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  1. kenneth

    WTB: Ross Evolution 3 Spools

    Please PM me if you have one, or more, Ross Evolution 3 spools (not the new LT model) you're willing to part with. Any color, as long they're in good or better condition. Thanks, Kenneth
  2. kenneth

    THE Granger Book available for pre-order

    Just thought I should tell you all that Michael Sinclair's book on Granger rods is now available for pre-order: - Goodwin Granger :The Rod Man from Denver Regards, Kenneth
  3. kenneth

    Opening Day 2010 Disaster

    I'm in mourning. As I was stuck in Rome this weekend, decided to go to the Fly-only C&R stretch of the Aniene to officially open my trout season, seeing as it was the nearest Class "A" river. I'd been following reports on river conditions, and although it was still running high and colored, I...
  4. kenneth

    Seabass and Striped Seabream from the Adriatic Sea, Italy 2009.12.29

    Went SWFFing this morning after having been told by various friends that the seabass were on. We'd been having some terrible weather, and today was no great shakes either, but I decided to go out anyway. Not much wind, temperature around 10C so not too cold, but it was raining, and it actually...
  5. kenneth

    PB Gilthead Bream, 2009.12.19

    Spent 4 hours at the Sangro Estuary, on the Adriactic Sea, this morning. Blustery, cloudy and cold, it wasn't the best day to try out my newly acquired Pirate WF6F, but conditions were good for predator fly-fishing. I was using a Fulling Mill Ti4 9'6" 6 wt, bought here on the forum. The rod...
  6. kenneth

    New PB Mullet 21-11-2009

    Woke up this morning to a dull, overcast morning. Cold. Feeling really lazy, I was on the point of not getting out of bed when I decided that if I didn't do so, I'd later regret not having gone fishing. Hauled myself out of bed, got the gear together, started the car up, and drove off. I was...
  7. kenneth

    Gilthead Bream from the Adriatic Sea, Italy

    It's the end of the trout season here. Deprived of all my favorite trout streams, since any type of fishing is prohibited, I decided to go SWFF. Woke up to one of those mornings when all the stars, and the moon, aligned to produce perfect conditions -- cloudy skies, flat calm seas, and...
  8. kenneth

    Why use large arbor reels at all?

    Instead of medium or small arbor ones? I did a search of the forum but couldn't find a completely satisfactory reason why people preferred large arbor reels. The reason I ask is because with my saltwater reel, a large arbor Okuma Integrity 8/9, I found I was consistently well into my backing...
  9. kenneth

    A Short Guide to Fly-fishing the Rivers of Central Italy

    I noticed that there've been a few questions on fly-fishing in Italy, and I thought I'd share my experiences fishing some of the rivers in Central Italy, particularly in the regions of Lazio and Abruzzo. I know that if you guys make it to Italy, you probably have other things on your agenda...
  10. kenneth

    Freshwater Eel on a fly!

    I recently caught, purely by accident, a small freshwater eel on a fly. I thought nothing of it, although it did seem quite unusual. I decided this morning to see if anybody else had had the same experience, and to my astonishment a search of the word "Eel" in the forum gave no results. Now...
  11. kenneth

    Hello from Italy

    Hi all, I'm a 42 year old currently working as an I.T. Administrator in Rome, although my office is technically within the borders of the Vatican City-State. I've been fishing all my life, there's a photo of me catching a minnow at age 4, although I have no recollection of the historic event...
  12. kenneth

    Hello from Italy (Oops, sorry, double post!)

    Double post, sorry!