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    Nautilus Scott Radian Reel Fit.

    Nautilus FWX 5/6 will not fit upper reel seat on Scott Radian 9'6'' 6wt.Anyone come across this issue before ?? JP
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    Blagdon Lake. Zummerzet.England

    Fished well yesterday from a boat in unforgiving millpond and bright sun conditions to WL tactics featuring some of Rob Denson's magic muddlers top and tail.Real quality fish in good condition.Here are some fun clips of my boat partner enjoying his day. JP
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    ''things that go bump in the night''

    ''things that go bump in the night''
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    Salmon survival

    Interesting read was we seemingly head for same dilemma From the Front lines JP
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    Loomis Streamdance GLX HLS 9ft 5wt Tip Section

    Shot in the dark but my fishing pal is seeking a replacement tip for subject rod. JP
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    Improved water knot revisited

    Improved Water Knot revisitedI note this has been up before but results were inconcusive. Gareth Jones a well served fly fisher talked about this knot in an Airflo Video released a year ago.The ''dropper'' knot appears to be a hybrid of the water knot and J Knot with two turns water knot...
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    Improved Water Knot revisited

    Post deleted Post moved to Knots.
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    Shooting Films On Youtube

    Couple of recent renditions filmed in HD 1080x60p on my YouTube Channel : Shotaway Films not monetised just a hobby.Some of you shooters/pickers up may fancy watching or not as the case may be. Best JP YouTube. YouTube
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    Vosseler DC4

    Very Good condition Vosseler DC4 7/8 fly reel.Little use.Slight boat rash bottom of outer rim.£60-00 posted. JP
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    Loop AEG fly rods

    Trying again in case someone has any squirrelled away:D Best JP
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    Some Good News

    alexandra morton
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    Wild salmon and open cage units

    alexandra morton Grim times.Even in New-Zealand there are serious fish mutations in the South Island connected to open cage farming. JP
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    Canine Cavalry

    Here you go for you shooting dog luver's like me:D:D:D Apologies if you d'ont like the music but I luv it. Best. JP
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    Bloke XL50 10ft 6wt

    SOLD .Apologies as advertised this rod for my normal boat partner and could not edit the original title for some reason. Absolute mint condition fly rod £130.00 posted.Later series chestnut colour blank. Call or txt Ray on 07715 299497 or pm me.Many thanks. Best JP
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    Bloke XL50 10ft 5wt

    Rod is actually a 6wt ''Sold''
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    Anyone else had problems contacting these people ? My friend and I have had what I would term a total lack of response emails and phone calls ??I bought a rod from Toby who was the owner some time back but lately a nightmare to speak to ?? My pal had a total nil result on a Nautilus reel so...
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    Buzzer Fishing

    And if he did could he trust it:omg:the fart that is:eek::D:D. JP Is Vincent here yet:)
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    Loop AEG 9'6'' 6wt

    A shot in the dark I know but have a slot for one of these based on experience with the 5wt. Best JP
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    Davy Knot experiment

    Only because I have a paranoia about mini SS rings cutting through tippet I recently gave the rings another go after trying the Korda Micro recommended by forumites during a discussion on SS rig rings.I have been using a Trilene Knot to attach the rings for extra insurance against failure.I was...
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    Tippet Rings tip

    Been bugging me for a while because although they are very convenient for some rigs I have found they can and do cut through the leader/tippet under pressure.Recently I have used them again after a long sabbatical but the only knot I feel comfortable with is the trilene knot which passes the...