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  1. bonefishblues

    BOTH SOLD Sage Equator WF10 (Tropical line) Reduced - also Orvis WF10 Clear Sink Tip Tropical (Pictures Added)

    This is (I believe) the mk1 version of this line. Pale khaki in colour, it came with a reel I bought some years ago, but has never been cast in anger by me. It's in perfect condition. I don't own a 10-weight any more, so surplus to requirements. £25 posted £20 posted See also the Orvis line...
  2. bonefishblues

    Job lot of bonefish/saltwater leaders

    Hi, selling as a job lot: 3xClimax 9ft 8lb hard mono 6xRio Bonefish 10ft 10lb 9xRio Bonefish 12ft 13.2lb Total 18 leaders, all unused, most with loops f&r of my thing. I use fluorocarbon exclusively now. £45 posted for the lot any good to anyone - equivalent to £2.50 each, post free.
  3. bonefishblues

    Tackle in hand luggage

    I'm sitting here in a hotel in Nassau courtesy of a Bahamasair malfunction meaning I missed my UK connections yesterday and once again I packed a rod and reel plus bits and pieces (no leaders except those wound on the reel, nor flies) and had no problems carrying this on to the plane, just as...
  4. bonefishblues

    "Switch" rods - a dumb question, if I may?

    What exactly is a switch rod? I mean, they seem to be about 10-11 footish, anything from a 5 to an 8 weight, most have longer or shorter sticky-out handles below the reel seat. Is that it? :confused:
  5. bonefishblues

    Saw this pack and thought it looked good value

    No connection, not got one myself, but this popped up and I thought it looked well-specced and very good value (there are a couple of smallish tackle boxes included, too). Plano Lumber Fishing Pack 3500 | Big American brand, AIUI, gets good reviews too...
  6. bonefishblues

    Oh my goodness - bonefish content!

    Worth a few minutes of your time. Danish lads and big bonefish :) Note also this thread: Bonefish length to weight scale. | Australian Saltwater Flyfishing
  7. bonefishblues

    Loon Nip N' Snip

    I've no experience of the tool myself, but this does seem very good value for a replacement jaw pair of snippers. I know it's not got a faithful reproduction of a brown trout's backside anodised on it, but there again, it doesn't cost a billionty-six quid :) Anyone got one...
  8. bonefishblues

    Bahamas are Closed...

    Well, we thought it was worth going as far as Nassau just in case Matthew decided to change course, but it was very obvious he was coming through, ready or not :( 9,000 miles in 49 hours outside the UK, and a dinner and a breakfast with my fishing buddy, who has retreated back to the US is all...
  9. bonefishblues

    Polluting a watercourse - info & advice please

    I wonder if you can help? I spent the majority of the day at one of these country farm attractions - you know, tractor rides, lamb-bothering etc and very nice it was for our daughter. As I arrived we walked over a small stream and I smelled something I hadn't smelled for a long time, and sure...
  10. bonefishblues

    Permit me a small indulgence!

    Anyone remember the Barry Davies commentary on a Francis Lee goal - "...and just look at his face!" No? Here: So, after 15 years of basically carrying around a "Permit Rod", only to fail totally to get the fly to the fish when one did (very...
  11. bonefishblues

    2006 Fiat Sedici 16V Eleganza 77K miles £2495 (Suzuki SX4)

    For sale is my 2006 Fiat Sedici Eleganza 16V. It has 77,500 miles, and has a FSH, and is MOT'd (no advisories) until January 2016. It is only for sale as I have changed job and now have a 50+ mile each way commute, so I wanted something a little larger. This car is materially the same as the...
  12. bonefishblues

    Baitcasting Rig - Abu 6501C3 Classic & South Bend Rod

    The second outfit I'm listing is a Mint (that is, completely flawless) Abu Ambassadeur 6501 C3 multiplier and a similarly Mint South Bend 6ft 6in Baitcasting rod with trigger grip. The outfit has been used for fewer than 10 casts. We didn't get on :omg: The reel is boxed, with original papers...
  13. bonefishblues

    Saltwater Spinning Rigs x2 (F/S and Multi)

    I have a couple of outfits I know I'm not going to use again, The first consists of a Harris Angling "Globetrotta" 8ft rod and Diawa Emblem X 5500A fixed spool reel. The rod is covered in the article here: Tropical Fishing It casts really well, with a very active tip, but has enormous...
  14. bonefishblues

    Sage & Snowbee Travel Luggage

    A couple of items for sale: The first is a triangular Sage travel rod case. It is 45 inches long, and very very strong (either alu or heavy poly - it's lined so I can't tell). It will take 4 or 5 rods of varying lengths (I've stuffed a couple of 4-piece fly rods and a baitcasting rod in there...
  15. bonefishblues

    12 Weight Saltwater Outfit - Fin-Nor/Gold Cup/Orvis

    Here's an outfit I put together for Tarpon fishing, but it would suit other species, too, like GTs etc. I can't see me using it again, hence the sale. It comprises: Worldwide Sportsman Gold Cup 3 piece 12 weight fast action rod with fighting butt. Casts beautifully, nice slim blank in a deep...
  16. bonefishblues

    Good Article Fluoro vs Nylon pros and cons

    These guys always have interesting articles and this caught my eye after reading some to-ing and fro-ing re the subject in recent weeks. A good summary, I think: Mono vs. Fluro | Fishing Leaders ? Monofilament and Flurocarbon
  17. bonefishblues

    Coolmax underwear - Size L - Flats wear

    No, I really am selling some pants! I've got 3 pairs of brand new, unworn "Tarponwear" brand (since bought by Simms, I believe) mesh briefs in 100% polyester Coolmax. I bought them some years ago from the USA and shall we just say they don't fit - they didn't when I bought them and sure as...
  18. bonefishblues

    Unusual one - Right Angle AR10 salt/salmon

    Here's an unusual reel that you might not have seen before - not many crossed the Pond. It's a Right Angle AR (anti-reverse) 10 LH wind*. They weren't made for very long and have been discontinued for a year or several. If you do a web search you'll see there was a move to bring them back, but...
  19. bonefishblues

    Sunglasses: Costas, Hobiesx2, Serengeti

    I did a mini audit on my sunglasses collection this afternoon. I counted 15 pairs, so perhaps it's time to let go a little :o I've attached photos taken in lowish ambient light without flash so you can get an idea of the lens colours of each. If any more shots are required, just ask. In no...
  20. bonefishblues

    G Loomis Nautikos 9 weight

    Hi, I'm selling my G Loomis Nautikos 9 weight 3 piece as I haven't used in in several years, having moved over exclusively to 4 piece rods. I've just had a close look at it and it's in very good condition: the handle is fine, with no cork loss at all, there are a few scratches on the clearcoat...