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  1. thetrouttickler

    Camarthenshire river trout fishing

    I did have a week planned in Normandy, but that's gone down the drain, so I'm off to Wales instead! I will be staying between Camarthen and Llandeilo. It's a part of Wales I'm not familiar with at all. The nearest rivers on a map are the Cothi and Towy, the famous sea trout rivers I have read...
  2. thetrouttickler

    Rainbow Trout: Carl Beck (River Lune trib)

    Rainbow Trout in Europe At line 910 of the attached 2015 paper, it is suggested that in 1995 there were only two self sustaining rainbow trout populations in England and Wales (in the true sense, i.e. absent stockings). The Wye in Derbyshire being one, of course, and the Carl Beck, a tributary...
  3. thetrouttickler

    River Kennet

    Hello Is anyone in a position to compare the Barton Court, Craven and Benham beats of this river? (hopefully BobP will contribute to this thread, because I am aware he is very knowledgeable about this river). What are the main differences between the beats and what are the best features of...
  4. thetrouttickler

    Is this a sea trout smolt?

    Hello all I hope your 2021 season has started well. I fished a small tributary of the River Test this weekend. Most of the trout I caught looked like this: In and amongst them, I caught this little chap. He stood out by being very different to the rest, by being very silvery and blanched of...
  5. thetrouttickler

    Magnificent Wye Brown Trout

    In this month's T&S, caught by barbel angler Robert Leather with a spinner at Ross-on-Wye. It weighed 8 lb 4 oz. He watched it feeding on fry before he caught it. There are some magnificent wild brown trout around, if you're lucky enough to encounter them.
  6. thetrouttickler

    What makes brown trout turn blue?

    Anyone seen a brown trout as blue as this one? I used to catch wild brown trout from the Usk and Marches which had blue spots on their gills, but nothing like the fish above, which has a brilliant blue band extending down its flanks. What is it that makes them take on this colour? Also, look...
  7. thetrouttickler

    "Fishing and Flying" by Terence Horsley

    I have an interest in both fishing and flying so I needed little persuasion to buy a copy. Has anybody read it? This is a book of two loves - of the air and its freedom, and of the countryside and its quiet rivers and lochs. Sounds just up my street.
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    2/2 Premier League (20/21) - second list of 10 teams in alphabetical order

    Following on from the first thread...
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    1/2 Premier League (20/21) - first 10 teams in alphabetical order

    Keen to see where the support lies here on the forum, see the poll. As the responses are limited to 10 per poll, there will be two separate threads. [Just for fun]
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    Finishing the season with a flourish

    To say 2020 has been an odd year would be an understatement, but at least we've been able to pursue our outdoor pastime. With only 5 weeks left of the trout season (appreciate there are slight regional differences) do you have any exciting plans before the curtain comes down? Is anyone feeling...
  11. thetrouttickler

    Did Lockdown translate to better fishing in the Summer?

    Interesting editorial in T&S this month. Suggests that fishing has generally been exceptional this summer and wonders if it is related to the absence of fishing pressure at the start of the season. Ponders whether fish should have more of a break. First, is it correct that fishing has been...
  12. thetrouttickler

    This Month's Trout & Salmon

    Have people received theirs in the post yet? Had the usual email notice on the 7th that it was on the way but the magazine hasn't arrived yet.
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    Popped down to Stockbridge yesterday. Love the place. Good to see the stores and pubs open, and tourists back. Purchased the obligatory bag of pellets from the Orvis store and fed the large trout on the high street. Little tip, if you walk the short distance to the main River Test, the pellets...
  14. thetrouttickler

    A hover of trout

    So apparently the collective noun for trout is "hover". A hover of trout. Very random. Does anyone even say this or heard it in common use? Probably the same people who say 'look at that murder of crows'?
  15. thetrouttickler

    Driffield Beck - Mulberry Whin

    Hello I'm after some advice from those who have fished Mulberry Whin before. I gather there is about a mile of fishing, divided into 5 beats. The beats are assigned on a first-come-first served basis. The literature I have says in the rare event all 5 rods are present, it is usual custom to...
  16. thetrouttickler

    My local stream - bream?

    There is a small river behind my house. When I have walked along the bank I have seen some very large chub. Today, a gentleman was fishing from underneath a bridge, where there is a good pool. The stick floats caught up in the low hanging trees like Christmas decorations suggest its a popular...
  17. thetrouttickler

    Does humidity effect tippet?

    This could be laughed out the room, but women complain the hair straighteners are needed when it gets humid... I have been using Stroft GTM recently, and it has been agreeable so far. Until today! Overcast, some rain, and high humidity. The tippet would go all curly at the slightest touch, even...
  18. thetrouttickler

    Hook recommendations

    Hello I tried fly tying many years ago, but it didn't last. I have resolved to give it another try. Which barbless hooks would you recommend for standard nymph patterns like PTNs? I will be tying 16s mostly. The hook code would be helpful too, it's a bit of a minefield.
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    Apologies if this is a common species, but I saw this today and thought I'd share it, just because it looks so pretty. I think, after a quick google search, it's a Peacock?
  20. thetrouttickler

    Dr E. A. Barton's 'An Album of the Chalkstreams' (1946)

    Hello This book is on its way to me. Has anyone got a copy or read it? Any views on it? What's in store for me?!