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  1. kenneth

    Orvis on the High Street

    Is this one in Ludlow still open? Can't be very many Black and White Orvis shops around. Kenneth
  2. kenneth

    A shout out to Orvis Stockbridge.

    This was my experience too, and not only once, but several times. These were parts for reels from the 1960s and 1970s, I found it rather impressive, and reassuring, that I could still get them in the 21st century. On other occasions they had gone out of their way to be helpful, you get the...
  3. kenneth

    Reels for your cane and glass rods

    I know it's not, but that looks rather like where the Clun meets the Teme. I have very fond memories of the place. Kenneth
  4. kenneth

    Scoop net recommendations

    I've used a Stillwater collapsible measure net for more than 10 years now, still going strong. Very good value for money, if still available. I think I got mine from the GAC for under a tenner. Kenneth
  5. kenneth

    Reels for your cane and glass rods

    Thanks, all, for the great photos! For some reason I've never posted in this thread, even though it's right up my alley. In any case, among many other threads along the same lines, here's a current one over at the Classic Fly Rod Forum, I've got some photos up myself: -...
  6. kenneth

    One piece rods

    About 10 years ago I lucked into an absolute bargain, I think it was on this forum, when I found a one-piece 4-1/2' impregnated bamboo rod made by Robert Gorman, one of his Green River Mettowee models. Just a wonderful point and shoot 4wt for those really tight situations, apart from the...
  7. kenneth

    Hubless Reel Design

    Jewellery! Thanks for sharing and A Happy New Year, Kenneth
  8. kenneth

    New world record Brown ? 46.9lb

    This thread seems to have evolved a bit from "Record Brown" to "What is a Brown?" or better yet, "What are the varieties of colors/patterns found in Brown Trout and what causes these variations?" FWIW, and taking things even more off tangent, I thought I'd throw in some pics of the variety...
  9. kenneth

    TapaTalk full of ebay threads

    I have the same problem. The member "eBayUK" can't be ignored, so we cannot block his/her/its posts. It's rather tedious having to wade through hundreds of posts that I have no interest in whatsoever just to read the ones I do have interest in. Hopefully this can be resolved. Thanks in...
  10. kenneth

    Split-Cane rods;

    Thanks for the kind remarks, Uncas. To answer your question, the fish in the first photo is the Italian Chub (Squalius squalus). Keep safe, Kenneth
  11. kenneth

    Split-Cane rods;

    Coming late to the conversation, but I thought I'd say that I'm a fan of bamboo rods, using them almost exclusively in freshwater, and light action from the shore in the salt. I have them ranging in length from 4-1/2' to 9-1/2', from a 1917 Divine to a 2011 Dave Cottengim, with the large...
  12. kenneth

    Dry fly for Rudd

    Rob, from the looks of the mouth (lower lip overhanging the upper) and the position of the dorsal fin behind the pelvic fin, they're most probably Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus). Rudd will also readily take dry flies, whereas Roach are bottom feeders. Here in Italy, Rudd (and also Chub...
  13. kenneth

    Unknown French Cane Maker

    Catzrob, I'm afraid I can't help you. I never had any direct dealings with him, so no contact details. It looks like he's closed his ebay store, I really hope he's personally OK. Keep safe, Kenneth
  14. kenneth

    Please bring back Tapatalk

    PLEASE! Yes, I'm shouting, but very politely 🙂. Kenneth
  15. kenneth

    Forum all change

    I agree. Although the new software is more mobile friendly, it actually defaults to the desktop version when there are new alerts, which makes everything tiny, especially on a mobile phone. Tapatalk is just so much more user friendly for smaller mobile devices, works faster, and crucially...
  16. kenneth

    Unknown French Cane Maker

    Happy 2020! Cristophe is a long-time Ebay seller and a fine restorer of bamboo rods. 100% feedback is unusual for a seller with more than 1,500 reviews, so that probably says something. I do not know him personally nor have any affiliation with him, but as a user and sometime collector of...
  17. kenneth


    Like some of you here I prefer the Parachute version of the Adams, but when the trout are finicky and want something smaller, I go with a #22 wingless Adams, the smallest fly I have the patience, or the ability, to tie (once saw Ed Engles tie a #32 something or other, truly a sight to behold...
  18. kenneth

    Parachute adams

    Coming really late to this conversation, but I can't resist passing on what my dad said, that wise old man, "Match the hatch but fish the Adams." I specifically like the Parachute and Klinkhamer versions, using either two feathers or a Whiting Bronze Grade Grizzly variant: Like many of...
  19. kenneth

    Helmsdale Doctor.

    Works of art, thanks much for sharing. Kenneth
  20. kenneth

    What is the most beautiful trout river you have fished?

    My home streams. Thanks for looking, Kenneth