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  1. fishing hobo

    What to use when stong downstream wind blowing?

    Yesterday wasn't a good day. Water level was quite good if a tad higher but as usual, it was blowing fairly strong winds from upstream. Nothing rising so tried nymphing 2 nymphs. Didn't use any indicators as usual but perhaps I should have as the bowing in the fly line made drifting the nymphs...
  2. fishing hobo

    Where did Richfish go?

    Haven't seen him post for a while. He used to tie lovely looking wet flies.
  3. fishing hobo

    Teal vs mallard feathers

    How do you tell between the two? I have some unlabelled feathers I inherited. I have plucked off mallard flanks and know it is from a mallard as I recognised the pelt.
  4. fishing hobo

    ? Replying to for sale thread

    So can the admin or someone tell me if the rule has changed regarding replying to a for sale thread. Apparently I do not have access rights!?
  5. fishing hobo

    Pink shrimp

    Never fished one...
  6. fishing hobo


    So, the accepted wisdom is using the limb lying towards the lead/point fly. Reason being better for fish to pull along the same direction as the knot/main line. I have seen it done the other way round with the dropper coming off the upper tag used and I have tried it myself. Haven't noted any...
  7. fishing hobo

    Question for members around Glasgow

    I have just dipped my toes into DH rods and spent last weekend getting a lesson in casting DH. I would like to practice to consolidate what I have learnt. Is there anywhere in or around Glasgow I can practice casting w/o having to become a member of a club? I have no intention of going out...
  8. fishing hobo

    Flies tied with "egg sacs"

    Does it make a difference tying the fly with an egg sac or not?
  9. fishing hobo

    Do you use pheasant tail nymph on own or with other nymph/flies?

    Never had such a savage take on a pheasnt tail up until today. I normally fish it as part of a double nymph on a river and haven't really been impressed with it (probably my poor technique) and never was that successful with it on stillwater until today when I fished it on its own (again I...
  10. fishing hobo

    Double Hauling.....

    Hit a wall :mad: Timing the haul of the longer line is difficult (the tournament casters will find what I am trying to achieve easy :D). Tracking becomes increasingly difficult with errors magnified so much more with a longer line.... so much so that at one point I was casting the same distance...
  11. fishing hobo

    Advice on rising trout ignoring dry flies

    Following on from my escapades yesterday - see the River Trout 2017 posting, What do you seasoned anglers do if the fish constantly ignored the fly, even going down to smaller 18 hook (smaller than most 18s I use). Length of leader I used was 10ft with fine tippet 0.148mm of about a foot...
  12. fishing hobo

    Making fly line loop with heat shrink tubing?

    Anyone tried this? My Barrio GT90 is breaking up just below the braided loop's plastic tubing, presumably due to the different flexibility of the 2 materials.... Already cut 5cm off and another 5cm off today... Can't afford to keep chopping ends off/buy new line every time I go lawn casting for...
  13. fishing hobo

    swinging wet flies?

    OK, can someone explain to me the above? I sometimes cast my 2-fly rig (beaded fly on the point and say a spider on the dropper) down and across and at the end of the drift let it swing downstream to where I am standing. I avoid 3-fly rigs although as I am much better rollcasting it should not...
  14. fishing hobo

    Orvis Access 9ft, 5wt, Mid-flex (New-unused)

    I have realised that I have turned into a bit of a hoarder over the years and I left it in the attic thinking someday I will use the rod. I bought the 8ft 6" in #4 for river fishing a few years ago and is a really nice rod to use and it was then I decided to get this rod. As I have not used this...
  15. fishing hobo


    Uttings is doing a 10%off promo for fishing gear only if you sign up for mailing list (pop-up appears). I bought my 2nd pair of Orvis waders - cheaper than Orvis RRP without discount by £70 and 10% so £100 saving :thumbs:
  16. fishing hobo

    Woooooohoooooo, FEDERER!!!!

    Late to the party but oh boy, it was a brilliant match :thumbs: Didn't believe those two will be back :). Absolutely ecstatic :):):).
  17. fishing hobo

    I'm ready

    My platoon of dry flies for the coming season
  18. fishing hobo

    Royal Wulff

    Size #14. Looks a little garish, not sure how acceptable it is on the river I fish as smaller flies do better.
  19. fishing hobo

    Parachutes from a rainy day

    Tied a few parachutes as it is raining and didn't want to go fishing :) Looking forward to the spring :thumbs:
  20. fishing hobo

    "Did the fish play with you today?"

    Ha ha ha, What a great quote/question by my wife :D. Yes and I hope they play with me again the next time around :)