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  1. banjo298

    Which skagit line?

    I’ve recently bought an 11ft 3ins 7# Airflo nano switch rod. I want to buy a skagit line for it but am baffled by how they seem to come in grains rather than rod weight! My question is what grain weight of skagit line should I buy for a 7# switch rod? I’d be grateful for any advice. Many thanks...
  2. banjo298

    River Orchy, Dalmally

    Hi, my son in law has booked us in here for three days fishing in September. Any tips, advice or information would be greatly appreciated.
  3. banjo298

    Gilling West, near Richmond

    Next week I’ll be on holiday in Gilling West and was hoping to escape the family and go fishing on the odd evening. Can any one let me know any information on nearby trout lakes. I’ve seen adverts for Crabtree lake but the information is old, any upto date info would be great. Many thanks in...
  4. banjo298

    Binocular repair

    Probably not the correct thread, but as binoculars and cameras are sold in the same shops here goes! I have a pair of Bushnell H2O 10x42 binoculars that refuse to focus. Does anyone know or recommend anywhere that might be able to repair them?
  5. banjo298

    Blanked out photos

    When looking at the forum especially posts with links to photos, all I get when clicking on the link is a blacked out square. I’m using both an iPad and an iPhone to view the forum. Why can I not open or see the photos please?
  6. banjo298

    Upper Clyde Grayling?

    Living in Thornhill it’s not too far to get to the upper Clyde. Any advice on where would be best to try for grayling. (It’s too early in the Nith yet)
  7. banjo298

    Why no river fishing in Scotland on a Sunday?

    I'm sure this must have been covered before and I don't won't to start any religious arguments or offend anyone. However when ever I ask why can't I fish the river on Sunday the only answer I get is horrified looks and gasps of horror exclaiming but it's the Sabboth! In my village, of the local...
  8. banjo298

    Loose reel seat

    I've been given an old Ron Thompson 14ft double handed salmon rod. After using it a couple of times I've noticed that the reel seat moves around the rod whilst being used. The corks above and below the reel seat are rigid and do not move. However the reel seat can swivel 45 degrees in either...
  9. banjo298

    Skye advice

    I'm off to Skye next week for our annual holiday. I'm staying up at Staffin in the north east of the island. The Kilmartin river is very close. Has anyone any advice on where to go for trout or salmon fishing please? I believe that most of the fishing is controlled by the Portree angling...
  10. banjo298

    Spey line or shooting head

    Being new to salmon fishing I have been given a 14ft 9/10# double handed rod. I bought a cheap reel preloaded with a 9# weight forward line to tide me over. My attempts at Spey casting were pathetic to say the least, so I went for lessons! The instructor soon identified that my line was not...
  11. banjo298

    Shooting head kits?

    Hi, I'm new to salmon fishing and have been given a 14ft double handed 10/11# rod. I've obtained of flea bay a reel loaded with a 10/11# floating line. I'm now attempting to learn Spey casting but having watched a few videos have realised a lesson or two is in order. I've been told a shooting...
  12. banjo298

    Clay pigeon training?

    Just a curious question ot two. I've never fired anything other than an air rifle and even then I was a child forty odd years ago. I'm considering going for a clay pigeon training beginners day or training lesson. How much is this likely cost, and could anyone recommend anywhere in the...
  13. banjo298

    Rod to heavy?

    I've been fishing for about four years now, but just lately I've noticed I'm getting more and more of those fish on/fish off moments where I lift into a take feel the fish, and then it's gone. Or worse I get to play it for a while and then it's gone or I get snapped. Often I lift into a fish...
  14. banjo298

    River Wyre----Garstang

    Whilst walking along the Wyre near Garstang I've seen signs saying the fishing belongs to GDAA which I assume stands for Garstang District Angling Association. A quick Google search has not revealed any contact details for them. Does anyone know how I can contact them or find out more about the...
  15. banjo298

    Barbless Hooks

    Compared to some I'm relatively new to the forum and even newer to fly tying. I absolutely love looking at other peoples flies on here especially the photos. I am however surprised to see that most are on barbed hooks. Looking at other posts in other sections of the forums barbless hooks seem to...
  16. banjo298

    Greys GXRi+ 9ft 6ins 7#

    I've managed to break the top section of my rod. Greys are far from helpful! Anyone got a spare one or know where I might get one please?
  17. banjo298

    Greys GRXI 9ft 6in 7#

    Hi I've broke the tip of mine. Anyone got a are top splice please?
  18. banjo298

    Trout per acre

    Whilst realising there must be many variables such as amount of natural food, water depth, water condition etc I was wondering if there is a set amount of trout per acre for commercial fisheries. I regularly fish a small(approx 5 acre) commercial fishery which is man made, relatively shallow...
  19. banjo298

    Chest waders

    I'm considering buying a pair of chest waders for the first time. I don't think they will get used very much so am reluctant to spend a lot? The variety is confusing, boot foot or stocking foot? Neoprene or other nylon type materials? I'm only a size 7 but short in stature, wide in girth and do...
  20. banjo298

    Dryfe water

    Later this year I will be holidaying in Scotland in a cottage on Dryfe water between Lockerbie and Moffat. Can anyone let me know if its possible to fish this river?:thumbs: