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  1. chopsmcgee

    River Fishing - Shopping List

    Thanks everyone - some fantastic hints and information here to get me thinking. One question re:Polaroids: When you say a "decent set" - what classes a decent set? What do you look for? For example commercial sunglasses do have the option of having polaraised lenses - is this what you mean...
  2. chopsmcgee

    River Fishing - Shopping List

    Happy New Year all! This year I plan to finally break into River fishing - I’ve been fishing stillwaters for 10 years now and every year I say “this is the year....” but never do. Well, this is the year! In prep for this I need to put together a shopping list (40th coming up in February so...
  3. chopsmcgee

    Fly Line

    I need some new floating line - mine has more loops in it than a Red Arrows display team! what is the best low memory floating line for stillwaters? it’s been so long since I bought any I’ve forgotten who is who in terms of manufacturers etc. thanks
  4. chopsmcgee

    Bank House - still open?

    Thinking of venturing out on Sunday - is Bank House still open? Has anyone been recently, Ive not been there for a good 5 years or so.....
  5. chopsmcgee

    Fly Fishing - Canal?

    This may seem like a strange question.....or not? But - I have been thinking of getting back into coarse fishing, something I have not done since I was 14 or 15. Mainly as there is a nice stretch of canal close by and it would be useful to thrown in the odd hour during the summer months next...
  6. chopsmcgee

    Hellwith Bridge - still open?

    After a 4 year break from angling (various reasons) I have returned and am visiting some of my favourites. Is Hellwith still open? how is it fishing this year? thanks
  7. chopsmcgee

    BONEFISH (Playa Del Carmen)

    Hi all, its been a while since I posted but I need urgent help! So - I am in Cancun (Playa Del Carmen) with the OH and I decide to ask about fishing trips. I have no idea why this didn't occur to me prior to travelling but as well as the usual deep sea lark there are fly fishing trips for...
  8. chopsmcgee

    Child's rod for stockies!

    After a few trips helping, my friends lad wants a rod! We're going to chip in but I wonder if anyone can recommend a good rod. It's been a while since I went to a fishing shop but I was thinking a 6 or 7 ft #6 wt? If you can even get one? He's 11 years old so I think a 9ft would be too long...
  9. chopsmcgee

    Rod advice for kids?

    It's all in the subject really, stillwater stockies, what would ya recommend? My mates lad came with us today, he's 9 and had a cracking time, but a 9 6 rod was just too much for him. I have a 6 or 7 ft 4wt but would that be too light for stockies? Sent from my SM-P600 using Tapatalk
  10. chopsmcgee

    How to fish buzzers singly

    Don't be afraid of fishing multiple flies - it may seem frustrating but it quickly imrpoves your casting. Not just your general casting, but how you react when you get a tangle. I very quickly learned to just STOP and let the line drop when my line feels "unatural" during the cast. 7 times...
  11. chopsmcgee

    Learn to name and identify flies

    Honeslty, I wouldnt worry. I still only know about 4 or 5 and when I ask people what they ahve caught on I have no idea what theyre on about. I generally mention the colours rather than the fly type, this is more useful anyway (in my mind)
  12. chopsmcgee

    Knife sharpening kit

    I use something similar to this; DMT Diafold Extra Fine, Extra Extra Fine Sharpener: DIY & Tools Its pricey but I have used it at work (as an electrician) for 8 years now. 8 Years and I have not needed to buy 1 stanley blade. Also I have worn 7mm off my flick knife blade :-D
  13. chopsmcgee

    Lake District - Fishing Holiday

    I think it would be rude not to go to bessy beck!
  14. chopsmcgee

    Sore Back While Fishing

    I have some stretches that you can do to help with this, but you would need to do them daily. Are you overweight? This could also be a factor :-)
  15. chopsmcgee

    Barnsfold bound...

    Man I ain't been up there for a while. I have some stunning photos of the sun set there from 2 summers ago. Also a hilarious video of the wind :-) It is one of my favourite fisheries, glad you had a nice day!
  16. chopsmcgee

    THE BUNG Cheating or Not

    Ain't been on here for a while and it's great to see the same old snobbery, I mean arguements doing the rounds. Personal opinion, no it is not cheating. Do I use em, no, not every trip. I do have them in my bag just in case there is a tricky day where absolutley nothing is taking. Many would...
  17. chopsmcgee

    Where would you go?

    Try Hellwith Bridge, great place and worth the drive!!!!
  18. chopsmcgee

    Fishing near Manchester?

    Fixed! :thumbs::D:thumbs: Sorry for sarcasme, most unfriendly venue in north west in my opinion....
  19. chopsmcgee

    Wood Head Pass Trout?

    I drove over woodhead today (near arnfield) and noticed some lovely little brooks and streams and wondered if anyone had ever ventured down to them to see if there was any trout in there? Has anyone? Cheers
  20. chopsmcgee

    What are the Lancsy Lads Up to Next?

    Anyone fishing this weekend :D:D:D:D