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    Cottage near Llyn Clywedog July/August

    I have the chance to fish Llyn Clywedog in July or August that I'm quite keen to take up. If anyone know of a cottage that may be available to rent for 2 people and a Spaniel I'd be pleased to hear from you. I appreciate that with everyone taking staycation this year it is a long shot. Thanks Graham
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    I haven't seen much from Tony lately. Is he still here?
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    5/6 Wt Reel - Sold

    Sold - Having fallen foul by exceeding the two posts a month rule in May here I go again. I have for sale a nice 5/6 wt reel. It is very smooth and has nice drag........... exactly what you would expect from a Chinese Import. It is nothing special and I'm not making it out to be more than it...
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    Might be worth a read.
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    I have an old Hardy Tailer. I'm assuming they are used/ or used to be for landing Salmon. Can anyone shed any light on such a thing?
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    SOLD - An original SKB ( Ben Bizzell) 5/6 Cassette Reel with a spare spool

    I'm having a thorough sort out of my fly reels. I have come across one of the Original SKB 5/6 Cassette reels in Green with 2 plastic spools in total. There is some very slight gravel rash. I'll put some photos up tomorrow. £25:00 plus p&p of buyers preference. Thanks Graham
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    SOLD - Greys GTS 5/6/7 + 3 Spools

    SOLD Greys GTS 5/6/7 + 3 Spools with case. Has some gravel rash. Line not included £35:00 posted
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    A shout out to Orvis Stockbridge.

    Since buying an Orvis Clearwater Large Arbour Cassette reel from a fellow forum member a couple of months ago I have been on the lookout for another one. Not having any success I decided to buy a new one. Not wanting to make a wasted trip to Orvis at Stockbridge I gave them a quick call and they...
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    Sold - Folding Boat Seat complete with Swivel Clamp

    Sold - I'm having a bit of a clear out. As a result I have my folding boat seat complete with swivel clamp for sale. It is very comfortable and is in excellent condition. However it is heavy bit of kit. Approximately 16lbs. £30:00 + Postage/ carriage
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    Salmon Escape
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    Probably not the most important item but I'd welcome your views on the best backing for your reels. Thanks Graham
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    Opinions please

    Hi all, Has anyone used/owns a 10ft 7# Greys Platinum X? If so I'd welcome your opinions. Thanks Graham
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    From me to you

    Hi all, We are living in strange and challenging times which are going to continue for some time. Reading and contributing to the various threads, Brexit, Scottish Independence & Covid etc it is clear that we wont all agree and things do get heated. But when all said and done the love of all...
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    Lower Saxony declares war on Comorants

    Copied and pasted from another source. At the end of November, the government of Lower Saxony decided to hunt cormorant. Cormorants can now be hunted on request in closed areas, at fishing facilities but also during the closed season. ′′ This circular is a milestone for endangered fish stocks...
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    Hockley Minnow Box & Assorted Devon Minnow

    Whilst clearing out my loft I came across an old Hockley Minnow Box together with some assorted Devon Minnows. It may be of interest to a collector. £25:00
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    Back Support.

    Hi all, Over the last few months when getting back from a long day fishing I have woken up with back ache. I spent a long day on the bank yesterday and this morning I'm paying the price for not taking a break. Does anyone use a back support when fishing and do they help. If so any...
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    Salmon is the new oil?

    In today's Fail on Sunday
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    A bargain boat seat

    A Chew Valley Boat Seat by Dave Wheeler for £40:00. Whilst browsing some online ads a few nights ago I came across the afore mentioned Boat Seat. I wasn't really looking for one but thought it may come in handy as a spare or for my son to use should I ever talk him into a day afloat. I picked...
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    August T&S Magazine

    Is the August T&S magazine out yet or am I being premature? Thanks Graham
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    My New Atomsix 7wt

    My new Atomsix 10ft 7wt arrived today. Superb workmanship by Steve as usual. I'm looking forward to putting it into action in a couple of weeks time :) (y)