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  1. luke troutstalker

    Death of magazines

    Thanks for that Jim. I must return the favour sometime.
  2. luke troutstalker

    Docking of the boat

    I saw a big bloke do exactly that at Carsingson. I felt sorry for him, I think he split his difference a bit in the process. He took some getting out as well, and looked very embarrassed when he did. :omg:
  3. luke troutstalker

    pics of your catch at all costs

    Who was this ? Sounds a bit of a tool ?
  4. luke troutstalker

    Leader To Fly Line Connection

    This is the advice you are looking for :whistle: Leader butts needle knotted and glued into fly lines are all a bit permanent for a learner, if you plant that glued in leader into a tree, or cast into it an unrecoverable set of wind knots, you are scuppered. Plus- these permanent methods of...
  5. luke troutstalker

    Hunt sabs and Bank House Fishery

    The difference is, and for me it's a significant difference, is that a C&R angler of wild fish reveres and admires his quarry. He wants to return it to its natural habitat for it to continue its life, and hope it grows on to old age. Perhaps he may catch it again, perhaps he'll gain some...
  6. luke troutstalker

    Hunt sabs and Bank House Fishery

    How on earth is chasing down a wild animal on horseback with a pack of dogs, dogs that have been selectively bred for that purpose, natural?
  7. luke troutstalker

    What's going to be the next big thing, and where will it come from?

    Alan - for some reason I can't reply to your PM, but, HNY :wine::thumbs:
  8. luke troutstalker

    CNC machined aluminium fly reel

    Can't say I'm mad on that Ross. It looks like something you might see carved into a late Tudor sideboard.
  9. luke troutstalker

    Simms Wading Boot Advice

    You might be ok then. I have Simms waders for winter, and vision for summer, both in a medium. There's a considerable difference in the stocking feet size- I'd wear the visions in winter, but I find I can't get my thick socks on in them and still be comfortable. Same as you, a size 8, but always...
  10. luke troutstalker

    Simms Wading Boot Advice

    What waders are they Dave ? I would suggest that if they are Simms (M), and you have size 8 feet, a size 9 boot will be a bit tight for winter socks.
  11. luke troutstalker

    Thread titles

    Same here. I was most disappointed to find a thread 'bald & barely legal' was about tyres.
  12. luke troutstalker

    Thread titles

    I only clicked on this as I thought it might be an interesting UTC/UNI/GSP debate :omg:
  13. luke troutstalker

    Who is your favourite fly tyer/ dresser?

    I miss seeing Bill Dooley around here. A great tyer and a funny guy.
  14. luke troutstalker

    Does anyone sell their ties ?

    The way to decide is to have a look on eBay and see what's selling and for what. For instance, there's a lad I know sells his nymphs 3 for £4 posted. He's not been tying that long, I know as I set him with his gear, his flies are perfectly useable. Looking at his feedback he seems to sell a...
  15. luke troutstalker

    Vision glass rods.

    It was the trip two years previous, was it the Kubutu? About 30 yds up from the spatial awareness talk ;)
  16. luke troutstalker

    What's going to be the next big thing, and where will it come from?

    I have to disagree on your last point. 30 years ago, a 10' #2 from cane or glass might have been possible, but I'd love to see someone hold it up all day. You'd have to balance it with a leisure battery :D
  17. luke troutstalker

    What's going to be the next big thing, and where will it come from?

    I guess this was what I was alluding to. To take the recent new methods, I'd leave tenkara out of it, as it's a method on its own. But the European methods; surely just finer and further versions of the upstream nymph. My prediction will be something along the lines of a reinvention of fishing...
  18. luke troutstalker

    Advice Please.

    Daveb has given you the best advice you can get - if the whole rivers and nymphing thing is new to you try and get a few hours with someone that understands it. It's far from rocket science, but it's not the easiest thing to explain in writing, and Youtube videos can't give you feedback when you...
  19. luke troutstalker

    Vision glass rods.

    No, I didn't move it on that quick to be honest, I'm sure I had a season with it. There's one stretch I fish that's quite open, and holds good fish, it was good fun with 2lb on the end of it. But for me, a one trick pony. It's probably easier to name the people that haven't owned that rod :D