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  1. wrongfoot

    How to fish 3/4ft on stillwater

    I'm enjoying a question about fishing rather than tackle/casting, and the answers. 👍
  2. wrongfoot

    River Calder, lancs - is this pollution?

    Phosphate pollution from agriculture in Fife has been a known issue for decades. Plenty of people haven't the time to constantly re-educate the uninformed. This isn't court, if you want that exhaustive standard of evidence, you make the damn claim, lose and pay costs... Summary - the other...
  3. wrongfoot

    Badger Set

    Great fun. What camera did you use? Are you happy with it? I've wanted one for years. Any recommendations?
  4. wrongfoot

    Badger Set

    Lovely. What attracted the fox to the sett? Do you bait the camera.
  5. wrongfoot

    hackle pliers

    Ah sorry. I use the heat shrink in one side and it's great I assumed silicone tubing would be an alternative. Seems you know otherwise. I've edited my post.
  6. wrongfoot

    hackle pliers

    This. Or silicone tubing. Just one side seems to work better for me.
  7. wrongfoot

    Petition to stop sewage discharge into our rivers

    If the public don't want water Co's polluting their rivers with untreated sewage they can stop themselves. They're being allowed to do this only when they sell up their homes, so old folks with no cash aren't stressed and it's dealt with during probate. Or so the market can reflect a reduction...
  8. wrongfoot

    Petition to stop sewage discharge into our rivers

    Everyone in Scotland does anyway. It's done at point of sale/conveyancing. If you're not on sewer and you've not got appropriate treatment SEPA won't register the discharge to the new owner and you need to fit a suitable treatment system/septic tank for the sale to progress. This has been the...
  9. wrongfoot

    The Angling Trust? Are you In or Out?

  10. wrongfoot

    The Angling Trust? Are you In or Out?

    I'm always suspicious of what politicos want. It's usually what suits them, not us and I'm very certain they don't give a damn about angling...
  11. wrongfoot

    The Angling Trust? Are you In or Out?

    I wish I could support Fish Legal without supporting the Angling Trust. I pretty much unequivocally agree with what FL does, I'm much more conflicted about some of what the AT lobbies for and does. Also, I feel that "one voice" for angling or anything else may be outmoded thinking. It works for...
  12. wrongfoot

    Making a reel heavier!?

    I suspect "they" are the people here who think every thread is about them, their opinions and can't even take a request for practical advice at face value. I wonder if someone asked how to help their mate who was having a heart attack, how long it would take the thread to change to a discussion...
  13. wrongfoot

    Making a reel heavier!?

    I also thought it all this a bit of a shame for a fishing question. Will you share the best suggestions you got elsewhere? Maybe that'll help put a bit more useful content here for others to read.
  14. wrongfoot

    Making a reel heavier!?

    Find out much weight you need, rig up sellotape some weight on. If it's not too much, since you don't need a lot of backing on a river, you might find a base of a couple layers of leadcore line under as an extension to your backing adds the weight you need to your reel. Ignore the mick takers...
  15. wrongfoot


    Not at all. When a single issue defines political identity so much, other issues are inferior or secondary and don't sway voting so much. Turnout maybe? Maybe you're a rare swing voter influenced by a multitude of factors, but that's not following the recent trend of identity politics. The...
  16. wrongfoot

    How to keep my hands warm!

    Err... thanks but no thanks. Use your own pockets! :sick::sick::sick::sick:;)
  17. wrongfoot

    Scoop net recommendations

    Can't resist sharing this again. I'm still delighted with the result. and...
  18. wrongfoot

    New triangular sectioned rods-what do you think?

    I'm unsure how it would feel casting a rod that behaved differently on the back and forward casts...
  19. wrongfoot

    Caistron Lakes - Flooding and Embankment Collapse

    I've been told that the haul road breached a few weeks ago in lower flow conditions and the lakes emptied (at least partially) cutting a new channel. Maybe I should take a Google maps satellite screenshot now to compare with satellite images later when it updates.
  20. wrongfoot


    What's it like as a fishery? I've family nearby who are members of the sailing club and wondered whether to book a day's fishing when I visit again after lockdowns are lifted.