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  1. airsprite

    Guideline Elevation 9ft 9in 6 weight

    Guideline Elevation 9ft 9in for a 6 weight line. Used once,as new condition £160 posted. Paypal payment please.
  2. airsprite

    Vision Nymphmaniac 10ft 3 weight SOLD

    Vision Nymphmaniac 10ft 3 weight, this is as new as i have not got to use it. Still has cellophane on the handle, no rod bag as it stores in the tube. Rod now sold, thanks.
  3. airsprite

    stripped peacock eyes

    Hi all, i bought a chemically stripped peacock eye to tie some dry flys. I can't use the fibres at all, everyone breaks with no tension. I have tried soaking some overnight without any improvement. Is there a way to make these usable, they do seem very thin and brittle. Steve
  4. airsprite

    Bison wading boots mk2

    Hi all, i need to buy a cheap pair of wading boots. I always try to take a spare pair when i go on a trip away for a few days. I was looking at the MK2 Bison boots on line, has anyone used these? I take a size 10 shoe, what size should i go for? It says to go one size up, but I've heard they...
  5. airsprite

    Orvis wading boots

    My wading boots have fell to bits! The nearest shop i can try any on is Orvis in Ludlow. Does anybody have any experience of the Orvis range of boots? Steve
  6. airsprite

    touring caravan sites with good fishing nearby

    Hi all, recently bought a touring caravan, a week before Lockdown! Found a good seasonal site near Ludlow where it will be most of the year as i fish the rivers in the area, but any recommendations for any other sites round the uk with good game or sea fishing would be appreciated. Sadly all...
  7. airsprite

    Constable wallop brook

    SOLD Constable wallop brook Constable of Bromley Wallop Brook 7ft 6in staggered ferrule for 5 weight split cane rod. I have 2 of these, i was keeping this as a spare, but have decided to this one go. These are great rods with a smooth parabolic action. This rod appears to have had very little...
  8. airsprite

    flip down lenses

    Fed up of swapping reading glasses and sunglasses around, so was interested to see some anglers using flip down lenses which clip to the front of caps. Any feedback on these, especially durability as i tend to break things :omg: Steve
  9. airsprite

    vintage split cane reliability

    Hi all, i have a real liking for short split cane fly rods, 6ft - 8ft. Maybe I've been very lucky but i have never had a problem with the ones i have, i have found them to be strong and reliable tools. I do hear of delamination and problems with glue failing at the ferrules on some rods. My...
  10. airsprite

    new wading boot advice

    my wading boots need replacing soon and I'm looking at my options. I do have to have felt soles as most of my fishing is on smooth rocks. I really don't have the finances to pay much more than £100 so any suggestions? Main problem i seem to get is the felt sole coming away after just a few...
  11. airsprite

    Shakespeare oracle xt spey

    Oracle XT Spey rod for sale. 14ft AFTM 9 in good condition comes with sectioned tube. Can email photos if interested. £60 posted
  12. airsprite

    Discoloured thread wraps

    Got a few rods out of their tubes earlier to have a close season waggle, does everyone do this? Anyway, i noticed on one of the rods which i made up a year ago, the Chestnut wraps have discoloured! The rod is a 6ft 6in Chapman impregnated blank, a Payne 96 taper. I used Epifanes varnish on the...
  13. airsprite

    Hardy golden prince

    Hi all, i am looking to buy a fly reel to match a 7ft 6in cane rod i recently purchased and have been looking at the Hardy Golden Prince in 5/6 size. Has anyone had one of these reels and what did you think of it? Steve
  14. airsprite

    Split cane rod storage

    Hi all, i have a few split cane rods that i love to fish on small streams. I have always stored them upright in their tubes. All my other carbon rods are stored on a wall mounted rack horizontally. I was always told to store cane rods vertical to prevent them taking a set, but i would like to...
  15. airsprite

    brass ferrules

    Could someone give me some advice please. I have a few short split cane rods with normal nickel silver or brass ferrules, but have just acquired another rod where the ferrules are different. Basically the brass on the male section has a point machined on the end. my questions are, what is the...
  16. airsprite

    River Glaslyn

    Does anyone on the forum fish the River Glaslyn. Its very hard to find too much about the river, i holiday in the area quite often and wondered if its worth a go. Steve
  17. airsprite

    Trotting outfit

    With the Grayling trotting season upon us, i have a nice outfit for sale. 15 ft Shakespeare agility match rod and a Agility LC 4000 reel. Reel used once, as new condition, 7 bearings so very smooth plus spare spool. Rod used a few times but is in good condition. can't find original rod bag...
  18. airsprite

    outboard battery

    My battery for my outboard finally gave up the ghost. Any tips on where to get a new one without breaking the bank, as i don't use the motor too often. Its a Shakespeare outboard. Steve
  19. airsprite


    Having to make some space so have some nice books to move on. The healing stream Laurence Catlow excellent condition £10 posted. Sold Trout from a boat Dennis Moss excellent condition £10 posted SOLD Irish rise Dennis Moss excellent condition £10 posted SOLD...
  20. airsprite

    Sling Packs

    Thinking of buying a small sling pack, I'm a fly vest man really but they can get a bit warm in the summer. Looked at the Orvis safe passage sling packs, does any one use these? and which size should i go for? Also Does hanging a net off the D ring hamper the way the packs swing round to the...