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  1. webblade

    First Rod Build Complete

    Just finished my first rod build. What a great experience and I've learned some lessons along the way. I'm happy to have gotten through it without breaking anything. Thread wraps I'm not 100 percent happy with as on some wraps there is a little bump where I pull the tag beneath the wraps to tie...
  2. webblade

    How long for rotating the rod?

    So I've just finished epoxying my first lot of rod guides with sensei and have the rod left turning 4rpm on the jig I made. How long do I leave it turning? It's been turning now for 2 hrs. I've tested the residue left in my mixing bowl and while it seems set it is still a little tacky. Is it...
  3. webblade

    Leftover CDC

    When using the tips of a few feathers for the cdc f fly I decided to keep the rest as I may be able to use it for something else. Maybe it can be pulled off the stem and used as dubbing? Has anyone got any other uses for leftover cdc?
  4. webblade

    Where to start?

    I figured I'd start on the rod butt this weekend as it will have no guides on it and I'm still waiting to build my thread wrapping jig. With all that said do I install the grip first or the reel seat first? As you can see from the picture the 3 masking tape wraps on the bottom are to pad out the...
  5. webblade

    Hackle for palmered wets?

    Will a Mets grade 1 hen neck have hackles long enough for palmered flies like the Zulu? If not, what should I be looking for?
  6. webblade

    8ft 4wt medium action carbon

    Can anyone point me towards good blanks to build an 8ft 4wt medium action carbon rod on.
  7. webblade

    All in not lost for ordering from the UK to Ireland!

    So it seems all is not lost when ordering from the UK for us lads in Ireland. I've come to understand UK vat will be removed from purchases and Irish vat will be added instead. This transpires to a 1% vat difference as Irish vat is 21% and UK vat is 20%. So we'll be paying about an extra pound...
  8. webblade

    Ireland and Britain removed from shipping options

    I went on to adh fishing which is a German site to order some Stroft FC2 because they always have a good stock. Seen a message saying my address could not be shipped to so I selected to add another address. I couldn't find Ireland in the drop down box for country and Britain is not in the...
  9. webblade

    Peche a Soie silk fly line (withdrawn)

    4wt Peche a Soie silk fly line 15m ST. Only has half a seasons use in perfect condition. 50 euro posted.
  10. webblade

    Norvise (sold)

    Only 10 months old have receipt from FlyTyingBoutique. Norvise with mounting board. 200 euros plus postage.
  11. webblade

    100 Beadhead Nymphs Giveaway

    Hi guys, I don't fish my beadhead nymphs anymore so I'd like to give them away to a forum member. Preferably someone new to fly fishing or atleast new to nymph fishing. They don't come in the box pictured they will be in a zip lock bag in an envelope. They are size 16s and 14s mostly. I will...
  12. webblade

    How long does colour last on gsp thread?

    I just ordered up some white gsp thread in 30 50 and 100 denier with plans of using it with sharpies to get the colour I need. Would like to hear from anyone thats used it as such how well the colour lasted with and without a coat of varnish.
  13. webblade

    How hard is gsp on bobbins?

    I was thinking of trying out some Veevus gsp 50 but I don't want to ruin my Norvise Auto bobbin so I'm wondering how hard it really is on bobbins?
  14. webblade

    Similar to Kamasan B400 but heavier wire?

    Hi I'm looking for a hook thats the same length as the kamasan b400 but in a heavier wire like the b175. I tie all my non beaded nymphs on the b175 and tie my beaded nymphs on the b400 for its length. Unfortunately the b400 seems to be a thinner wire hook and I like the strength of the b175 much...
  15. webblade

    Norvise Hook Size

    I'm considering the Norvise. I have the Norvise Auto Bobbin and I love it. I use my rotary in every aspect of my tying and think the Norvise would be a good fit. I'd say 99% of my flies are tied on size 14 and 16 hooks unless I'm tying a streamer for winter fishing the lakes. I'm wondering about...
  16. webblade

    Simms Tributary Waders leak already

    Has anyone else on the forum got the Simms Tributary waders? I only got mine in March and with the coronavirus lockdown I have only worn them about 8 times. Already they have started to leak at the Seam about 6 inches above the stocking foot. I know they are the cheapest of Simms waders but I'd...
  17. webblade

    Silk lines with weighted nymphs

    I have no experience with silk lines so I wonder if the more knowledgable could help me out. I fish my nymphs much like dries with short upstream casts. I usually fish nymphs in the 14 and 16 sizes. I fish them unweighted, lightly weighted and also some brass and tungsten beads depending on the...
  18. webblade

    Line not slick problem

    I don't know how to describe this when using the search function so forgive me if this has been posted before. I have a problem that's quiet peculiar and am hoping someone can help me. When I'm fishing my local river wading and fishing upstream, as the day goes on the line fails to shoot through...