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  1. Perch@1

    Fly tying on hold.

    FFF guys I'm on hold for a touch, while my bench has been put together, our bedroom is unworkable, wife needs work top and shelves erected ( for her craftwork, local builder ). Recently bought "The feather Mechanic " by Gordon Van Der Spuy and find it an interesting read (hope it improves my...
  2. Perch@1

    Clouser swimming nymph

    Hook: #12 klink/stonefly Bead: gold Weight: 0.6mm Thread : ulta 70 dk brown Tail: hot pink disco zonker Body: pink dubbing Wingcase: Peacock hearl Legs: Indian hen cape, natural black Varied the colours a tad but hope fish appreceate it???
  3. Perch@1

    One night

    This Trout pleasured me '' one night " good enjoyment. Taken on Flexy floss bloodworm and returned with joy.
  4. Perch@1

    Clouser's swimming nymph

    Hook: long shank size 10 Feathers : Partridge - English grey Tensile: peacock - bronze hearl Tail: rabbit black barred Thread : UTC 70 denier Ribbing: French oval tensile Lead wire Bead: copper bead Flash: crystal mirror flash Never tyed fly of this size?
  5. Perch@1

    F fly

    Hook : B130 Kamasan Thread : Tan 6/0w CDC Natural grey I'm Learning so keep Tying.
  6. Perch@1


    Hook : 14 CDC natural grey / natural white UNI Thread : 6/0 w chartreuse/red 8/0 w I'm undecided wether to trim CDC/tail as shown on U-Tube or let CDC/tail fall by itself? Pls give me your veiws?
  7. Perch@1

    F fly?

    F fly'ish? Hook : Fulling Mill size 14 Tail : Moose Mane Hair CDC natural white What you recon FFF? Neil 🎣
  8. Perch@1

    Fly tying general

    I find this forum benifishal to myself in the way of pleasure. When I tie a fly I'll post it for general preference, and members /people get back to me, makes me feel good. But bare in mind this mobile I've got needs updating and camera is old. Plus I'm relatively new 'ish to fly tying so my...
  9. Perch@1

    Shrimp fly tying

    My early couple of shrimps, photography not the best. Hook :Size 16 Czech nymph 35060 Lead underbody Tungstone bead Fish safe and happy, Neil 🎣
  10. Perch@1

    Tying space

    I'm happier with tying space now, tools around me feathers threads and so on. Plus flyfishingforum is helping me bags, advice links for material and general all round friendship. Good on you guys. Fish safe and happy, Neil 🎣
  11. Perch@1

    Shakespear fly rod section.

    Hi guys I have Shakespear sigma fly rod and I've damaged the third section from reel butt, or second section from top. Shakespear fly rod 10ft #3 Pls contact if you have section. Fish safe and happy, Neil 🎣
  12. Perch@1

    Shrimp help

    Thanks guys I have plenty to work on, that'll keep me busy, I appreceate it guys. Fish safe and happy, Neil 🎣
  13. Perch@1

    Shrimp help.

    For my fly tying, I fancy tying a shrimp for local river. So can you help me guys, name of shrimps to use ? Fish safe and happy, Neil 🎣
  14. Perch@1

    Build collection

    Today start of Trout season, but cannot fish. I'm waiting for the official say so, no issues then. So been busy tying flys, not the best but it's a start. And concentrating on double haul casting, learning all the time. Be happy guys. Fish safe and happy, Neil
  15. Perch@1

    For sale?

    Feathers, tying thread might be in good condition? But the tools to how much have they been used. Depends on distance to view sale? Fish safe and happy Shogun3.2did, Neil 🎣
  16. Perch@1

    Peacock Blk.

    I listened to your advice and since then I've used: Indian hen cape and 8/0w thread, and can see it's benefit. Again this is my first attempt using this tackle. So still needs more practice to benefit Fly. I appreciate your wording of Forum to help me better my Flys, Thanks. Fish safe...
  17. Perch@1

    First attempt?

    I've completed BHPTN and learned various faults, as you can see. It was my first attempt and I usually use Dave Mcphail but for this fly I used someone off U-TUBE? Materials used : Hook: Kamasan Trout medium size 8 Thread : uni thread tan 8/0 Wire : fine copper + lead wire 4mm Peacock herl...
  18. Perch@1

    Tying space

    Compared to you guys my Tying space is limited, but it's accepted. Saying that the bedroom next door is available, so half Fly tying space and other half for my wife's interest craftwork. Or my next move might be developing my garage? Fish safe and happy, Neil 🎣
  19. Perch@1

    A suggestion?

    I will suggest what I do, might not be suitable to others? When tying flys, you use so many different types of feathers /material. So for each fly I keep the clear plastic ice cream tubs and store what's needed to tie Fly in that container. Write on lid what fly is kept in container, and...
  20. Perch@1

    Different Fly's

    Helo guys In the past I've tied fly as a interest and out of creation. But when you have a take on your creation/fly that gives you such a wonderful feeling. This interest will continue but will vary on time available (like we all have) . I discovered this section on forum, so I thought let's...