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  1. 3lbgrayling

    Dries working well.

    On the lake today.10 on dry daddies.+ missed 10+ Very enjoyable day. Jim
  2. 3lbgrayling

    RIP David Bell

    I am saddened to hear of the passing of a good friend David Bell.A well known Character in the fishing world.Especially in Scotland.He worked in the development department of Daiwa Uk for many years.and was a 1st class casting instructor in both Trout and Salmon diciplines.He will be sadly...
  3. 3lbgrayling

    Best fish of day.LOM 11/6

    Had a really good day on lake.just a tad breezy.this was the best of the day.5lb plus. Jim
  4. 3lbgrayling

    Blooming Hawthorns

    I Don't know what it's like in your part of the country,but in my part of the Scottish central belt, this year has seen the biggest/best Hawthorn tree blossoms I can ever remember.It's spectacular. Jim
  5. 3lbgrayling

    LOM 2/6/21

    a good day out on the Lake yesterday..Cool morning but sun burnt off the mist by lunchtime,22deg no shade.I had 5 fish +2 jack pike.2 of the fish were nice browns. this was the best of the bows.about 4lb and a scenic photo from 'Tod Hole'during a tea break Jim
  6. 3lbgrayling

    2 banded Longhorn ??

    I was on Carron Reservoir today.and in 1 of the bays there was a big (but very localised ) fall of large beetles.I think they could be 2 banded longhorn beetles Do you agree.they are I think quite rare in Scotland. Jim
  7. 3lbgrayling

    Sunset on the lake

    Taken Last night 26/5/21 Jim
  8. 3lbgrayling

    Club water 25/5/21

    A few nice trout from a wet and blustery afternoon Jim
  9. 3lbgrayling


    Really good day on Lake of Menteith today with friend from club,Forecast was grim,but turned out better than that(Ha Ha) we ended up with 15 to the boat 11 rainbows and 4 browns.Thank you . Jim
  10. 3lbgrayling

    evening session 12/5/21

    Interesting night.with dramatic sky's [URL='']] Jim
  11. 3lbgrayling

    Worth the Effort.

    Went out to club water for a few hours this evening.Very windy at 1st but about 8pm it calmed 1st just got knocks,thought I was going to blank. then about 9 I got a fish.(ye ha) then another. nearly dark,just drifting into the pier and got a good take. put a bit of strain on the 5#...
  12. 3lbgrayling

    nice sunset last night.

    The fish were still on the buzzers so plenty of action.but had to stop for a few mins to take this. Jim
  13. 3lbgrayling

    Swifts have arrived.

    saw a couple of Swifts whilst out fishing last night.about 1 week earlier than normal for here. Jim
  14. 3lbgrayling

    a couple from last night

    Twas a blowy auld day. but better than sitting watching Tv.went out about 5. Then this came along ,Snow hail.Eeek.had 6 to net. so packed in Jim.
  15. 3lbgrayling

    Buzzers on the menu

    a good evening tonight.Had 11 to the net.most on floater and buzzers. Jim
  16. 3lbgrayling

    interesting cloud/rainbow

    From tonight at my club water.better in full screen. Jim
  17. 3lbgrayling

    This is really worth a read.. Jim
  18. 3lbgrayling

    big hatch of big Buzzers.

    Bit of a breeze tonight.and the big buzzers were love them.''I love them'' 8pm water boiled.If you put a buzzer in the water a fish would have a go long lined, short lined, dibbled.All produced fish.What a gas.10'ish to the net.Barbless hooks are the bizz. Jim
  19. 3lbgrayling

    Nice fright tonight

    Went out on our loch about 6pm not a lot moving, just cast at the odd rising a couple on a small damsel lure.Wind dropped away to nothing.Drifted passed rocky point and got hit with something big.ripped line off reel and into the backing. eventually got it to net, about 2.5lb of...
  20. 3lbgrayling

    They're on the buzzers.

    Good night tonight,slow at 1st.but about 7.45 the buzzers started hatching with a vengance ,and the fish came up. had several takes.but they all fell off.(Ooops) but ,then started catching. I had on 2 diawl bachs.Had to change a couple as they got wrecked. I left as it got cold ,but the fish...