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  1. webblade

    A Custom-Built Bloke XL50, 11 ft #6/7 4 pc. Switch.

    Very nice build James. Your technique is truly professional the wraps are perfection itself. You’d be a good friend to have 👍
  2. webblade

    Correct way.?

    Be careful if there’s young foals with the pony’s as they can be quiet dangerous if they feel the foals are threatened.
  3. webblade

    May I ask....

    I wrap mine in lose coils on as rack I made for the wall. I have just started about 6 weeks ago greasing with otter butter and I’m well impressed. Put it on sparingly and it floats all day 6-8hrs for me and picks up no dirt. I have previously used mostly Peche a Soie and sometimes red mucilin...
  4. webblade

    Cdc ant improved

    As always, great tutorial (y)
  5. webblade

    Maxcatch unic S-glass fly rod

    I have the 8' 4wt in the unic glass and I find the swing weight a bit heavy too. Its a good little rod for casting its nice and slow just a pity about the weight. But for the price you can't go wrong 👍
  6. webblade

    Maxcatch unic S-glass fly rod

    How do you calculate the swing weight?
  7. webblade

    My first build, Bloke XGNP 10ft 7wt

    Very nice and fantastic job 👍. How did you do the custom writing? I tried with acrylic paint and pen and it was a mess 😂
  8. webblade

    First Rod Build Complete

    Got out yesterday for a spot with the rod. I know I'm biased because I built it but I have to say it casts better than any other rod I have. I don't own any expensive rods all below 100 euro. I caught about a dozen trout all small under half a pound and I could still feel every little bump and...
  9. webblade

    Build a better buzzer

    Welcome back to fly tying. Thats a fine looking buzzer 👍
  10. webblade

    Clouser swimming nymph

    Looking good Neil that will catch loads 👍
  11. webblade

    First Rod Build Complete

    Thanks greatly James for all your help. You have helped me throughout this build with advice on jigs and how to get started building the rod and for that I am truly grateful. The bumps do annoy me so I will tackle them after I have given it a bit of time on the river. It will give me something...
  12. webblade

    First Rod Build Complete

    Thanks Simon. I'll christen her Saturday. I may even come up with a name for her yet 😂
  13. webblade

    First Rod Build Complete

    So heres the best close up I could get with my galaxy s9. A shot of what I'd consider my best wrap of them all and my worst wrap of them. You can see the prominent bump. Also to note I think I put the epoxy on too thick.
  14. webblade

    First Rod Build Complete

    Thanks Pal. I didn't use a razor I cut them with my tying scissors as I feared cutting into the wraps with the blade. I noticed the scissors left a little fuzzy bit after cutting so most likely the problem. The blank is a TFO Finesse. Close up of thread wraps will be posted in a few minutes.
  15. webblade

    First Rod Build Complete

    I did burnish them. The thread was Fish Hawk Nylon A 100Y. It's a pretty thin rod and I wonder if I should have used silk instead??
  16. webblade

    First Rod Build Complete

    Just finished my first rod build. What a great experience and I've learned some lessons along the way. I'm happy to have gotten through it without breaking anything. Thread wraps I'm not 100 percent happy with as on some wraps there is a little bump where I pull the tag beneath the wraps to tie...
  17. webblade

    Brown hen hackle?

    I would go with cookshill. I would never buy Turrall hackle again after the last few I bought the quality is so bad I'm not bothered to use them.
  18. webblade

    Any ideas?

    It is good and very light. No click when reeling in though only clicks when pulling line off the reel.
  19. webblade

    Any ideas?

    Looks similar to the Fairiland one I bought off aliexpress. They have a few different models if you have a look you may see this one on there.
  20. webblade

    Furled leaders

    I guess since Tom never used them or ever fished with anyone that's used one, his opinion of them means nothing as he knows nothing about them?