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  1. wrongfoot

    Caistron Lakes - Flooding and Embankment Collapse

    Anyone with any news or detail about this? My understanding is that the R. Coquet breached its embankment early Feb and much of the river has...
  2. wrongfoot

    Legality of keeping bird of prey feathers?

    Clearing the garden and sawing back the Budlia for another year found a recently dead carcass of a Sparrowhawk underneath it. I'm rather sad about it. I'm not going to tie any flies with the feathers which look most beautiful on a live bird. However this one is dead, looks like a broken neck...
  3. wrongfoot

    HELP - Wader repair supplies...

    Mouse attack to the neoprene sock feet of my waders loads of damage needs big patches not just a pinhole sealed :mad::mad::mad::mad:. I think the breathable bit has escaped attention. Anyone know of a good place to get 3-5mm fabric faced/backed neoprene for patches I can find sheets of non...
  4. wrongfoot

    Apparently bigger is better for Salmon farms?

    SEPA to allow supersized farms further offshore - Scotland to allow supersized salmon-farms if they pass pollution tests | Environment | The Guardian
  5. wrongfoot

    Wanted - Landing net nut

    Hi there, (not sure whether to put this in FS/Wanted or here where people with coarse gear are more likely to be reading?) Does anyone have a broken landing net handle / bank stick that I could scavenge the long 3/8" BSF nut from. Ideally looking for a stainless nut, but it's not essential. PM...
  6. wrongfoot

    Snowbee XS Plus CD2,3 and 5 Line identification

    Hi all, I'm hoping that this will catch the eye of someone who owns these lines the one's I have will be over 5yrs old and are doing just fine with occasional use and being stored clean and out of the light. I've mixed up my spools and I can't tell which is which anymore. Snowbee's website shows...
  7. wrongfoot

    Bob Wyatt : Trout Hunting [...] Can I borrow your copy?

    Hi all, A bit cheeky, but after recommending Bob to a new fly-fisher I realized I'd like to re-read him myself. Thing is I don't have a copy... I read What Trout Want: The Educated Trout and Other Myths and Trout Hunting: The Pursuit of Happiness when I borrowed them from a Scottish library (I...
  8. wrongfoot

    Anyone want to split a "bulk" buy of COTOL 240?

    I've a few repairs to do to waterproofs tents waders etc. and I don't enjoy waiting 24hrs for any repairs using McNett aquasure/stormsure/stormseal to cure so I'm going to buy the COTOL accelerant which reduces set time to 15mins and cure to a matter of hours. It's around £10 delivered for 30ml...
  9. wrongfoot

    What was Veniard Spike Guard Hair (discontinued product)?

    I use/used this stuff a lot It blended well, took a dye in the natural, I'm running low... I know it's discontinued, but what was it? Hare? If I knew I could probably just make up more myself. Does anyone know?
  10. wrongfoot

    2015 WTT Auction

    UPDATE - Here's the direct ebay link wildtrouttrust on eBay Hi everyone, This year's WTT Auction is going live soon details are here - The Wild Trout Trust Auction 3-12 March 2015 on eBay and by post | The Wild Trout Trust and there's a published catalogue...
  11. wrongfoot

    Tyne Trial 2014 - Fishing for Heroes and Tyne Rivers Trust

    I've also posted this to the Charity section. I hope no-one will be upset at the very slight extra clutter of the forums of this subsequent post and you'll forgive and indulge me. Please. I just wanted to bring it to the attention of as many people as possible... This bank holiday rather than...
  12. wrongfoot

    Tyne Trial 2014 - Fishing for Heroes and Tyne Rivers Trust

    This bank holiday rather than go fishing I'll be support crew for my lovely partner Susan while she cycles the route of the River Tyne from mouth to source and back again. I'll be mechanic and moral support while she does the hard work. If any of you do a spot of cycling you'll appreciate this...
  13. wrongfoot

    North Eastern Railways Angling Club

    Does anyone have a contact for this Club? Their whole website is password protected so I can't find any contact details to even ask to be put on a waiting list for membership. I'm not complaining about that or expecting too much straight off. I just want to make an introduction and ask if I can...
  14. wrongfoot

    Looking for an entomologist... help me whittle down my river fly box. I know that attractor patterns work for river trout but I'd like to self limit to mostly "suggestive/imitative tactics". I lack the knowledge and would like an entomologist to critique my fly choices. Mostly to narrow the sizes to those found in...
  15. wrongfoot

    Bob Wyatt Flies - Lost Link

    I had a bookmark for Bob Wyatt's flies on It looks like that sites down or gone? Dos anyone know if his patterns were migrated to another site/server? Thanks.
  16. wrongfoot

    Not your typical quango...

    The stealth tax that says to hell with North Sea cod stocks | George Monbiot | Environment | I can accept that lobby groups have a right to exist... but publicly funded ones? Shome mishtake surely?
  17. wrongfoot

    Beeing absolute Bayer(stards)

    Having had their neonicotinoid products banned Bayer are trying to overturn an EU ruling Bayer is suing *Europe* for saving the bees | SumOfUs I like bees and the science to support the ban is sound so the bad science spin and heavy legal tactics annoy me. If you feel the same you might want to...
  18. wrongfoot

    Vacancy CEO - RAFTS

    RAFTS | Rivers And Fisheries Trusts Of Scotland need a new CEO Chief Executive Officer Anyone here want to throw in their hat? ;) PS. I have no link to RAFTS and no commercial interest to declare. As an angler I'd very much prefer an excellent person in this role and so I...
  19. wrongfoot

    Dorset Frome this week - What flies?

    A suprise birthday present :) . Fishing dry fly only, beat unknown, on the Dorset Frome. What flies should I have at this time of year on this chalkstream? Not my usual kind of river... Any advice welcome and should help make this a great present. Thank-you.
  20. wrongfoot

    Balanced tackle and braid?!?!?

    I've always stuck with the basic principles of balanced tackle matching line to "test-curve" of rod so the rod effectively cushions the line and the rod isn't over-lined risking breakage. The braid revolution seems to knock this into a cocked hat. 30lb braid is the same diameter as 8lb line and...