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  1. Hardrar

    Echo River Glass 474-3 SOLD

    SOLD in two minutes! Thanks I have two of these, so parting with this one- hardly used as is a spare- finished in “Seductive Caramel” Tim Rajeff Echo River glass 7 foot four inch #4 3 piece Glass rod. Neat green wraps and hard chrome snakes and keeper ring Sic stripper ring, nice slim cork...
  2. Hardrar

    Shakespeare Agility Rise 7’-6” #4 custom

    I’m pretty much using glass and cane exclusively these days, so thinning out the rest of my carbon wands. Shakespeare Agility rise mk 1, kept as a back up rod, lovely Matt Olive finish, totally unlike the current mk 2 Recoil single leg rings, Sic stripping ring and I’ve removed by sweating off...
  3. Hardrar

    Orvis BBS 1V Titanium finish SOLD

    SOLD THANKS The thin out continues - very tidy made in England Orvis BBS 1V Titanium finish reel. 85mm x 21mm spool- silky smooth drag and action, very minimal marking Message me with any questions or interest- it’s in it’s original case £120 rmsd posted.
  4. Hardrar

    Teton Tioga Mod #4 fly reel plus spools

    Parting with this lovely and hardly used late Teton Tioga mod #4 with extra ventilation to back plate, includes two spare spools, one is the LA style, two are standard arbour and 3 Black Neoprene pouches. These are 3 inch diameter and type two saltwater anodised- super smooth sealed drags with...
  5. Hardrar

    Vosseler DC 2 #5/6 SOLD

    Now Sold thanks I have several of these, so decided to part with this unused one. Boxed with the Vosseler breathable case, that are not included with the reel and an extra, D C 2 #5/6 version in Titan. This is the current model, including a new Cortland 444 DT #5 floating line. Reel spool...
  6. Hardrar

    Vision XLV Custom Nymph #4/5 reel SOLD

    Now sold thanks I have a boxed and unused Vision XLV Custom Nymph #4/5 reel, the green/black version, with the Mayfly Nymph cut into the spool, not the Caddis as pictured 95mm diameter £185 posted- never had a line on it. This version is quite rare with the Mayfly Nymph, as the 5/6 105mm is...
  7. Hardrar

    Aqua Nova lines

    I see Aquanova fly lines have started popping up on EBay again. Any ratings on these- worth a punt?
  8. Hardrar

    Hardy “The Flyweight” brook rod SOLD

    Now sold Thanks I’ve had this rod on display in my cabinet for a while now and as I’m only really using Cane and Fibreglass these days, thought I would part company with it Comes with the Hardy calico rod sleeve, stopper, cork topped Aluminium tube and Calico protective tube for the Ally tube...
  9. Hardrar

    Hardy Fly vest/waistcoat SOLD

    NOW SOLD VIA EBAY Top quality showerproof- House of Hardy wading-cut Fly waistcoat/vest in green ripstop showerproof nylon. Generous Medium size With 5 large front pockets, covered lamb-skin fly patch, two front D rings for zingers etc and 5 internal mesh pockets, zip front closure, rod holder...
  10. Hardrar

    Vosseler Passion Alu’ #3/4 SOLD

    Sold at asking price thanks Boxed and unused with the additional ventilated pouch, gorgeous Vosseler Passion 3/4 Fly reel, with Black Aluminium ventilated side plates. Spool is 72mm but quite wide and will take up to a DT #5 With some Gel spun backing, but better with a WF 5 or DT 3/4 These...
  11. Hardrar

    Hardy Demon 8’ #4

    NOW GONE ON EBAY & SOLD Immaculate condition original Hardy Demon 4 piece 8’# 4 rod These have several unique features and one of the best designed reel seats ever imho. The sliding band does not rotate- sliding on a fixed Delrin liner, same at the front pocket so your reel foot will never get...
  12. Hardrar

    Tight line reels?

    Anyone own or any experience with Tight line reels? Hand made in the US by a veteran they do a cool looking hubless one. The spools can be ordered with any ventilation pattern you require, they also machine up ATH spares Loving the Rasta theme on top image ( but then Jamaica is like my second home.
  13. Hardrar

    Vosseler reels

    I just thought I’d put this up for information. I’ve gathered many many reels up over the years and quite a view of Ralf Vosselers’. I honestly feel they are as good or better than anything else out there. Type 2 anodised, not one sharp edge, brilliant ergonomics, silky smooth waterproof drags...
  14. Hardrar

    Teton LA #5 limited edition reel & spool

    Now Sold Thanks Continuing to reduce my collection, a limited edition Blue Teton LA #5 fly reel, produced in the USA 75 mm diameter LA version of the #4 in mint condition with original Neoprene pouches, spare spool and a spooled on Snowbee XS DT #4F unused line. These weigh 135g unlined so a...
  15. Hardrar

    Daiwa Lochmor SLA #3/4 fly reel plus #4 line

    Have an unused Daiwa Lochmor SLA #3/4 reel spare with new backing and quality #4 floating line. Although rated 3-4 you would get a #5 on with ease 85mm diameter very light at 115g and finished in Champagne, complete with cordura pouch box and instructions. These are super smooth and silent in...
  16. Hardrar

    FishPond nippers and retractor

    NOW SOLD THANKS Have a lovely spare set of Fishpond Snippers complete with retractor. These are impossible to get now and one of the best on the market, as they have a captive shielded fine needle, unlike Abel and a no hinge design. The twin blades are removable and easily resharpened. The...
  17. Hardrar

    Hardy Alnwick made Ultralite Disc #5

    I have a pretty much mint original Hardy Ultralite disc #5 for sale this is one of the early numbered editions and in perfect condition, extremely smooth drag, 3 inch diameter and very light with still good line capacity. Optional polished two screw latch cover if you want to change the reels...
  18. Hardrar

    Morris Varivas Iwai Drift fly rod 8’-8” #3

    Looking to sell an unfished Japanese Import Iwai Drift 8’-8” #3 fly rod. Clear wraps is still on the Cork. Great for French leader/Euro Nymph style on smaller rivers. Soft and sensitive top with great build quality and highgrade Cork and fittings. Extremely lightweight at-sub 70 grams. These...
  19. Hardrar

    Hardy Zephrus 9’#5 wt fws

    Now Sold thanks Have a used only once, with warranty card and as new condition Hardy Zephrus 9’ #5 . This is the Emerald green version. I tend to use shorter rods for dry fly and a 10’+ for Grayling, so it doesn’t get used. £350 + special delivery. Message me. I can do pics but it’s as new.
  20. Hardrar

    Iwai Drift 8’-8” #3 pocket water rod unused

    I’m using more Fast glass rods these days, so thinning out some of my Carbon rods. Totally Unfished/Unused with plastic still on handle, rare in The UK- specifically designed for pocket water and short lining with small hooks and fine tippets with the forgiving through action. These are Japanese...