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  1. williegunn

    BBC Radio $ Food Programme. Worth a listen, A Tale of two fish; salmon wild and farmed. Spoiler alert, the fish hooked and landed in the last few minutes was a kelt, but the reporter didn't know any better...
  2. williegunn

    How stupid can you get? Just to clarify,The law Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Pink salmon of the species Oncorhynchus gorbuscha are an invasive...
  3. williegunn

    Sea Lice problem.

    I hear from a secret source that some of the chemical treatments tested on sea lice might not be having the desired effect. Let Dr Jaffa talk his way out of this evidence.
  4. williegunn

    Dapping Floss

    Captain Fishy I noticed on the dapping rod thread you said you keep the connection between backing and floss as neat as possible, how? I whipped a couple of loops on the floss this afternoon, it took a while and aIm not convinced anyone would describe it as neat.
  5. williegunn

    John Player Cigarette Cards

    Entire 50 Fresh Water Fishes cards, pre- war I believe. Reasonable condition £50.00
  6. williegunn

    Earl Percy is New President

    New President - Earl Percy Earl Percy will be the AST’s third President since the charity was founded at Fishmongers’ Hall London in 1967. Earl Percy’s appointment follows the sudden death of The 6th Duke of Westminster on the 9th August 2016. His Grace had been President and a great supporter...
  7. williegunn

    F1 2016.

    Is there a thread anywhere? The person who thought up this new qualifying idea ought to be tied to the track in the braking area for the first corner.
  8. williegunn

    Wild Salmon Conservation

    ScottishGovernment - News - Wild salmon conservation At long last the MSS through the Scottish Government have made the announcement regarding C&R on Scottish Rivers. It is a hard read, nothing is particularly clear, even getting to the nitty gritty! Here is the nuts and bolts without so much...
  9. williegunn

    Autumn watch

    They are close to the Solway Firth, and had a small piece on salmon on the River Nith. Did you know that the hen fish they saw on the redds will already be over the weir in Dunfries and heading back to Norway. Why cannot they just get it right?
  10. williegunn

    Eats, shoots, drinks and leaves in Speyside

    Oh dear oh dear. Eats, shoots, drinks and leaves in Speyside | Travel | Lifestyle | London Evening Standard Kate Rowe what a poorly researched article! Just look at the third picture down! Catch of the day: trout caught in Speyside Our second day entailed a fishing trip. The scarcity of...
  11. williegunn

    Poor Wee Fellow

    I have seen this before but this is the worst I've seen. Knemidocoptes, mites similar to mange I believe. He seems happy enough. Is there anything I could add to the feed?
  12. williegunn

    Red Muclin

    Does anyone know where I can buy it? Is it still made. Come in Andy Wren, I know you use it. M
  13. williegunn

    England Football manager.

    Greg Dyke has announced that Roy Hodgson will remain as England manager till 2016. By my reckoning he has about two hours to clear his desk!
  14. williegunn

    Trail/ trap cameras

    A couple of years ago I had some plywood left over from some DIY, so I built an owl box, pretty big and attached it to a tree at the bottom of the garden. Early yesterday morning when I was out with the pup before going beating a large white owl flew from the box. We have quite a few tawny owls...
  15. williegunn

    RSPB Birds good, Goats bad

    BBC News - Controversial Loch Lomond goat cull resumes BBC News - Concern as Inversnaid feral goat cull resumes <<RSPB Scotland has resumed a controversial cull of feral goats on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond. The environmental organisation is facing criticism from local people, who fear...
  16. williegunn

    Span Casting

    Today I received an offer from Fish & Fly to buy a Trevor Morgan Javelin Spey Line. I was having a search around to see who Trevor Morgan is; when I checked his web site I see he teaches a Span Cast …………….What is a Span Cast or is it just a typo?
  17. williegunn

    Wanted Bruce and Walker 15foot Norway

    I'm looking for a 15 foot Norway Speycaster either 3 or 4 piece.
  18. williegunn

    Wanted Bat Detector

    A developer has applied for planning permission to build in the woods beside my house, I can see the bats in the evening but am struggling to film them. Does anyone have a bat detector they no longer need?
  19. williegunn

    Half Price Ponoi

    Being unable to discuss this on the thread where it appears, I have moved it to here.( Why a Forum has locked threads really defeats the point of a forum.) FISH&FLY have followed up on an intriguing rumour that Frontiers are offering their Salmon Academy on the Ponoi in Russia scheduled for...
  20. williegunn

    Salmon fishing in Norway

    Norway's river Orkla reports good 2008 salmon season Well it is good to see that the Orkla would finish in the top 6 of Scottish rivers with almost 50% of the Spey's catch and an amazing 22% C&R. I would keep quiet about it if it was my river. From the Orkls post by the FFF team. The...