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  1. Cam

    Korkers in the UK

    Anyone know who sells the current range of Korkers wading boots in the UK? I have been looking at their Dark Horse and Devils Canyon boots The only place I can see them in stock are Serious Fishing and I have not had good experiences with them, Glasgow angling advertise them but don't have any...
  2. Cam

    Hardy Ultralite Disc, Servicing/parts

    I have a Hardy Utralite Disc #5 reel that I have owned for a few years, I am more than happy with the reel but feel that the drag has lost its effectiveness a bit recently and there is very little drag difference from full on to full off so I am thinking that the disc drag needs to be...
  3. Cam

    Bea Loch, Sanday

    I am planning a trip up to Orkney in August and will be spending a couple of days on Sanday, planning to fish Bea Loch. I have had a look at the OTFA website where there is some info re. conditions, locations and flies. There is mention of boats being available on Bea Loch. Does anyone with...
  4. Cam

    Barred Olive & Natural Rabbit zonker strips, 4mm or 5mm ?

    I am trying to source some Rabbit Zonker strips: Barred olive & Barred Natural(Lt Brown) in 4mm or 5mm but I can find any , in the UK and on-line. Can anyone point me the right direction please???? I have found 3mm strips but I think they will be too skinny for a sculpin streamer Thanks Cam
  5. Cam

    Buzzz flyfishing

    Anyone used Buzzz flyfishing recently? I placed an order on the 9th February for in-stock items and received confirmation from them. Since then I have heard nothing and have been unable to contact them via phone, e-mail or facebook messenger. Their e-mail address keeps getting bounced and...
  6. Cam

    Fur/Hair Identification help

    I have two patches of fur/hair that I am not quite sure what they are and could do with some help to ID them. I think one of them is badger and the other is pine squirrel but a second opinion would be appreciated
  7. Cam

    Been experimenting with different post colours on my klinkhammers !!

    I have tied up some klinkhammers with standard white posts and also with different fluorescent colours. Plan is to see what works best on the water. I noticed that the different colours lying in my materials bin were quite prominent under UV light. It'll be interesting to see what works on...
  8. Cam

    Semperfli Nano 12/0 or 18/0 ??

    Most flies I tie are 14's - 18's, occasionally I go bigger or smaller I am thinking of replacing some of my existing threads with Semperfli Nano, should I go for the 12/0 or the 18/0? Thanks Cam
  9. Cam

    New Year = New Vise

    Its taken me three years to work up the courage to spend the sort of money needed to get this vice. It won't make me a better tyer but hopefully it will make it a little more enjoyable. My DynaKing Squire has lasted me about twenty years but I found that I was increasingly rotating it back and...
  10. Cam

    Flytying - It's been an expensive year

    With the lockdown situation this year I thought I would take the opportunity to renew and refine my flyboxes, little did I know how much it was going to cost. I have a fairly extensive collection of natural materials that reflect my interest in river fishing and in many cases using spider...
  11. Cam

    The Anglers Lodge - Excellent Customer Service

    I recently placed an order with The Anglers Lodge for some flytying materials. Unfortunately one of the items I ordered was not in stock. I received a notification from paypal that they had refunded the value of the item they did not have and an accompanying note apologising and advising that...
  12. Cam

    How do you identify how much weight/bead size that you have on your flies

    This season I have started tying quite a few tungsten beaded nymphs in various bead sizes and some with additional wraps of lead wire. When they first go into the fly box they are in size/weight order but after a few sessions I am a bit less disciplined so telling them apart gets more...
  13. Cam

    French Leader Tippet

    I had my first proper day using a French Leader yesterday. The leader is tapered mono and I was using Hardy co-polymer for the tippet. At one point i noticed that i could see the mono underwater. Two questions: Do people fish mono or fluorocarbon with their French Leaders? Does it matter...
  14. Cam

    Simms Ambidextrous Sling Pack

    New style Simms sling pack can be worn over either shoulder. It has been used 4 times and never gotten wet, I cant get away with the sling pack style £90 + Postage
  15. Cam

    Serious Fishing

    Anyone have recent experience from dealing with Serious Fishing? I ordered 3 items, all indicated as in stock on the 22nd July. The order is showing as in progress on my account and they have not answered either of my two e-mails requesting an update on my order status. Their phone nmber is...
  16. Cam

    Hanak Alpen or Hanak Czech Nymph Champion 4 in 1

    All, I am just about to pull the trigger on a new Nymph Rod. I fancy one of the Hanak Rods but can't decide between the Alpen or the Czech Nymph Champion. I am looking at a 3 weight. Has anyone had the opportunity to fish either or both and would be willing to share their opinion? Thanks Cam
  17. Cam

    Perdigons - Coq De Leon

    I have just ordered some Pardo Medio Coq De leon for use as tails in Perdigon nymphs but it has arrived and it is quite dark and is not barred. Have I bought the correct feathers, what do others use? Thanks Cam
  18. Cam

    Hares Lug & Plover

    In these quiet times I am looking to renew some of the worn out flies in my flybox. I was going to start last night with the venerable Hares Lug and Plover. I did a little bit of online and book research to refamiliarise myself with the patterns and to check I have all the materials. During...
  19. Cam

    Help with the Fritz on a Humungus

    I dont fish stillwaters much but I have a planned trip to Orkney and have been advised that I should tie up some Humungus (Humungi) in Gold & Silver. There seems to be enough patterns around on-line but I could do with some help specifying the correct materials. I plan on using Kamasan B175...
  20. Cam

    Bea Loch, Sanday

    I am planning to spend a couple of days fishing Bea Loch on Sanday (Orkney) does anyone on here have any experience of the Loch? I will try the OFTA website for information also Thanks Cam