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  1. falsecast

    Substitute partridge Jingler

    An all the way winner.
  2. falsecast

    Orvis CFO reel

    Looking for a bronze coloured CFO in 1 and 11. If you've a 'mintish' one in box please message.
  3. falsecast

    Ultimate glass outfit

    Looks like I have the cousin of Steve's Yomogi. Probably had it over 2 years now but have never strung it up, not even in the garden. Also built by Sandy Nelson.
  4. falsecast

    Womens Wading Boots

    ..... or whether suitable for men ??? Cheap if they are.
  5. falsecast

    Womens Wading Boots

    Just wondering whether these in size 10 would be the same size 10 in mens ?
  6. falsecast

    Happy Birthday Mrtrout.

    Hapy Birthday Mr Trout, have a great day.
  7. falsecast

    A view of my latest Reel

    A reel beauty !
  8. falsecast

    Wanted 9'6" 3wt rod Now Sorted!

    What you end up with Col ?
  9. falsecast

    Wanted 9’6 3wt nymphing/dry fly rod

    Pleased you've found one, what did you get ?
  10. falsecast

    How to fish canal-like rivers

    They get plenty of chance to have a good look at the fly when on slow glides. Perhaps a wooly bug*er given a slowish pull might be worth a try
  11. falsecast

    Small streams thread?

    Tail is a good indication as to what they might be, top image is the parr
  12. falsecast

    Small streams thread?

    Lovely looking stream colinc1978. Is that a salmon parr in the fourth picture ?
  13. falsecast

    Classifieds update.Any questions this should answer them.

    Most items are sold under what they are advertised for, so where's the help with leaving the price ? If anyone wants to know proper selling prices they just look on Ebay completed' sales, not on here.
  14. falsecast

    A few bargains

    With Firefox, I selected to buy 2 fly boxes but put 10 in the shopping cart.
  15. falsecast

    New Fishing Buddy.

    Those bloody ostriches get everywhere !!
  16. falsecast

    Fish SKB are they still going !!!

    Are they no longer trade members on here ?
  17. falsecast

    February 2019 Caption Competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Was non too safe that fish boat seat, The gators in there can jump six feet.
  18. falsecast

    Black and Blue perdigon

    Agree fully, image design is stunning.