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  1. falsecast

    Orvis CFO reel

    Looking for a bronze coloured CFO in 1 and 11. If you've a 'mintish' one in box please message.
  2. falsecast

    Womens Wading Boots

    Just wondering whether these in size 10 would be the same size 10 in mens ?
  3. falsecast

    Outdated Links - Complete waste of time !

    Just looked at a rod for sale here in the current classifieds and at bottom of this ad were 'suggested links' to similar ads. I clicked on both to open in separate windows. What a waste of time, one was to a rod that was listed for sale in 2014 and the other in 2009 !!
  4. falsecast

    Luke Troutstalker

    Don't get on here too much myself nowadays but having a little nosey around today and notice Mike (Luke Troutstalker) seems to have gone to ground, which is a shame. Tried sending him a message but seems his box is full up so message unable to get through. Just wanted to ask what Facebook group...
  5. falsecast

    Sage 4200 Series - 3 Weight Reel

    Sold !!! Reel now sold !!! Sold Reel now sold, thank you.
  6. falsecast

    Sage 2500 Series - 4 Weight Reel

    Sold !!! Reel now sold !!! Sold Reel now sold, thank you.
  7. falsecast

    Panama Hat wanted (60cm UK 7 3/8)

    Looking to buy a decent quality Panama hat size 60cm (UK 7 3/8). Anyone have one not getting any use please message me.
  8. falsecast

    Orvis Boots & Waders (Never been used)

    Both now sold, thank you.
  9. falsecast

    Scott G2 9' #5 to swap for a ............

    No longer available, thank you.
  10. falsecast

    Orvis Wool/Tweed Jacket 48R

    SOLD - Orvis Wool/Tweed Jacket 48R - SOLD Jacket now sold. Thank you.
  11. falsecast

    Spider Hooks (Barbless) ?

    Have usually crushed the barbs on Kamasans but would appreciate being recommended a decent barbless spider hook.
  12. falsecast

    Wellington Boots : Size 10

    Boots now sold. Thank you.
  13. falsecast

    90 Euros a Fish !!

    Caught this story on World Service radio last night Norwegian salmon make escape bid - Channel 4 News
  14. falsecast

    Cohiba Robusto Cigars

    Cigars Now Sold .......................
  15. falsecast

    Cheap Wading Boots

    Just been sent a flyer from John Norris with a really good deal on Greys wading boots at £30 Greys G-Series Wading Boots › Footwear and Waders › Bargains › Page 1
  16. falsecast

    NOW SOLD !!! Simms Cap & iPhone 4 Wet Case

    SOLD - A brand new never used iDry watertight case for the iPhone 4 which has a neck lanyard and a Simms one size cap which has been worn a few times. SOLD
  17. falsecast

    Orvis Superfine Touch + Free CFO Reel

    Just having a look around on the Orvis site and see they are offering a free CFO reel when buying a Superfine Touch Rod, nice little sweetener :)
  18. falsecast

    Orvis River Guard Ultralight Men's Wading Boots

    SOLD !!! Orvis River Guard Ultralight Men's Wading Boots SOLD !!! Brand new in the box. UK size 10 - In normal shoes I'm either a 9 and a half or a ten and these are perfect with neoprene socked waders on. BOOTS NOW SOLD. Paypal Gift/Cheque/Postal Order Here they are on the Orvis site Men's...
  19. falsecast

    Figured Wood Trout Scoop Net

    One of Andy's superb trout scoop nets. Bought this around two years ago and have never ever used it, it's still in the box it came in !!! Beautifully figured wood frame. £42.50 UK Post included. Paypal Gift/Cheque/Postal Order
  20. falsecast

    Wanted : G2 or LPS

    Looking for a G2 4 weight in one of the longer lengths or a three piece LPS in a four. Please pm me if you've one to move on. Thanks, Tim