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  1. roger h 10

    Wanted 10' #3 &#4 rod

    Has anybody got either of these rods for sale? I would like a Vision Onki but will consider anything that is suitable. Please PM with details. Many thanks, Roger
  2. roger h 10

    Stickman P5 sell or swap

    I have a Stickman P5 (9'#5) which I wish to sell or swap either for tackle of a similar value or with cash adjustment either way.The rod has only been used once so is as new. These rods cost £630 and I will consider any sensible deal. Please PM for further info or photos. NOW SOLD Thanks, Roger
  3. roger h 10

    Marabou reccommendations.

    Which is the best Marabou for long barbs? I have quite a lot of marabou but need some with the longest barbs available for wings on big pike flies. Any help or guidance much appreciated.
  4. roger h 10

    Foxy Tails

    Has anybody any experience with the above company? According to their website all orders are despatched on the same day if ordered before 1.00PM and the following day if after the deadline. I placed an order on Tuesday afternoon so expected it to be despatched yesterday but this doesn't appear...
  5. roger h 10

    Do you know what this is called?

    I have noticed that on several pike fly tying videos,mainly from Paul Monaghan,that they use a brown tubular plastic clip which opens like a bulldog clip and is used to hold long streamer hair out of the way whilst the head of the fly is finished. Does any one know what this clip is called or...
  6. roger h 10

    #12 weight fly line

    Hi everybody. I'm looking for reccommendations for a #12 weight floating fly line for pike fly fishing,it must be capable of throwing big lures. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. roger h 10

    Beware of another Scam

    Not sure if this is in the right place. On Friday I received an e mail supposedly from DPD saying that they had tried to deliver an item the previous day and that unless I paid for redelivery immediately the item would be returned to the sender. This seemed a bit suspicious as we had both been...
  8. roger h 10

    A little advice please!

    I am looking to have a go at Pike Fishing on the fly. I have decided that a 9'#9 rod is the norm but can anyone advise me as to what to buy. Would a kit from the likes of Vision or Guideline be best or would I be better to buy rod and reel seperately/ I see that a lot of these set ups come with...
  9. roger h 10

    Great Sport at little cost

    Well I got a bit fed up with small water trout fishing after coming out of lockdown so thought I would have a go at coarse fish on the fly. To start with I joined my local club which has a good range of stillwaters plus a trout pool and several miles of mixed fishing on the Kentish Stour. Having...
  10. roger h 10

    Does any body have a copy of June FF&FT

    If any body has a copy of the June issue of FF&FT would you possibly be able to send me the tying details of the Simply Red which I'm told appeared in it. I don't need the tying sequence,just the list of materials. Many thanks, Roger
  11. roger h 10

    Scierra Brook 7'#2

    If anybodys looking for a small stream rod Uttings have got a few of these left at £89 + p&p. I ordered one yesterday and as usual it was delivered today. Today isn't the best day to evaluate a very light rod as it is very windy with some pretty powerful gusts,however I tried it on my front lawn...
  12. roger h 10

    Fly Only.

    Has anybody used Fly Only in Halifax recently? I'm sure that I've heard in the past that they are a good company,however i ordered a fly box earlier in the week and apart from the normal computer generated acknowledgement have heard nothing since. I tried phoning them but no reply so sent them...
  13. roger h 10

    You never know until you try!!

    Inspired by Iain Mortimer and Aussie 12013 who sent me some of the most amazing small flies that I have ever seen when I bought some fly boxes from him a few weeks ago I thought that I would like to try my hand at tying some very small flies and here are some of the results. I was amazed at the...
  14. roger h 10

    Guideline Favo 46 plus spare spool

    As above,both of these items are unused so in mint condition. I purchased them before buying my 3 Guideline Elevation rods which came with free reels so I no longer need the Favo. They cost me so a snip at including P&P.SOLD SOLD Payment by Paypal(I will cover Paypal charges)
  15. roger h 10

    Classic Flies-New Materials (well some anyway)

    Tried out some of the new UNI-Flexx and Sybai Ultrafine flat wire on a Black Pennel plus a similar fly in Olive. I found the Flexx to be very easy to work with and very strong also with loads of stretch if needed. The Sybai wire forms a very nice rib as long as it is treated with care, it does...
  16. roger h 10

    What about the fish?

    Just a thought that crossed my mind regarding the shut down of trout fisheries during the Coronavirus outbreak. What is ,or will be happening, to all of the fish at fish farms that should have been stocked during the shutdown.I would have thought that the farms would be heaving with fish as the...
  17. roger h 10

    Just a few experimental flies

    I have been experimenting with the new ultrafine flat wire from sybai. It is very easy to use although it isn't as robust as normal wire,however the results are great. As it is a very low profile wire it doesn't add any real bulk to the fly but shows up really well but in a very subtle way. I...
  18. roger h 10

    Snowbee Prestige GXS 9'0" #6 and Guideline Fario 4/6 reel

    Well I managed to get out yesterday to Chequertree Fishery on a day that was far better than expected with cloudless skies and a decent temperature, I was surprised that when I arrived I was the only one there and it remained that way. Needless to say I was keen to try out my new rod and reel...
  19. roger h 10

    Great deals from Uttings

    Just a heads up Uttings have got some great deals on rods and reels at the moment with discounts of anything up to 70%. If you place an order of over £100 value excluding postage and use the code DESK5 at the check out you will receive an extra 5% discount. I ordered a Guideline Fario 4/6...
  20. roger h 10

    Danielsson F3W 2six plus spare spool

    I have the above reel for sale with a spare spool. This reel is as new and comes in original box with neoprene pouch ,allen key and instuctions. The spare spool also comes in neoprene pouch. I can't swear to it but I don't think this reel has ever been used. Reel is now SOLD