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  1. Mies

    Lough Carra. 'The Last Lake'

    Eco Eye on RTE One tonight at 19.00-19.30. Should be interesting.
  2. Mies

    Some hope...perhaps
  3. Mies

    Deadly Dawson

    Just flicking through the June issue of T&T and stumbled across the chiselled features of our own Mr. Trout staring back at me with a superb Eden fish held aloft. Size 18 CDC Olive, eh. Nowt wrong with your eyes anyway, whatever about anything else :D Well done, Steven :thumbs:
  4. Mies

    Danielsson F3W 4seven?

    Any opinions on these and is there any significant difference between this model and the L5W 4seven? I see that Danielsson are offering 30% off and I'm sorely tempted. Many thanks.
  5. Mies

    Danielsson fly reel repairs/tweaks?

    Gents, I've got a couple of Danielsson reels in need of some serious TLC after a few cack-handed DIY attempts at altering the drag on one reel and changing another from rhw to lhw. Both glorious disasters :eek::o Jaysus! How many washers and....well, other 'bits' do you need for a drag system...
  6. Mies

    A really, really easy one...

  7. Mies

    Tony King flies

    Spotted these in the Donegal Fly Company catalogue. There are about eight or nine in the range covering the usual standard seatrout patterns. I'm considering picking up a few for a trip to Lough Currane. Any opinions, gents? (Probably covered before on the forum but tried the 'search' option...
  8. Mies

    Moleskin trousers

    I was considering getting a couple of pairs from the John Norris sale. Any opinions on these with regard to warmth, breathability under GoreTex waders, etc. :confused: Cheers :)
  9. Mies

    SA Professional Series fly lines

    Evening, gents. I have to replace a couple of old Wet Cell 'Kelly Green' lines and need to get some opinions on the new SA Professional Series Type 1. Specifically, in size #7. Has anyone used these and what are your views?
  10. Mies

    Enigma Matrix rod repair

    A friend of mine broke the tip-section of his Enigma Matrix rod yesterday. Any idea of who to send it to for repair or replacement. He can't locate the original receipt but I believe he bought it from Sportfish a couple of years ago. Thanks in advance, folks.
  11. Mies

    Hardy Sunbeam reel advice

    Need some advice here gents. I recently purchased the Hardy Sunbeam reel pictured below as a birthday gift for a friend. The agate line guard ring needs to be switched for left hand retreive. It appears to be held in place by a wire mechanism. It's probably quite straight forward but I'd rather...
  12. Mies

    Sage TCR advise

    I've been offered a Sage TCR 9' #5 at an excellent price. I like pretty fast actioned rods but I'm led to believe this is ultra fast. If I overline the rod with a #6, will this alter the action somewhat? Also how will lines of different densities in 5# affect the action? Won't have the...
  13. Mies

    Hardy Rod Repair?

    I recently had a section of a Hardy Gem Mk1 repaired by Hardys. The top section had snapped about 2" below the tip ring in a non-fishing related incident. The repair looks ok cosmetically but there is now a slight backward set (curve) in the top 10" to 12" of the section. I really don't want to...
  14. Mies

    Opinions Orvis T3

    I would be grateful for any opinions on the Orvis T3 9' #5 Tip 9.5 flex, (4 piece). Is it comparable to the Sage XP of similar spec? Cheers :) Mies
  15. Mies

    Hardy Sovereign

    :confused: Does anyone know when these rods were discontinued? Opinions of rod appreciated. Thanks Mies
  16. Mies

    World Wet Fly on Lough Mask

    Anyone got any updates? I believe it was tough going. A friend of mine, usually a "trout assasin", had only one undersized fish and thats with Larry McCarthy as boatman!
  17. Mies

    Hardy Origin

    Any opinions on the Hardy Origin 9' #5. I seem to remember a less than flattering review in T&S a while back.
  18. Mies

    Hardy Palakona query

    Just purchased a Hardy Palakona 8'6" #6 (bit of self indulgence!). Is it neccessary to moisten the ferrules before joining. What is generally considered the best method? Vaguely remember someone telling me to simply give the male ferrule a good lick! No jokes please. Cheers
  19. Mies

    Trout & Salmon Magazine

    Is it my imagination or has the May edition of T&S taken a nose dive in both quailty and design layout? The photo reproduction is dreadful and the whole mag has a really dated look. Looks like another famous brand has bowed to corporate pressure, sacrificing quality for bigger profit margins. Oh...