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  1. Clunk

    Guideline Experience DW Vest

    Anyone using this vest? Looking for some feedback, in particular the capacity of the back pocket(s) to hold a rain jacket, flask and food for a day out. Thanks
  2. Clunk

    Orvis Superfine Carbon Fly Rod

    Anyone got experience in one at 9ft #5 ? Sounds like it might be up my street, and I'm getting a hankering that won't stop. It would be for medium to large rivers and mainly casting a single dry.
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  4. Clunk

    SOLD Simms Freestone Fishing Vest

    Size Medium Bought this just before lockdown. I'm a large size but at the time I tried it on I thought a medium was fine. Alas, on it's one outing post lockdown I found it just too neat. So mint, as new, condition worn once on a sunny day. Not touched any water. Camo green. £60 delivered RMSD...
  5. Clunk

    Cortland Sylk #4 Fly Line

    As per title this line was bought for a particular stream & set up which for a number of reasons never panned out. Only used on a few outings and is in perfect condition. Spooled and boxed but not the original, SOLD posted anyone? PayPal please & buyer pays fees.
  6. Clunk

    Taking Fly Fishing Gear on a Flight Abroad

    Anyone care to share experience of how best to safely transport gear on a flight? Pondering how to best package a large net, rod & reels. Don't really want to invest in special type case. Also whats best for the hold and what to carry on. I'm reading I might be I could be a threat by taking...
  7. Clunk

    Orvis Mid Arbor III Black Nickel

    As new, mint condition Orvis Access with box and pouch. No instructions but all you need can be found here. £90, that includes the RMSD cost of £7.25. Bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays fees)
  8. Clunk

    Daddies on rivers.

    Anyone had much success? Friday could be one of the few pleasant days left. A trout just before the hard months is not going to let a leggy mouthful pass by a foot above, is it?
  9. Clunk

    Couple of days in the hills

    Each year a few of us get together for a camp/swally and some trouting in the hills. The weather was unkind to us most of the time. First day cold and windy with some heavy rain that would last a couple of minutes to a half hour. Second was a miserable combination of rain and wind ripping...
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    After the bucket debacle and on advice on here thought I would check out Imgur for post Any Imgur users advise on reducing the size of the image?
  11. Clunk

    Car Contents Insurance

    Not as easy as I thought finding a company to specifically cover the risk of my car boot being tanned and gear stolen while I'm off along the rivers banks and out in the hills. Anyone have a recommendation. Cheers.
  12. Clunk

    Norway - River trout fishing

    Anyone with experience of it, or know of a good source of info? Cheers
  13. Clunk

    Video editing

    Anyone know of a safe, free, cheap or even free trial piece of software that would let me crop the background (not the length) of a short video) Cheers
  14. Clunk

    Long Shot - Wanted, spare spool for Vision Nite 4/5

    Or even an old vison nite reel needing moved on? C.
  15. Clunk


    Anyone dabble in this pastime? The missus has about £30 of credits lying in the big website but finding each search pointless. Any advice on proper tactics out there?
  16. Clunk

    Scierra Aquatex Wading boots

    Wading Boots, Size 8/9 or 42/43. Only been used half a dozen or so times. I put some studs in them and they are hardly worn down so these boots have not done much walking. Sole and uppers sound. £22 posted. PayPal buyer pays fees please. [/URL][/IMG]
  17. Clunk

    Loch Leven

    Anyone know when the season ends on the loch? Cheers
  18. Clunk

    Stan Headley'sTrout and Salmon Flies of Scotland

    Excellent condition, cracking colour pics, patterns and info on hundreds of flies. £8 delivered. PayPal is fine.
  19. Clunk

    Trout Hunting: The Pursuit of Happiness by Bob Wyatt (Hardback, 2004)

    A very good and useful read for trout chasers. Very good condition, slight tear on bottom of cover. Pages are fine. £10 delivered. PayPal, buyer pays fees.
  20. Clunk

    Airflo Classic 8ft 4#5 Fly rod

    Selling my two piece Airflo rod. This was a favourite of mine fishing streams with a lovely action. I broke the tip carelessly but liked the rod so much I immediately bought another. This rod was was lightly used before I moved on to bigger rivers and gear and I kinda forgot about it. It's...