heart felt moan on my part as I use an Antonio Perez natural silk line and maintenance takes about five minutes. When I get home I just strip the line into a basket and let it dry for 24 hours then using a small piece of Chamois cloth I grease it which takes maybe 3 to 4...
  14. Vermontdrifter

    Strange behaviour of browns vs. rainbows

    Went to my favorite small water yesterday, bright blues skies, lots of sun and a high of 28. Not really ideal but it’s fishing. However, the Browns were really turned on to dries while the rainbows were lethargic and only a few could be convinced to take a nymph. Ended the day with 17 of...
  15. Vermontdrifter

    How to relieve boredom at the office!!!

    So the company and I agreed to disagree on my continued employment back in April and I start gardening leave this Friday after having worked through the first two and a half months of my notice period but this week has been sheer boredom as I've notified all the clients and tied up all the...
  16. Vermontdrifter

    Strange question on the weight of a natural silk line over time

    I fish with a #4 WF natural silk line which is as supple as an eel and soft as a zephyr on a summer day but as I dress the line after every use isn’t this slow accumulation of dressing going to affect the weight and profile of the line especially when one considers the longevity of the material...
  17. Vermontdrifter

    Washington State banned Atlantic Salmon farming

    Mind you they are not banning all fish farming just non-native fish but it's a step in the right direction! Why Washington State Is Phasing Out Atlantic Salmon Farming | Smart News | Smithsonian
  18. Vermontdrifter

    Great Article on Tom Whiting

    Hi Folks; A really interesting article on how one of our favorite tying materials comes about and the thinking and history behind it. Enjoy! Tom Whiting Designs the Perfect Feathers for Fly Tying | Field & Stream
  19. Vermontdrifter

    Easy directions to repairing a rod handle

    Okay, I know this has been covered a hundred times before but here the process is broken down into four easy and complete steps for those like me who need things explained in words of one syllable or less: Repair a Rod?s Cork Grip in Four Easy Steps | Field & Stream
  20. Vermontdrifter

    Vision Customer service

    Hi Folks; Pulled the bone-headed stunt yesterday of not checking the rod joints after an extended period of roll casting and paid the price when the top three sections of my Vision Cult flew off. Retrieved them but realised that the ferrule on the second piece up was cracked. Carried on...