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  1. icejohn

    Lumber support wading belt: Opinions/recommendations?

    Have used cheap weight lifters belt did the job under 10er off amazon. Most waders have a belt on them and that done up tighter offers surprising support. But any belt around the kidney area will stop the back ache thing. If you have a genuine bad back to start with then the black magic belt I...
  2. icejohn

    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Orvis superfine original versions. Seriously underrated at the time but delight to fish with. Barbour wax jackets eventually got one by accident in my procession and love it. Underrated for sure... Well I did for years until I owned one. Abel nippers overated by many, yet I would buy another...
  3. icejohn

    Camarthenshire river trout fishing

    Towy was a waste of time for just brownies when I tried only had 7cm fish and for the big river theory chaps fishing for sea trout had a big 12lb er but only on fish for the whole week for over 30 Tickets sold. Not good fish to fishermen ratio. There is some nice looking smaller rivers but...
  4. icejohn

    dye for mucilin mix or you own wax

    yeah pure white dye is a problem as well (cant find it) .... bascially preston grease is bright but its slightly different to muslin and the theory is you have to use the preston and mix 50-50 and add dye. i dont like giving up. I could just get a tippex / paint based marker but really want to...
  5. icejohn

    dye for mucilin mix or you own wax

    yes i use the mix off youtube 50% preston and 50% mucilin and some gink. but if you want any other colour its seem impossible..... other than a dirty yellow or orange.
  6. icejohn

    dye for mucilin mix or you own wax

    hi guys am looking to see if anyone has a currant dye they use to make they own indicator wax. The Anxious Angler on you tube has a nice video but the dye he mentions is no longer available. I have tried spirit river dye, which turns out to be water based so totally useless on a mucilin mix...
  7. icejohn

    Looking for short 1 ft net handle

    Well I went had look around, The nicer ones Nash etc 12 quid Custom one 20 quid However the best one was 5 quid that has a shall we say "broom shaped handle" made by westlake sold at go outdoors 20cm handle type thing perfect.
  8. icejohn

    Looking for short 1 ft net handle

    Glosterboy that's the very thing am after. My next problem lol what's the best net to buy lol. I found a massive one that i could land my dog in lol while my ego thinks I am going to get fish that big.... I don't think so lol.
  9. icejohn

    Gear Keeper Retractor for Net

    Yes use the orvis net retractor. Not sure the offical size etc off the gearkeeper website but it's the same item like.
  10. icejohn

    Looking for short 1 ft net handle

    The ones I have found are stainless steel which I think is heavy? Or carbon which is expensive which I don't mind paying for but would have to cut it and given that a bank stick is for holding stuff up would it handle the lateral force load?
  11. icejohn

    Looking for short 1 ft net handle

    Just to fit the head of a generic carp net. Guessing standard thread.
  12. icejohn

    Looking for short 1 ft net handle

    Hi guys looking for the above they used to common place but not able to find one at all. Anyone know where I can get one?
  13. icejohn

    If you poached your local water what would happen?

    Think it depends where you fish and frankly you see ea people in London carrying firearms due to threats of being stabbed etc while making arrests of poachers. Now is that for some youngster with a spinning rod in a salmon pool or is that for a group of organised chaps electro fishing a salmon...
  14. icejohn

    Euronymph line

    Seen some internationals use what looks like heat shrink tubing. Got euro line but frankly hardly use it.
  15. icejohn

    Help Wanted re Loomis GLX Distance rod

    Personally think u just got yourself into the rod building club lol. You won't get spares. So reel seat removal is basically dremel very carefully hot water and remove and the epoxy a new one on. I would remove the bottom Cork carefully spare cork is easily bought. Then remove the ring...
  16. icejohn

    Magnet to hand net attachment

    Decent branded cable tie. Silicon glue to keep the orientation of the magent to keep the angle right on the frame else it spins around....
  17. icejohn

    Help with which rod to buy for loch fishing from the bank

    A slightly longer rod helps keep the line a little bit higher and creat a bigger line loop so in theory you should be able to cast multiple flies that much easier. No reason why your currant rod can't either mind. Tip = slow things down but make sure the tippet 3 flies straightens out on the...
  18. icejohn

    Sumo rod rack

    Well I would check with the manufacturer personally. Rods ain't cheap these days. Can't really afford for the bracket to keep getting unstuck. Plus err the pr damage like. Product like that needs to be known to work well.
  19. icejohn

    Sumo rod rack

    Well any of the suction kind I have had come loose if I hadn't wiped the roof clean before clamping into place.
  20. icejohn

    Car rod holder magnetic do it yourself

    Hi, This is a kinda common sense easy to do it yourself type thing. Recently made an "n" shaped rod holder for my car. Had couple small magnets 8mm roughly left over from another project, used some high density foam 1cm thick cut with stanley knife and duck-taped the entire thing. So for...