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  1. noel

    Sunray Proline

    Have any of you good people bought one and if so what are your thoughts ? Please keep to the subject fly line. Thank you .
  2. noel

    Pocket lure box

    After suggestions for a double sided box for my lures .
  3. noel

    Chamois flies

    I know a question about the dark side , I know these work on the smaller Stillwaters do they also work on the 50 acre and above Stillwaters?
  4. noel

    John Norris N1 fly lines.

    Have any of you good folk any experience with the new range of lines ?
  5. noel

    R.I.P Sabine
  6. noel


    I believe this company was taken over , do any of you fine people know if any of their eqpt is still out there . Ebay leads nowhere ?
  7. noel

    Double haul beauty

    Sorry ladies
  8. noel

    Kinnelle fly lines

    Hi these are starting to reappear on Ebay are they any good especially the distance lines ?
  9. noel

    Uk angling supplies fly lines

    Has anyone else ever bought 1 of their fly lines , I bought a midge tip and due to the lockdown have not had a chance to use it , just curious to know how it performs ?
  10. noel


  11. noel

    Outboard prices

    Has anyone else noticed that these have shot up ; my Bison 55 is now close to £200 I paid £150 for it 5 yrs ago .
  12. noel

    John Norris midge tip

    Hi all , I was doing a search yesterday for these on their website and the only midge tip lines that show are the Rio , have they stopped selling their own brand line ?
  13. noel

    Cdc offcuts

    This may have been already answered but here goes , when tying with cdc what do you all do with your offcuts ?
  14. noel

    Australian motor sport. a lot more interesting than Lewis Hamilton and taking the knee
  15. noel

    Discontinued fly lines

    Following on from the Fake fly lines thread , what happens to the fly lines when they are discontinued?
  16. noel

    Greys Gts 500

    Has anyone else noticed how much these are creeping up in price and the increasing difficulty to get a 5/6/7 reel in my case as a spare .
  17. noel

    Fore runner to furled leaders

    Can anyone else remember these being made from braided backing ?
  18. noel

    Members profiles .

    Just an observation on this, when I joined many years ago I filled in my profile so that if members lived close enough personal assistance could be obtained or given , of late and because of the rule of Insufficient privileges sometimes this can't be offered , I have never sold any tackle on...
  19. noel

    Target Sports Stars Fishing .

    A new series on Itv4 tonight 20.00 with David Seaman might be interesting.
  20. noel

    Fladen maxximus braided loops

    Who else uses these for their ease of putting on the end of the fly line ?