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  1. sean freeman

    Sage 3850CF

    I’m looking for a Sage 3850CF fly reel in good condition, I have a fair few spare spools for one so I might as well get the reel to go with them! Cheers, Sean
  2. sean freeman

    SKB Click Fly Reel *SOLD*

    For sale is a machined SKB machined click reel rated for a 4/5. These were popular on here years ago when SKB started off with Ben at the helm. It’s never been used as it pretty much free spools in both directions with very little resistance and a subtle click. As a line holder on small streams...
  3. sean freeman

    Rio intouch camolux WF5 *SOLD*

    Up next is a Rio intouch camolux that has only been used once or twice, bought it for one or two particular lochs but have settled on the #6 inter as an ideal line weight for them so this is surplus to requirements, has a welded loop on the front of the line but not the rear so I’ve stripped...
  4. sean freeman

    406 Fly Lines WF4 *NOW SOLD*

    For sale is a brand new 406 Fly Line (these are produced by Scientific Anglers) that I got to go with a rod I have since sold. These lines are true to weight and will suit slower action carbon, glass and bamboo rods. RRP for these is £50 or €60 excl postage but I’m looking for £40 including...
  5. sean freeman

    Loop Torne Jacket

    Has anyone got one of these that they could give an opinion on? Sounds tough as nails from the description but obviously it’s a lot of cash to drop on a jacket so I want it to last! Other recommendations are welcome! Cheers
  6. sean freeman

    Orvis Battenkill II *SOLD*

    I have for sale an Orvis Battenkill II that has seen light use and shows wear as pictured. It’s loaded with a WF4 Barrio Smallstream which is in great condition, I reckon I only fished with this reel a dozen or so times. Looking for £SOLD posted, buyer pays fees.
  7. sean freeman

    Cool fly box concept Thought this was a cool fly box and a unique design. Bit pricey but it’s designed and manufactured in the U.K. I’ll wait the hear a few buyers opinions before I pull the trigger.
  8. sean freeman

    For the ultimate tackle tart!

    When the world of high fashion becomes involved in fly fishing! I’m sure Mark Leggett of alternative tackle has a Christian Horgren rod built on that blank for about 20 time less!
  9. sean freeman

    Orvis Recon 9’ #7 *SOLD*

    Next to go is an Orvis Recon 9’ #7. I bought this as a backup for a trip I had planned this year but obviously it didn’t happen so I’m looking to recoup my money. Looking for £210 posted. The rod is spotless other than a small mark on the grip that it had when I got it. It must have been on the...
  10. sean freeman

    Ijuin hard para 'beni' by Yamame. *SOLD*

    For any glass geeks on here, I’m selling this rod as I have a fair few glass rods in a similar size. It’s a 7’05” 4wt and it’s a right little powerhouse. Tomo Ijuin only made a handful of red hard para blanks and this one was built up very nicely by Nico at Yamame fly rods. Price new was £650...
  11. sean freeman

    Big Brook Trout

    Hi folks, I’m looking for people’s opinions on the best location in the world for brookies? I’ve heard they grow enormous in some Patagonian lakes and also in their native range of Canada, in Labrador and Ontario. The sheer scale of the areas in question makes planning a trip intimidating, not...
  12. sean freeman

    Sage Click 111 (3/4) *SOLD*

    Selling this original black Sage Click 111 with a Rio Gold WF3 which is also in excellent condition (welded loop is pristine) don’t have the box for the reel as I bought it from a friend who must have lost it. Some VERY slight marking on reel feet caused by reel seat but other than that reel is...
  13. sean freeman

    Vision Cult 9’ 3wt *SOLD*

    Vision cult 9’ 3wt for sale, lovely dry fly or float tube rod. These rarely come up for sale but it’s seldom used so has to go, asking £120 posted with Royal Mail special delivery. PayPal fee’s buyers end. Rod now sold.. that went fast!😮
  14. sean freeman

    Sage X 486-4 WITHDRAWN

  15. sean freeman

    Cool fish art!

    Hi Guys, Had to share this cool little bit of art I had made by a guy in the states, it’s a Brookie I caught from a secret place in scotland last year and the work I put into finding it made it pretty special. The fish are darker than brookies I’ve found elsewhere. I’m just a bit excited about...
  16. sean freeman

    Approach Genesis 2/3 SOLD

    Selling this reel as I have a few reels in this size and have no use for it. Another impulse buy! Lovely little thing, light and sounds awesome. Reel foot fits slide band seats well. Asking for £100 ono shipped, buyer covers PayPal fee’s. This reel is normally €179 or £150 and is made in small...
  17. sean freeman

    Tenkara Iwana 12ft SOLD

    Selling my Tenkara USA Iwana rod as it’s not seen much use, bought it on a whim a while ago but fell for glass rods instead. This is the original version and it’s lovely to fish with a dry fly (only ever used once or twice with dry flies) on small to medium sized rivers. Some marks on tube from...
  18. sean freeman

    Redington Zero 4/5 SOLD

    NOW SOLD For sale is my Redington zero which I’d say has been used maybe 3-4 times. Only signs of wear are minuscule marks where a slide band has been over the reel foot. Comes with pouch, box and warranty card/reel information. Looking for £50 posted. Buyer covers PayPal fee’s. Thanks...
  19. sean freeman

    Trentino, Italy

    Hi guys, Has anyone fished this area? I’m going on a two week trip to Italy and will be in Trentino for four days so fancy a day on a stream chasing brookies if anyone knows of one. The permit system seems a bit confusing so would love to know how other people got on? Either way it’s going to...
  20. sean freeman

    Iceland Trout

    Anyone been in the last year? Heard the ION beats are the best with fishpartner ones a close second. Been enquiring and have been given prices that I see as reasonable from fishpartner but ION seem to have disappeared. Also is spring the best time? Planning to go in early to mid May or possibly...