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  1. icejohn

    dye for mucilin mix or you own wax

    hi guys am looking to see if anyone has a currant dye they use to make they own indicator wax. The Anxious Angler on you tube has a nice video but the dye he mentions is no longer available. I have tried spirit river dye, which turns out to be water based so totally useless on a mucilin mix...
  2. icejohn

    Looking for short 1 ft net handle

    Hi guys looking for the above they used to common place but not able to find one at all. Anyone know where I can get one?
  3. icejohn

    Car rod holder magnetic do it yourself

    Hi, This is a kinda common sense easy to do it yourself type thing. Recently made an "n" shaped rod holder for my car. Had couple small magnets 8mm roughly left over from another project, used some high density foam 1cm thick cut with stanley knife and duck-taped the entire thing. So for...
  4. icejohn

    Wales rivers so low,

    Ventured out to wales today. Can't believe how low the rivers are. Never saw a fish and I wander about the insect life as the river bed is 3/4 dry very much doubt there is enough food to keep the river going even if levels come back. God knows where the fish went just hope they there somewhere.
  5. icejohn

    Brown trout river season what opening dates for bristol?

    Hi All, just wandering what date exactly is considered opening day for brown trout on rivers. I phoned the environment agency and got a website ref to rivers in the south west. Dates for different rivers seem to vary alot and well the rivers I intend to fish are not listed. (Small streams...
  6. icejohn

    Tungsten flies when heavy out fishes light?

    This is a question for the more experienced anglers that use a french leader. Thusly I was fishing a river with a friend and the flow was slow to moderate. Waist deep water, Flies 2,5mm in 16 top and bottom fly size 12 2.5 mm Friend was using 2,5mm size 16 top fly and 5mm size 10 fly. Odd...
  7. icejohn

    Vaccine cert and fishing comps

    Hi All, was wandering once the vaccine rollout is complete for all ages groups - probably only going to be October time? Anyone else got a better guess? Fishing at the moment has got the green light provided you don't mix with anyone and well depending on your interpretation of the rules will...
  8. icejohn

    Fly fishing cost and future generations

    Showing my age I guess and feeling nostalgic but remember fishing 2 a week for pleasure and comps every other weekend. I earned considerably less then but seemed to be able to afford it. Granted didn't have the expensive gear I have now. Anyway in 40s now and realised sadly that just fish...
  9. icejohn

    Carbon Fiber Half Well Fly Rod Handle

    Could these Carbon Fiber Half Well Fly Rod Handle Be the next big thing. Look like they are some new idea? What are your thoughts?
  10. icejohn

    When you caught the grand daddy of the stream or lake?

    Hi All just wandering if anyone else feels that a personal best for stream or lake is like winning the lotto. I recently was fishing a small stream and have done for years and the average size is 15-20cm grayling 28 cm being a good size one. Well I caught a 44 cm. Was absolutely thrilled...
  11. icejohn

    What is the best tubing for cutting foam blocks for boobies?

    What is the best tubing for cutting foam blocks for boobies? I have tried the car aerial and found it cut the foam in ragged cut. Tried thicker brass tubing found it compressed the foam too much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. icejohn

    Partridge czech nymph hooks

    Hi All, I dont like using these hooks as general rule but for nostalgia sake i tie up a couple every year as like the woven polish type patterns So i bought some new one hooks in size 12 and the ones in the package i got sent do say 12 but are literally like a 3rd of the size of the ones i...
  13. icejohn

    OMG new orvis catalogue

    Hi All, Maybe its just me, but the new orvis catalogue got posted through the letter box and i had a quick look through it. OMG I couldnt find any fishing gear. Just a clothing catalogue. Think the ceo must be taking on the female audience using a fishing not sure how that works...
  14. icejohn

    No drys hatching on rivers. Is it down to temperature?

    Hi All had week in Exmoor recently and fished alot of rivers. Never found any hatches at all? Do rivers need colder temperatures for insects to hatch out or warmer? Just wandering how other people are finding things.?
  15. icejohn

    Best bung fly for river fishing wanted

    Hi All slightly unusual request but I am after the best bung fly. And no it cannot just be a huge orange thing of foam. Must at least catch fish when used! Must hold up 4mm tungsten bead weighed fly. Any pattern pics please post up.
  16. icejohn

    Tungsten flies out fished by unweighted flies!

    Hi All recently fishing a river in Wales on French leader and getting the odd fish every hour so things were slow. Saw another angler rock up and fish water I had already been through with floating line and well unweighted flies. He had 8 grayling in an hour. I couldn't believe it as have...
  17. icejohn

    Rod license fair or govt tool for funding?

    While I buy my rod license every year I just consider it a tax and no value for money personally. While I admit that any organisation and the environment agency claims to be one - that's looks out for anglers interests is to be admired. The revenue they raise must be millions more then they...
  18. icejohn

    Chalk stream fishing weed issue spooking

    Hi All recently was on a chalk stream and the weed growth was high ie only giving about 1ft of water above it. Now spotting fish was possible as in fish were behind objects but obviously can't go too deep becomes of the weed. Now the issue I have is french nymphing with small size 16 2mm...
  19. icejohn

    Tapatalk and pics

    Why does browsing the forum using tapatalk bring up nice fishing pic photos yet when you click the link or thread there is no pic? Does anyone else get this? Bloody annoying because some nice pics indicates a good thread.
  20. icejohn

    How to revive amadou

    Hi do you revive amadou as last year I got a nice new patch it was spongy and sucked water up like nobody's business. Now am guessing the weight of fly vest admitily has some...gear in it well the patch now looks flattened from winter and not sucking any more bit like the misses.