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  1. bigtel

    Cat variant

    A cat variant. It will get wet in Scotland Dry and wet
  2. bigtel

    Olive damsel

    Thanks rob
  3. bigtel

    Olive damsel

    Damsel for my upcoming trip to Scotland
  4. bigtel


    I'm looking to see if anybody is looking to move on a 10ft 5# set up rod and reel lines. Tia Terry
  5. bigtel

    Dawsons cormorant

    1 for the summer months.deadly little pattern. Size 10 barbless
  6. bigtel

    Fly flies photography system - Flies Photo Gadget

    Have any forum members used this with smart phone if so any examples before I buy 1.
  7. bigtel

    White and black

    Lol thanks mate. Hope your well.
  8. bigtel

    White and black

    Don't know what happened to pic lol
  9. bigtel

    White and black

    Playing with my cream feathers.
  10. bigtel


    Haven't tied any wets for a long time so bit rusty. Off to Scotland soon so going to do a wee box of wets. My cloaked bibio size 10 barbless. Yes or no
  11. bigtel

    Fly advice

    I'm going to lochearn for a weeks holiday end of June. What flies should I be taking. Any advice on lochs close by would be appreciated also.
  12. bigtel

    Lochearn advice

    I'm having a weeks holiday on lochearn at the end of June. Any advice on flies etc. Never fished a Loch before. Also anybody with any local knowledge can point me in direction of some close by lochs etc. Tia
  13. bigtel

    Help and advice

    I'm having a weeks holiday at the end of June on lochearn. Never fished a Loch so advice on what flies etc would be appreciated. Also looking to fish some lochs close by not to faraway as the wife will moan about me fishing all week lol. Anybody with any local knowledge point me in the right...
  14. bigtel

    What did you tie today?

  15. bigtel

    What did you tie today?

    Some naturals
  16. bigtel

    For the dropper

    Some of my dropper flies
  17. bigtel

    Spinning outfit

    Well I've been promising my self a decent spinning outfit for a good while. If i ever get on holiday this year im definitely going to try spinning. Will be abroad and hot. Anybody got one to sell or recommend a rod reel combo..
  18. bigtel

    My space

    Awesome that Rob
  19. bigtel

    My space

    Well had a bitvtidy up and change things around. Don't spend as much time in here as I'd like but working away all week makes it difficult.
  20. bigtel

    Veniards really

    I've ordered some comp candy marabou had raving reports about it.