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  1. glas y dorlan

    Where have they gone?

    On a daily basis at all hours of the day I am fortunate enough to have a wide variety of birds come to the feeders in the garden. Last few days though, nothing. Not even the dunnock. The feeders haven’t been touched looking at the levels. I did some work in the garden recently but finished...
  2. glas y dorlan

    Do fish change re salt?

    Picked this comment up off an osprey web cam group I pop onto now and again: “Seafish have a way of protecing themselves from salt.... Salmon & trout need to undergo a change when moving into seawater from fresh” Please excuse my ignorance but (a) is this correct? and (b) what changes if it’s...
  3. glas y dorlan

    Rule bending?

    I know this only applies to international rules in fly fishing but, would wrapping a piece of fly line such as an off cut from a booby basher line or a di7 around the shank of a hook before dressing it be allowed under said international rules? Would it make any difference?
  4. glas y dorlan

    Countryfile BBC1 tonight.

    Just a heads up for the above programme tonight (12/05/19). The programme overview says “....Joe Crowley investigates the rapidly falling number of wild Atlantic salmon”.
  5. glas y dorlan

    £500 prize - European Open

    The 11th and 12th June will see the 2016 European Open Bank Competition being held at Llyn Clywedog, Mid Wales. The overall winner will receive £500 with daily cash prizes also available for top rods, Ladies, Juniors, heaviest fish etc. Entry fee is £30 per day or £50 for both days. Junior entry...
  6. glas y dorlan

    Moc Morgan.

    Just heard that Moc has passed away today. Sad loss and deepest sympathy to the family. Typical of Moc though, he turned up yesterday at Clywedog to support the Welsh Youth trial as usual. Fitting in a way.
  7. glas y dorlan

    Fishpond "Coyote"

    Not holding out much hope but would like one. Had a look at the newer offering but prefer the harder cased "coyote". Thanks. Kev.
  8. glas y dorlan

    Advice re rod choice

    Need some advice please. Thinking of treating myself to a new rod. Now, due to my ability :omg: I prefer mid to tip action so have narrowed it down to either the Greys GS30 or the Sonik SK4 XTR. Any feedback good or bad would be appreciated. I don't think I'll be able to try before I buy in...
  9. glas y dorlan

    £85.3 million

    I'm not a Spurs fan but this transfer for Gareth Bale is so wrong. Not the amount, not the club buying, not Spurs but the way a player who is on a contract decides he wants to move and by his actions basically holds a gun to the head of his employer to get what he wants. He and these other...
  10. glas y dorlan

    Lions 2013

    Well, might as well see what everyone thinks. I have picked a squad of 30 players which I would put on that plane tomorrow. Loosehead -Jenkins and Healy Tighthead -Jones and Cole Hooker - Hibbard and Best 2nd rows - A W Jones, I Evans, Parling and Launchbury No.8 - Morgan and Heaslip. (Faletau...
  11. glas y dorlan

    Engine noise

    Please excuse me if this has been done before. Does the sound of a boat powered by a petrol engine on a large stillwater frighten fish from the area it is travelling in? Had a recent conversation with some bank anglers who felt that this was the case and that's why a 50 metre distance from the...
  12. glas y dorlan

    Wanted: Snowbee Diamond 10ft #4

    As above. Looking at the Snowbee clearance sale list as I type but being a tight so and so thought I'dtry my luck :D
  13. glas y dorlan

    WANTED - Wychwood Bankman bag

    Fancy treating myself to a new bag and the one that has had good reviews and caught my eye is the Wychwood Bankman (the 2011 model). Thought I'd try here first on the off chance. If anyone has one for sale could you please PM me with price, p+p, condition etc. :thumbs: Many thanks. Kev
  14. glas y dorlan

    Another Author on the Forum

    Congratulations to Mr. George Barron aka "teutcher" on here for his article in June edition of Total Flyfisher. Another interesting piece especially as it talks about lakes local to my area. I know I posted one yesterday about our "Scratch" having an article in T&S but I think it speaks volumes...
  15. glas y dorlan

    "Scratch" in Trout and Salmon

    I don't usually buy T&S but had to buy the June edition as after seeing the cover and the headline EXCLUSIVE - "The Threadless Buzzer." The article has been written by our very own forum member Scratch. :) I won't spoil the article for anyone and will let people judge for themselves but would...
  16. glas y dorlan

    Wanted - GRXi 10' 7/8#

    Does anyone have one of these out there somewhere that they'd like to sell? If not, does anyone know of a supplier that still sells them? Many thanks for looking. Kev
  17. glas y dorlan

    Which Rod?

    I have been fortunate enough to at last find a rod that suits my casting ability - a 3 piece Hardy Demon 10' #7. I wish that I'd found my perfect rod sooner as they have now stopped making them in 3 piece. My question is, are there any other rods out there in your opinion that matches the Hardy...
  18. glas y dorlan

    Hardy Demon 10' #7 (3 piece)

    Anyone out there have one of the above for sale by any chance? Thanks for looking.
  19. glas y dorlan

    Graiglwyd Springs

    I have to attend a weeding this weekend on Anglesey and was thinking of trying out Graiglwyd on the way home on Monday for a few hours. From checking on here it appears that talking to the owner is a good move but has anyone else fished it recently and could advise re best spots and methods...
  20. glas y dorlan

    Rod ID

    Help !!!!!! On Friday the father in law snapped his rod and he's gutted. I'm trying to identify the rod and hoping that someone on here might be able to help. It's a Shakespeare rod,10', 9 AFTM, 2 piece. The blank is a charcoal/black colour. He purchased the rod about 12 years ago for £80 and at...