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    Picture this - a channel, 50 feet or so, of fastish moving water, as part of a large river, perfect for trout but fished empty and now populated by dace. Occasionally these things jump panicked out of the water so there is a cruising trout. This happens a couple of times later in the evening...
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    Tiemco 206BL

    Is the world suffering a general shortage of these hooks (#12 and #14)? Have the Trump steel tariffs claimed their first victim - we should be told.
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    Ireland Bring NZ Wining Streak to an end

    40 - 29, not bad for a days work
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    Spider teams

    Howdy, We are now allowed to fish two flies rather than only one and I'm thinking about trying out the gentle riffles with a pair of spiders. From discussions on the forum I get the impression there is a coherent theory in using different spider patterns, one hears comments like they chased x...
  5. Dingbat

    Fishing or drinking wine? San Franscisco

    Howdy, I have two days off in the bay area and wondering whether is there a fishing destination worth considering (trout - river) or whether I should just to head off to a vinyard and exercise my liver. Any suggestions?
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    North country spiders with CDC

    Havent found anything via a search but are there any opinions on tying NC spiders with CDC rather that the traditional soft feathers for the hackle?
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    Images that bring peace at night

    I was reading a book recently on the American drinker-writer, featuring all the usual suspects including Hemmingway. The author points out with puzzlement that Hemmingway used to write about remembering rivers and fishing scenes as a way to get to sleep at night - an alternative to counting...
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    Fur and feather uses

    Hi, Is there a resource somewhere that lists the various furs and feathers and what they are good for, as in patterns, hook sizes etc?
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    Any hints Toulouse

    Howdy, I get to go for a longish weekend in Toulouse in May. Any hints for smaller river fishing?
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    Small River Thread

    First day of the season, cold, but a niceish 32cm torpedo brown for me, I lost something that felt like a small barbel, discovered that my new line/rod pairing is close to perfect, got an unhoped for parking permit from the local river warden and, best of all, I missed the long and loud argument...
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    latest piece of sliced white bread:Rexfly

    Rexfly Casting System for Fly Fishing by Rex Huang — Kickstarter
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    Brother ink cartridges to a new home

    Printer died a long time ago and I found some new - never opened - print cartridges whilst cleaning up. 2 * LC 900BK (Black) 1 each LC900M, LC900Y, LC900C this adds up to about 50 odd quids worth of cartridges: your price 20 pounds stirling donated to LTC fund. I pay postage
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    Two Observations on Fish Behaviour

    Not really sure what to do with these. The first is that two years on our mountain large stream, small river, there were a small colony of barbel, I would say one per pool, 12 pools. The year after you were treading on them all over the place and about 150 youngsters settled under one of the...
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    Winston iit

    Have to ask this question - what's an 8'6" IIt like throwing nymphs?
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    Harry Challenge

    Right ladies (that means, in fact, all the men on this forum) I shall donate 10 quid per man, upto 100 quid, to the LTC fund for the first photograph of more than 5 forumites and friends stark ******* naked with only their, er, tackle covering their tackle (im thinking along the lines of, er...
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    Flying into Barca on Thursday and off for a fishing session in the Pyrenees. I had intended to go direction Navarre - any practical infos tips, things I should be aware of?
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    Rain Jacket

    I was himming and hawing for months over buying a Simms in-vest, 2.5 layer packable rain jacket. Having finally committed I discover they have been discontinued. Anyone know of any alternatives keeping in mind these things cost 100 bucks?
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    Switch Rods Pro and Contra

    Hi, I purchased a switch rod a while ago for fishing on a larger river for those hard to get/stand spots without the pain of macho casting (you know, 120 feet of backing in a force 15 wind). I haven't quite got the spey casting technique down and what I find intensely irritating is that the...
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    General DVD Online Store

    Hi, maybe somebody can help me - I'm looking for an online-DVD store, preferably British, with reasonable postage charges and an excellent assortment - can anyone help me? Thanks in advance
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    Boundless Imagination at work

    somehow I think it would be degrading to us all and our quarry if a fish actually took this